• Modern Wedding Garter Style Brought To You By The One and Only Aleana Zaldana

    If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what they are supposed to do with a wedding garter...or what a wedding garter is for...I would be a MILLIONAIRE. Each time I encounter this question, I respond with the same answer. That is to say, a garter is similar to a veil in the way that it doesn't have an actual use. Put simply: it's just fun. Similar to a chandelier that makes a room prettier, the garter is an accessory that offers you the opportunity to take your bridal style from MEH to MARVELOUS. Don't believe me? Just look at these photos from La Gartier bride Aleana Zaldana's wedding. Last week, a good friend of mine named Lauren Fielder sent these to us ....and I honestly almost dropped my phone upon opening these image files. When it comes to modern day bridal garter style, it doesn't get any better than this. Keep scrolling to see more of Aleana Zaldana's celebrity-worthy bridal style!
    modern bridal garter style
    Ok, so it's hard to choose favorites, but this might just be the BEST photo from Aleana's wedding! Here, she wears our Vienna garter as she makes it clear to the world who her heart belongs to! Interested to get her look? Click here to access the Vienna garter listing in our shop! Just promise us that you pair it with a dress that is as Beyonce-worthy as the dress that Aleana is wearing in the photo above! 
  • Model Erin Richardson Slays In La Gartier

    Last week, we were thrilled to receive a message from La Gartier bride Erin Richardson that contained a handful of incredible photos from her wedding day! Erin wore not only our new Mrs. Robe as she was getting ready for her ceremony, but she also wore our dainty ivory pearl toss garter as her garter statement piece. Quite honestly, we are mind blown by these ultra glamorous photos, as well as Erin's effortlessly sexy, understated bridal style. Scroll down to see a glimpse of what every bride should see before they embark on styling their own wedding day! 
    bridal robe tulle ruffle
    Here, Erin wears our brand new Mrs. Robe as she gets ready to say I Do to the love of her life! Our favorite detail? The back of the sash reads "MRS" in sparkling swarovski crystals lettering, making for sassiest, cutest little statement! Interested to see more? Click here to be directed to our Mrs. Robe listing in our shop!
    But wait! Her robe wouldn't be complete without a sparkling, modern garter! Here, Erin shines bright like a diamond wearing our beloved Ivory Pearl garter. We LOVE how it's subtle silhouette align perfectly with her overall "less is more" bridal style! Interested to make this garter yours? Click here to see the ivory pearl garter listing on our website! 
    la gartier pearl garters
    Just one more and we will stop! Promise! Pictured above is another dazzling angle of model Erin Richardson wearing our sparkling ivory pearl garter! Don't you just love how slim and elegant it is? Judging from the numerous posts on instagram about this beauty and her wedding, we OBVIOUSLY can't get enough of her style! Dear Erin, I am so happy that you contacted us and we can't wait to hire you for the next La Gartier photoshoot! 
  • What To Wear Under Your Bridal Robe: 7 Options For Every Type of Bride

