The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)

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The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • The Bridal Garter (Limited-Edition)
  • $195.00

 What She Looks Like

Created using real horse bridals, our most recent limited-edition garter was created for the who absolutely adores all-things equestrian.

From dressage to barrel racing, from endurance riding to roping, from showing to jumping, this bride lives for horses. If there is one thing that this bride knows to be true, it's that "horse crazy" really is a thing..and she doesn't mind wearing the label with pride. Sound like you? Then this garter was created for you.

But wait--it gets better!!  You get to choose your favorite design!  That's right! ----> there are 2 different versions for you to pick from: option 1 and option 2. (see photos above!)

Option 1 features a silver bit at the center, embellished with tiny sparkling rhinestones for a luxe, glamorous look. (can we please make "equine extra" a thing?!)

Option 2 is much more simple-- it features a beautiful leather band with subtle stitching for a classic equestrian look.

(Gush moment: Did we mention that these garters were made from real bridal garters?! To be specific, the leather banded pieces that you see above were literally the nose band part of the bridal! Making this limited-edition the most authentic horse girl garter of all time.)

Other amazing features of this garter that are worth mentioning:

1. Each design in embroidered on the inside with the number that it is in the series using ivory embroidery thread. (Ie: 1 of 10, 2 of 10, etc.).

2. Each design is lined along the back with powder blue vintage velvet ribbon, which means that if you are still looking for your "something blue," we got you.

3. Please note: each design (regardless of whether you order option 1 or option 2) comes with the gold horseshoe locket toss garter shown above. The locket was made so that you can put a  lock of your horse's hair inside, ensuring that your free spirited-bestie can be close to you on your wedding day. However, if you don't love that idea, then please know that it will accommodate for a photo, a piece of a love note from your partner, a petal from your bouquet, and so on. (Looking for more creative ideas? Read our blog about locket options here.) 


Please note: this is a limited edition design. We have only ten of these in stock. 5 of option 1 and 5 of option 2. Once all ten are sold, this design will be La Gartier Extinct.


Please note: if you decide to order one of these limited 10 designs, please tell us which option you want in the "notes" section of your check out.


Wedding Garter Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, garters are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Please select small, medium, or large at check out to ensure the best fit. Not sure what size you are? Please click here to be directed to our sizing chart. Please note: we simply adore brides who take the time to leave us their leg measurement in the "special instructions" section at check out!!  That way, we can custom make your garter to fit your leg perfectly! (Who wants to be put into a general sizing category anyway?? Not me.) 


Shipping quotes at checkout. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE. We normally process orders in 1 to 4 business days. Garters arrive on the east coast in 3 to 5 business days after order is placed, and on the west coast 5 to 7 business days after the order is placed. For international orders, please contact us



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