• The Seven Best After Party Dresses RIGHT NOW

    While your wedding dress most important piece in your bridal wardrobe, your after party dress is undoubtedly the most fun. That's because after-party outfits are all about sparkly fabrics, sexy, shorty hemlines and carefree silhouettes. Plus, these party-ready dresses are the perfect way to showcase your personal style while hitting that dance-floor.
    Interested to see our top seven favorites right now? Keep scrolling for our well-researched, fully linked FAVS!


    after party wedding dress

    1. Bronx and Banco Anna Blanc Strapless Belted Tulle Mini Dress - $650

    Let's kick it off with this adorable tulle mini dress from Bronx and Banco!! Not only is this dress perfect for your after-ceremony look, but it also doubles well as a dress for your bachelorette party! The best part? It comes with a sparkling, rhinestone belt for added glam. Don't believe me? Click here to access the Bronx and Banco Anna Blanc Strapless Mini Dress (currently available on the Anthropologie website!)


    2. The Retrofete Mich Sequin Cowl-Neck Mini Dress - $485

    I think it's time we all admit it- when it comes to sparkling sequin dresses, no one does it quite like Retrofete. It comes as no surprise then...that one of the best all-sequin after party dresses for your wedding is made by this darling, ultra-trendy brand. One thousand dollars says Taylor Swift would approve. Interested to see more of this cowl-necked number? Click here to be directed to the listing on the Anthropologie website like yesterday.

    3. Audrey Adele Adelaide Feather & Sequin Mini Dress - $698

    I am going to be completely honest here: never in my life have I heard of the brand Audrey Adele Adelaide, but as soon as I saw this incredible sequin + feather dress on the Anthropologie website, I just knew that it HAD to be included in the round up!! Not only is this dress incredibly chic, but it also emanates a sort of Great-Gatsby-Meets-2023 energy and I AM HERE FOR IT. The only downside is that I am fairly sure the cat is not included. Click here to access the Audrey Adele Adelaide Feather and Sequin Mini Dress!


    4. Alice + Olivia Fifi Sequin & Fringe Fitted Mini Dress - $597

    A deep love of gold sparkle is undeniable. No-- seriously-- there are those who like gold and then those who ADORE gold. I don't know about you, but lately I have been falling into the latter category. With that said, I would one thousand percent choose this gold sparkling STUNNER of a mini dress over a similar version in silver. Call me crazy, but when it comes to sparkle, I say go big or go home. (Bonus points for finding a way to wear this dress to an Oscars-related party or maybe just the Oscars themselves.) Interested to go gold with me? Say yes say yes say yes say yes by clicking here to access the Fifi Sequin and Fringe Fitted Mini dress on the Alice and Olivia website!


    after party bridal dress

    5. Love Shack Fancy's Vima 2 Piece Top and Bottom Set - $210

    IT'S MY WEDDING AND I'LL WEAR PINK IF I WANT TO. Truth indeed. This 2 piece set from Love Shack Fancy is giving some MAJOR Pretty in Pink vibes from the 80s, and I would just about die if you were bold enough to wear this as your after party dress! (Ten ten recommend pairing it with a darling pair of bridal sunnies!) Interested to make this set your own? Click here to access the Vima top by Love Shack Fancy and here to access the darling skirt!

    6. Untamed Petals Theodore Mini Dress With Belt - $638

    Full confession: this dress is my absolute favorite from this entire round up. I don't know what it is about a classy belted dress, but they just get me every time. And when you pair gloves with it? STahhhhp. I am dead before I can even get the darn thing zipped! With that said, don't you just LOVE this classy, Audrey-Hepburn-inspired dress from Untamed Petals?!! If you don't, I am floored. The best part is that this dress is that you can easily wear this dress again after the wedding for all kinds of summer/spring events! (Why am I seeing a church right now?!) All kidding aside though, click here to catch more images of this dress in all of its timeless glamour. 


    7. The Nadine Merabi Louisa White Dress - $570

    Alright folks. We are polishing off this blog tonight with the biggest showstopper of them all: The Louisa White Dress from Nadine Merabi. Pull your jaw off of the floor when you have a moment, because this dress is just waiting for you to look back at it. Interested to see more? Click here to head to the Nadine Merabi website!











