• The Best Ring Boxes For Your Wedding in 2022

    As if you didn't already have a million minuscule wedding decisions on your plate, you need to add picking a wedding ring box to your checklist. Traditionally, couples have used ring pillow cushions for transporting the jewels the day of, but this is the 21st century, people! Cool, creative ring boxes and dishes that speak to your unique wedding style are more abundant than ever! Here are our top five picks regarding where to purchase the prettiest and highest quality ring box in 2022!
    When it comes to ring boxes, there is one company that reigns supreme: The Mrs. Box! Originally known for their simple luxury velvet boxes, this incredible company now has a patent on their infamous ring box design. What's better? They just added a "Bevel Collection" that takes personalization to a completely new level!!! That is to say, they are now offering engraveable lids! (see photo above!) Interested to order one for yourself? Head to The Mrs. Box to check out our personal favorite design -- The Bevel Double Collection!  
    Are you a bride who adores pearls? Then look no farther than this incredibly unique pearl-studded ring box, created by Lily and Rue on Etsy. I am not even going to lie-- this box is my favorite in the entire round up!! I have never seen anything quite like this on the market, and after a quick google search, it looks as if no one is making anything this darling ANYWHERE. The best part? They won't break the bank! Order a single slot box for fifty dollars or a double slot box for sixty five dollars! Interested to make this box your own? Click here to head to the EXACT listing for this box on Etsy!
    When it comes to minimalistic and modern, this darling ring box takes the cake!! Smythson's charming ring box is bound in luxurious calf leather with a beautiful nubuck lining. It is the perfect home for your most treasured rings—whether you're traveling or at home displayed on your dressing table. But ladies and gentleman, I need to warn you: the price is steep. This jaw-dropping, well-designed ring box costs a cool $190, so we recommend using it for display on your dressing table afterward to get your true money's worth. Thinking about it? Click here to access the Panama Ring Box listing on the Smythson website!
    4. The Put A Bow On It Ring Box From Yours Truly
    Here at La Gartier, we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the most unique, antique, and darling ring boxes this side of the equator. In fact, we have an entire collection of completely one-of-a-kind, antique ring boxes that range from itty bitty to big-enough-to-fit-more-than-my-ring. Pictured above is our Put A Bow On It Trinket Box...which is arguably our most popular ring box, but you absolutely MUST see the rest!! Click here to access our entire ring box collection!
    Did someone say nature lover? You have to admit-- nothing says I love our mother earth quite like wood. For those of you who worship the ground you walk on (literally), then I would highly suggest this all natural wooden ring box from Muujee on Etsy! The best part? For only an additional five dollars, you can have the top engraved with your + your fiance's name as well as your wedding date! Interested to see more? Head to this link to order yours today!
  • The Love Shack Fancy Wedding Garter Set

    Created for a very special client who wishes to remain anonymous, this Love Shack Fancy inspired custom garter set is already set to take the trophy for the girliest, most unique, and most fashion-forward statement accessories of 2022! 🎀
    Click here to watch the reel we created on Instagram
    Keep scrolling below to see a few of our favorite details from the only existing Love Shack Fancy garter set in the entire world. (No-- seriously-- google it.)
    love shack fancy wedding garter
    love shack fancy wedding garter
    love shack fancy garter bridal
    love shack fancy garter
  • The Hayley Gem Bridal Garter As Photographed by Evan Lane Photography

    A bridal boudoir session is one of the best ways to celebrate what makes you feel like the ultimate version of yourself. When it comes to dressing that version of yourself, look no farther than La Gartier. Case in point? These gorgeous new photos that Evan Lane Photography sent to us this week! Keep scrolling to learn more about what it takes to ensure you SLAY your bridal boudoir style!
    gem wedding garter
    Here, Evan Lane captured our Hayley garter beautifully! The combination of sparkle and the color white never fails! Click here to access the Hayley garter listing on our website!
    gemstone garter bridal
    Don't leave home without a veil. Like, no-- seriously-- if you are headed out the door to go to your bridal boudoir shoot, then make absolutely sure you have a veil in your bag! They make for the best accessory with lingerie (just after the garter of course!) If you are looking to add a gorgeous veil statement to your bridal boudoir ensemble, then click here to see our brand new Parisian Bubble Veil! 
    gemstone garter Hayley
    Dear Evan, your photography skills here are unmatched!! From the most sincere part of my heart, I say THANK YOU FOR SENDING US THESE PHOTOS THIS WEEK! It was the highlight of the past seven days! Your are SO TALENTED at what you do! Ladies and Gentleman, if you are located anywhere near the state of Georgia, then you MUST contact Evan Lane for your bridal boudoir shoot!
  • 5 Bridal Hair Accessory Companies You NEED to Know About

