"As Long As I'm Living Your Baby I'll Be” Wedding hankie

La Gartier Wedding Garters

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Gift the prettiest hankie in the world with this "As Long As I'm Living Your Baby I'll Be” bridal handkerchief. The handkerchief itself is vintage. The embroidery is new. This darling hankie would make for an excellent wedding gift for anyone who is looking to give their father or mother (or, honestly, any other loved one whom has stayed by your side during hard times) a special item to keep with her during the wedding in the event that she/he starts crying during the ceremony. Please note: the embroidery was done in an enchanting emerald green which makes this item a perfect choice for any bride who is incorporating a ton of greenery into her wedding day decor. Also, the lace edging on this hankie is dainty, peach, and just plain wonderful. If you are a lover of peach and/or pink, then this hankie just *might* be your spirit hankie.

Please note:This is a one-of-a-kind vintage item. There is only one of these in the entire world. It was discovered in an antique store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once this is purchased, it will be permanently removed from our website indefinitely and sent to your home.


5" by 5" when folded up

roughly 10" by 10" when unfolded 

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