  • The Best Bridal Hats For Your Wedding in 2023

    When picturing a bride’s wedding day look, you might envision a sleek dress, sparkly shoes, a gorgeous, long veil. And while that’s one way you can dress for your day-of celebration, there are plenty of options out there for brides who want to branch out. From jumpsuits instead of gowns to sneakers instead of heels, the options are limitless in terms of the ways you can lean into your signature style—especially if opting to wear a hat instead of a veil.
    In case you are not familiar with the trend, many brides are ditching veils for headpieces such as clips or caps. In fact, hats are appearing like wild fire in so many of our brides' engagement photos these days! The best part is--- many bridal hats can easily be worn again and incorporated into everyday wardrobes post "I dos". 
    Interested to learn who has the best hats on the market? Keep scrolling to see our top FIVE favorite companies to go to when it comes to choosing the prettiest, most unique bridal hat in 2023!
    1. The Oro Neutral Hat from Wolf and Badger - $308
    For the bride who adores sustainable, slow-fashion accessories, look no farther than this gorgeous, pearl embellished number from Wolf and Badger. The best part? The back side of this hat features a thin, rose gold chain, which makes for such a stunning yet subtle detail. Interested to see more? Click here to be directed to the Oro Neutral Hat listing on the Wolf and Badger website!

    2. The Mrs. Hat from Mod Party on Etsy - $25

    For the bride who wants to watch her budget, but who still wants an adorable hat to use for her engagement photos and/or her rehearsal dinner ensemble, check out this darling "Mrs" hat from Mod Party on Etsy! Click here to see how darling the size is! It's actually quite small! 

    3. The Minimalistic Floral Hat from Ivory Brides on Etsy - $115

    For the bride who wants a sunny splash of color, look no farther than this adorable floral hat from Ivory Brides on Etsy! The best part? You can personalize it so that it features your new last name! Interested to see more? Click here to be directed to the Minimalistic Floral hat by Ivory Brides on Etsy! 


    4. The Bianca Hat from Gigi Burris via Revolve - $625

    Full transparency: this option is pricey, but it's amazing! (Especially if you adore full on designer pieces!) Created using velour felt and hand pressed flowers, this hat is the hat for you if your preference is all neutral, all ivory, and all amazing. Make it yours today by clicking here to go to the Revolve website! I also noticed that there are a few in stock on the Gigi Burris website!


    5. The Bride vs Babe Hat from Be EverThine on Etsy - $75

    What's that? You love sparkle? For the bride who adores a good, all-sparkled-out Nashville type of look, then you must check out these darling rhinestoned "Bride" hats from EverThine on Etsy! The best part? You can choose between the one that reads "Bride" or the one that reads "Babe"! Click here to look at their oh-so-reasonable prices too! 