    If I had a dollar for every time one of our brides asks me about where to go to find good bridal hair accessories, I would most likely be able to buy a Birkin bag. Just kidding. I don't even like those. BUT SERIOUS TALK: ----> the bridal hair accessory challenge is real. I mean, sure-- there are a million options available on Etsy at any given moment, but if you are looking for truly original, extremely well-crafted wedding hair accessories, then you might find it difficult without any prior knowledge of the wedding industry. Lucky for you, we have been studying the world of bridal for the past ten years and have FIVE suggestions for you regarding where to go to buy the perfect wedding hair accessories-- be it a bow, a comb, a headband or a barrette!! Let's start with number one! 
    wedding hair accessories
    1. Jennifer Behr Hair Accessories
    When it comes to trendy, incredibly well-made bridal hair accessories, look no farther than Jennifer Behr. Not only is this company producing some of the best butterfly and pearl-inspired pieces on the market, but they are also killing the bridal barrette game. Don't believe me? Just check out their bridal shop here.
    maria elena headpieces
    2. Maria Elena Headpieces
    Got wedding crowns? Maria Elena Headpieces is the leading company for all bridal crown designs, with celebrity endorsements ranging from Paris Hilton to Jackie Cruz. And while Maria Elena is still primirily known for her bridal crown designs, she has recently branched out to other incredibly gorgeous hair options for brides of all styles. Interested to see more? Click here to head on over to the Maria Elena website! 
    twigs and honey wedding hair accessories bridal hair accessories
    3. Twigs & Honey Wedding Hair Accessories
    Delicate hair vines, a strong emphasis on dainty floral elements and a heavy touch of gold are the signature design hallmarks of a company called Twigs and Honey. Founded in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, Twigs & Honey is the brainchild of a woman named Myra Callan whose designs embody delicacy, floral elegance and all things romantic. Interested to see more of her work? Click here to access the Twigs and Honey website! 
    wedding hair accessory companies bridal hair accessory companies
    4. Untamed Petals Bridal Accessories
    Most arguably the most popular bridal hair accessories company at the moment, Untamed Petals has a little bit of everything. From bridal bows, to bridal hair combs....from bridal barrettes to caged veils.... all the way down to perfectly pearlescent hair ties, this company is dominating the game in terms of getting your hair pretty. Interested to see more? Click here to access the special section on their website dedicated TO YOUR PERFECT WEDDING DAY HAIR.
    jannie baltzer hair weddding accessories hair bridal accessories
    5. Jannie Baltzer Hair Adornments
    Ok, so I hope you guys know that I am only recommending the best of the best here. Seriously, every single one of the recommendations on this list are for companies that have been around for a VERY LONG time and have therefore earned their stripes in terms of not only quality but also customer service. Our last and final recommendation, Jannie Baltzer Hair Accessories, checks ALL of those boxes and more! Since the launch of Jannie's first collection, there has been a remarkable hype surrounding the brand Jannie Baltzer Copenhagen. All headpieces and veils are handmade in Denmark using the most luxurious materials. The designer graduated from the Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion and Design in Copenhagen, receiving an honorary prize from Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte for the most creative collection. Our work is regularly featured in magazines like VOGUE, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. Interested to see more? Click here to access the Jannie Baltzer website and find a retailer in your area! (Because...c'mon...we are definitely not paying for shipping from Denmark anytime soon.) 
    Ok friends! I think that that is all for today! If you are on the hunt to find the perfect hair accessory for your wedding day, then we truly hope that this article helped to guide you in the right direction! And if you need any assistance picking out a garter to match/compliment your wedding hair accessory style, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our bespoke collection of wedding garters has a little something for everyone! (Er-- should we say a little something for every type of hair accessory?)
    Click here to check out our collection of bespoke, luxury wedding garters! And email us at if you need help selecting YOUR dream garter! 
  • The Ten Best Bridal Bathing Suits To Buy RIGHT NOW