  • 10 Gorgeous Engagement Photo Outfits That Will Blow Your Mind

    Stumped on what to wear for your engagement photos? You're not alone. As these sentimental snapshots will appear on everything from your save-the-dates to, possibly, your wedding definitely the walls of your first home, it's important to put together a look that feels 100 percent you.
    Before you shop your closet or hit the mall, consider these ten incredibly unique (and edgy!) engagement photo outfit ideas! Let's start with my personal favorite...
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    1. The Amelia White Jumpsuit by Nadine Merabi - $595.00
    For the bride who wants to be super fashionable, consider this darling jumpsuit from Nadine Merabi. Look familiar? You've most likely seen it while you've been scrolling instagram. It seems that all the IT girls are wearing it, and judging by the photo above, I completely understand why. Interested to see more? Click here to access the Nadine Merabi Amelia listing! Just one word of warning: it looks as if this company is located in Europe, so check the shipping times before you click "buy"!
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    2. The Emiliee White Dress from Nadine Merabi - $397
    For the bride whose style is effortlessly sexy and chic, look no farther than the Emiliee White Dress from (again) Nadine Merabit. This puff sleeve mini dress says sexy in all the right ways. The best part? It has boning in the body, meaning that you will be held in as you catch side eyes in your pics for years to come. Suddenly determined to make this baby yours? Click here to access the Emiliee White Dress on the Nadine Merabi website now! 
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    3. The Luna Maxi Dress in Pink From For Love and Lemons - $378
    For the bride who adores boho fashion, but who can't live without color, check out this billowy, spring-garden-inspired maxi dress from For Love and Lemons. It's stunning to say the least. If you are a bride-to-be who plans on doing her engagement session outside in a garden-like setting, I personally LOVE the idea of wearing this backless, tulle-based piece from the ever-popular For Love and Lemons. Interested to see more of it? YOU MUST! Click here to see more of the Luna Maxi Dress From For Love and Lemons! (Fun fact: it comes in more colors than pink!)
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    4. The Bustier Gown from Revolve + For Love and Lemons - $359
    For the bride who adores black, look at this jaw-dropping bustier dress from Revolve + For Love and Lemons. Pro-tip: if you wear this, your photos are going to come out GORGEOUS, but there is one key to this puzzle that you must have: your soon-to-be-hubby should be in black too. What's that? You had already planned on this? Click HERE to access the black bustier gown from Revolve + For Love and Lemons right now or forever hold your peace. 
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    5. The Santa Maria Dress From Free People - $128
    Beachey. Natural. Free. Do these words sound like you? Then your engagement photo style should one thousand percent reflect your unique personality. Love what you are hearing and want more guidance? Check out this darling all-natural dress from Free People. Appropriately titled the Santa Maria dress, this gorgeous, effortlessly sexy dress features dramatic tiered skirt, crochet lace insets and a drawstring waist. The best part? The drawstring at the waist has tassles!!! Interested to see more? Click here to access the Santa Maria dress on the Free People website like yesterday.
    5. The Peggy Embroidered Mini Dress From Zimmermann - $384
    When it comes to high quality, unmistakable pieces, look no farther than the designer Zimmermann. Fun fact: this dress is actually sold out on the Zimmermann website, but I did some deep diving and found a few third party website that still have it! If you love this innocent, ultra-sophisticated embroidered dress, then please click here to make it yours immediately (before it sells out!)
    engagement photo outfit ideas
    7. The Camilla White Blazer + Camilla White Pants from Nadine Merabi - $585
    Full transparency: I have never personally been a suit girl myself, but I adore women who are. For the engaged girl who wants an ultra-sleek, gender-neutral engagement photo outfit, check out this blazer + slack set from Nadine Merabi. One hundred dollars says that you will be described as fashion forward for years to come. Pro-tip: you have to purchase the jacket separately from the pants. So, in an attempt to be a helpful as possible, here is a link to the jacket and here is a link to the pants!
    8. The Hydrangea Tender Floral Maxi Dress from Milla - $650.00
    If you just stopped scrolling and your mind went dreamy, that means something. I am not going to lie-- this is my absolute favorite dress in this entire round up. For the bride-to-be who adores an ultra-feminine, semi-Gone-With-The-Wind sort of look, then you HAVE TO SEE THIS DRESS. The best part? It comes in four different colors! Click here to spend at least ten minutes of your life entranced by the Hydrangea Tender Floral Maxi Dress from Milla. 
    9. The Cheryl 2.0 Mini Gown From Untamed Petals - $198
    Looking for a terrific engagement photo dress that will also double as your after-party dress on your wedding day? Look no farther than this adorable tulle mini dress from Untamed Petals! It's called the Cheryl 2.0 mini dress and it's incredible! Click here to access the listing on the Untamed Petals website! 
    10. The High Tide Mini Shirt Dress From Zimmermann - $1,750
    Ok, so we are ending this round up with the most sophisticated option out there: Zimmermann. The truth is, this particular designer offers a myriad of options when it comes to engagement photo dresses--- I just picked the most eye catching one possible. However, if you are loving what you are seeing, please feel free to visit the Zimmermann website to see what other dress options are available. All of Zimmermann's dresses say RICH, buttoned up, and sophisticated in all of the right ways. Click here to access the listing for this particular dress, the High Tide Mini Shirt Dress...but also here to look at ALL THE OTHERS. 
  • The Top Ten Most Unique Something Blues For Your Wedding

    We have all heard the classic saying "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue", right? What blows my mind about this age-old statement is how it immediately conjures old-school visuals to just about each and every one of us. Fun fact: your something old, something borrowed and something blue do not have to be boring! In fact, these little bridal staples are opportunities to truly set yourself apart as unique! Don't believe me? Let's look at ten something blue ideas that are so irresistibly cute, you might just want to order one now (whether you have a ring or not!) Let's gooooo!
    something blue la gartier
    1. The Jane Blue Lace Heels From Bella Belle Shoes - $405
    When it comes to your Something Blue statement, something tells me that you don't want it to overwhelm your wedding day ensemble. That is to say, we love blue but powerful little touches might be best, no? If you agree, then you must check out these incredible blue lace booties from Bella Belle shoes!! They are unlike anything I have ever seen on the market! Click here to access the listing on the Bella Belle Shoes website!
    2. The Athena Garter From Yours Truly - $228
    The Athena garter from our collection is quite honestly the most sophisticated and unique "something blue" garters in the world...and let me tell you: there are alot. In fact, it seems to me that brides like to check off their "something blue" by way of their garter more than any other outlet, so we made a concerted effort to create the most beautiful something blue garter in the world. It is called the Athena and it is truly remarkable. Click here to see more angles and make it your own.
    3. Rochelle Blue Bow Clutch from Loeffler Randall - $195
    Most of us have seen Loeffler Randall's infamous chiffon bow wedding heels, but have you seen this irresistibly cute matching clutch?!! Oh my goodness this is EVERYTHING! I realize that not every bride wants a clutch on her wedding day, however if you do, look no farther than this perfectly powder blue clutch from Loeffler Randall! You can purchase it by clicking here.
    4. Personalized Wedding Dress Patch from Your Babys Room
    I was today's years old when I learned that you can have an adorable personalized patch made for the inside of your dress that costs less than a pair of Lululemon leggings. Like, seriously?!? You GUYS. Look how cute this is! For only $33, you can have a matching set made for yourself and your partner! Don't believe me? Click here to access the listing on Etsy and order your set right away!
    5. I Loved You First Handkerchief From La Gartier (hey. it's us again.) $78
    Wedding hankies have been a bridal tradition since ancient Rome, and they have the chance to be so.darn.cute. if you look in the right places. While there are quite a few options on Etsy, my personal favorite are our raw dupioni silk hankies, made by hand in our Atlanta, Georgia studio. The best part? We embroidered the saying "I Loved You First" in blue so that you can check check check check off your something blue in the most stylish way possible! Interested to learn more? Click here to see our entire bespoke wedding handkerchief collection! 
    6. Le Vernis Blue Nail Polish from Chanel - $70
    Calling all ultra-bold brides! One of my favorite something blue options under the sun is sporting ten perfectly laquered blue fingernails, in pretty much any shade of blue ever....but bonus points for wearing this particular shade of Chanel polish (if you can find it that is.)
    7. The Tunis Earrings From Jennifer Behr - $152
    Well. We couldn't naturally NOT include a pair of earrings, could we? After searching the internet for a total of thirty minutes, the above earrings are my absolute favorite (and moderately priced) something blue earrings on the market. Not only are they classy, but they are also playful. Need proof? Click here to access the listing on the Revolve website!
    8. The Beverly Hills What A Thrill Heels From She Is Cheval - $275
    9. A Blue Ribbon For the Base Of Your Bouquet - $17
    10. For Love and Lemons "Sorbet Rose Underwire Blue Bra" - $99
  • Black Friday Sale Packaging Prototype Number 2: Christmas At The Biltmore

    Ladies and Gentleman!!! Eeeeep! May we present to you our second packaging design- “Christmas At The Biltmore!” 🎄
    Created using hand-cut silk, red-gingham-printed taffeta (for the ribbons that tie around the box, and tiny crystal heart detailing, this packaging design was made to say opulent in the most Vanderbilt way imaginable. The best part? The wax seal on the back of your envelope will be made using gold glitter dust, faux Christmas pine, and YOUR OWN custom initial at the center. ✍🏼
    (I would be willing to bet one thousand dollars says that there was more than a little wax stamping happening at The Biltmore during the days it was built. Actually, hang on…let me Google that …I bet it was a custom “V” stamp.)
    ANYWHOOOO….tomorrow, we will put the two wildly different packaging prototypes to a vote!!! Really…it just comes down to what type of person you are! Are you more “old world romance” or are you more of a “pretty in pearls” type of gal? The packaging design that receives the most votes will be chosen as THE exclusive packaging design for our upcoming sale!!! (November 25th-November 28th!) 🖤 Fun fact: We only change our packaging once a year. That time is now. We cannot wait to see which design you vote for! 🖤
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