    I love a good bathing suit. Er-- a good bikini. Er-- a good one piece. Er-- a good cover up. And do you know what? I don't think I know a single female friend who doesn't. In fact, it's actually hilarious to me that every friend I have owns an entire drawer of bathing suits. Like, why do we need so many? What's the magic behind a fantastic bikini? Truth fast: I don't think we will EVER KNOW but I know one thing FOR SURE: when it comes to bridal swimwear, the female in me goes into overdrive. Seriously, I could stare at bridal swimwear for hours and never get bored (which is funny because there is essentially very little differentiation between hundreds of white bathings suits.) 
    BUT STILL. They are my favorite thing to shop for after the dress itself, which is why we are dedicating today's article to the best bridal bathing suits on the market in 2022!! (Bonus points for it being summer at this very moment too!) 
    If you are looking for a fantastic bikini for either your bachelorette party  or your honeymoon, then we have you covered! (Or, like, not covered at all you know what I mean.)
    Let's go! Here are 2022's top ten trendiest bathing suits!
    bridal bathing suit
     1. The Sadie Bathing Suit By L * Space - $99
    If you are the type of person who loves a fantastic bikini, but doesn't want to show off too much skin, then the Sadie Bathing Suit by L* Space would be perfect for you! The best part? This swimwear piece features sharp, modern lines which might just come in handy if you consider yourself a sharp, modern girl. Click the photo above to access the listing on the Revolve website or click here!
    bridal one piece bathing suit
    2. The Santorini Floral Jacquard One Piece by Kenny Flowers - $178
    You know how deer get frozen in their tracks when they look into headlights? That's how I feel about this stunning floral bathing suit by Kenny Flowers. Not only is the silhouette classic, but it features the cutest thin little belt with the cutest shiny little gold hardware. I die. Seriously, this one is just everything. The only issue now is HOW TO KEEP IT WHITE WITH ALL OF THIS SELF TANNER I AM ABOUT TO LATHER ALL OVER MY BODY. Click here to access the listing on the Watercolors website. 
    3. The South Beach Suit By Asos - $40
    This little belted number would be perfect for you if you already own 30+ bathing suits and feel absolutely no need to spend over $40 on one single more. <insert seventeen laughing face emojis> No, but seriously-- sometimes we just want a simple, white bathing suit to wear to a super boozy, maybe-i-am-going-to-do-a-keg-stand-at-my-bachelorette-party sort of affair. And to that, I say, no judgement. Click here to access the South Beach Suit on the Asos website. 
    bridal bathing suit
    4. Milly White One Piece With Oversized Blue Bow from Tabacaru Swim - $285
    Calling all divas! This bathing suit is more of a work-of-art than something you are going to want to fill with sand and salt water...but honestly, if it's wow factor that you are going for (or if you just adore being different) then look no farther. This is your suit. Click here to see more photos of it on the Tabacaru Swim website. (It's only $285. Like, NBD. I don't necessarily need to eat.
    lulus one shoulder bikini
    5. Just Add Water One Shoulder One Piece by Haight - $139
    I am not going to lie- I don't LOVE cut outs on regular clothes like dresses and tops. Actually, I am lying. I kinda hate them....... BUT when it comes to bathing suits, they are HONESTLY SO APPROPRIATE and downright irresistible. If you are a person who feels the same, then check out this darling off-the-shoulder one piece with side cut outs! The best part? The price is super chill. Click here to access the listing on the Lulus website!
    6. Gold Chain Triangle Bikini by Same Los Angeles - $130
    Did someone say gold chain detailing? There is absolutely nothing modest about this bikini...and that's why we LOVE IT. If you are looking for a swimwear statement that says HOT, look no further than the Gold Chain Triangle Bikini by Same Los Angeles. The only problem? You absolutely MUST rock this gold chain beauty with confidence. Like seriously - go big or go home.
    7. Lorna White Mesh Bikini in White by Superdown - $40
    For the bride who loves a classic athletic aesthetic (and who also adores saving money), then this super sporty, semi-eighties-inspired mesh bikini from Superdown will do just the trick. The best part? It costs a whopping forty dollars! 
    9. Waterfall Frill One Piece by Zimmerman - $425
    For the bride who adores a splash of color, this frilly, ultra-girly one piece by Zimmerman is the perfect touch. Not only is it a super luxurious, high-end option, but it also is a huge throw back to Monique Lhuillier's floral inspired bridal dresses. When it comes to drop dead gorgeous honeymoon swimwear, there is no other suit that would suit you better. Click here to check it out on the Revolve website.
    10. Fruity Floral Bikini Top by Montce - $152
    Ok, so this one doesn't really count due to the fact that it is only a bikini top. However, I have full trust in you to find just the right bottoms to go with it. I mean honestly-- how could I leave this adorable, seventies-inspired bikini top out of this round up??? It screams Love Shack Fancy and would most likely work well as a darling catch-his-eyes pajama top too!! Interested to see more? Click here to access the Fruity Floral Bikini Top on the Montce website!
    Ok friends! I think that that is all for today's round up!! If you are aiming to find the perfect bridal swimwear piece for either your bachelorette party or your honeymoon, then we truly hope that this little post helped you to find THE ONE! 
    If it did, then tag us in all of your gorgeous bikini photos on insta! (Bonus points for pairing your bikini with one of our luxury wedding garters! Honestly, that would be the only way in the world to make your swim look even more incredible than it already is!)
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