    When it comes to bridal robes, it may be easy to pick out which style you like but when it comes to what to wear underneath it, the decision gets a little trickier. Are you a bride who wants to cover up a little bit? Or are you a bride who is comfortable in a bra + panties? Today, we are addressing all of your questions about what to wear under your bridal robe!! In fact, we get this question so often from our brides that we made a concerted effort to give you seven different options regarding what to wear, ranging from "conservative-full-coverage" all the way to "victorias-secret-angel sassy." Let's take a look, starting with number 1!
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    1. Spanx Suit Your Fancy Bodysuit
    If you are a bride who wants something that offers considerable coverage and  also holds you in, then look no farther than this gorgeous nude bodysuit from Spanx! Appropriately titled the "Suit Your Fancy Plunge Low-Back Bodysuit" this subtlety sexy skin-colored number will give you a sense of comfort and confidence under your bridal robe, while also allowing you to move freely. The best part? The plunging neckline and the open back is the opposite of frumpy, so you won't feel too too covered up in this perfect Spanx bodysuit! 
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    2. Spanx Suit Your Fancy Strapless Cupped Panty Bodysuit
    For the bride who wants to feel semi-covered up, check out this bathing-suit-shaped body suit from Spanx!! Personally, I love this option because it gives you the opportunity to show off every bit of your legs while still giving you that held in feeling! The best part? The straps are removable, making this perfect little number a convertible garment. (Bonus points for finding ways to wear this after the wedding with your every day outfits, which I have a feeling you will!) Interested to see more? Click here to access the listing on the Spanx website! 
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    3. LeRose Lace Beaded Bridal Set
    Ok. I am not going to lie. This one is expensive. BUT-- in it's defense-- it is truly gorgeous. Created using beaded french lace, this truly original two-piece floral set says CLASSY without ever having to say anything. Note: If you decide to purchase this set, make sure that the robe you are wearing is made of satin and not tulle. The reason that I say this is because the exquisite beading that covers this set will catch/snag on anything made of tulle, but if your robe is made of satin, then it will not. Interested to see more? Click here to access the listing on the LeRose website! 
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    4. LeRose Summer Lace Trim Slip 
    Nothing says simple and sexy quite like a slip. If you are a bride who is unsure of what garment to wear underneath your bridal robe, then I highly recommend going with a simple white or ivory slip like this one from LeRose Bridal. You can't go wrong with an option like this. Not only does it cover you up a tad bit, but it is also short enough (and shows enough of your back and arms) to still read as sexy. The best part? The satin material will work well with any sort of bridal robe fabric. Interested to learn more? Click here to access the listing on the LeRose website! 
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    5. Victoria's Secret Wicked Open-Back Babydoll
    For the bride who obsesses over all things lingerie-lovely, look no farther than this super hot lace baby doll from Victoria's Secret! Not only will the corset-like boning create a super slimming effect, but the back part of the design features the cutest apron-like tie just above your tail bone! This is a must-see! Click here to access the listing on the Victoria's Secret website!
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    6. Faye Lace Underwire Bra + Panty Set
    For the bride who is comfortable wearing a bra + panty set, this mind-blowing little number from Victoria's Secret is one of my favorite options on the market right now! And guess what?!? It is on sale! The only small annoying that you have to purchase the panties separate from the bra. So, if you love this option, then click here to see more photos of the bra by itself. Then, click here to see more photos of the panties by themselves. Add both to cart?? If you do, I fully support your decision. 
    what to wear under your bridal robe
    7. For Love and Lemons Tossed Daisy Lingerie Set
    Last, but not least, this daisy-themed lingerie set from For Love and Lemons might stand to the sexiest option possible for your under-the-robe style. The only thing I would recommend is ditching the stockings. The bra, the panties, and the garter belt together would still look absolutely amazing under your bridal robe. Just don't be alarmed when people stare to the point of being rude. Click here to add this set to your cart immediately.
    Ok friends! That's all for today! As always, we strive to be a resource to you for all things bridal, so if you have any questions at all regarding what would work best under your specific robe, then shoot us a picture via email at and we will be more than happy to give you styling advice!
    what to wear under your bridal robe
  • The Hottest Wedding Nails of 2022: Ten Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

    When it comes to wedding nails, there are so many incredible opportunities to be let your personality shine and make a cute statement. Seriously you guys-- if you adore nail art as much as I do, then I feel that your wedding day nails are such an invitation to get extra creative. 
    Whether you are a bride who is looking for something understated or whether you are a bride who likes to go big or go home, here are nine wedding nail design ideas for you, listed in order of mega-manicure-amazing to whoa-who-did-that?! Let's go.
    wedding day nails
    1. Just Add Initials
    Ok, so let me guess: when it comes to your nail color, you would rather die than stray from your trusty nudes and light pinks, right? I get you girl. I do. But how about adding a super subtle hand-painted initial detail to your ring finger? That's not too much, right? The only hurdle now is how to get the perfect up-close photo with that Iphone camera. 
    wedding nails ideas
    2. Make It Bridal, But Make It Ombré
    When it comes to ombre, you can utilize any color under the sun and combine it with any other color under the sun to achieve a subtle fade-to, gradient effect. For wedding nails, we recommend choosing a nude or light pink as your base color and fading to white (as shown in the photo above). The best part? These nails will look incredible during your honeymoon too...and will still compliment just about any outfit that you have packed. 
    wedding nails ideas
    3. Beauty and the Botanicals
    When it comes to garden party vibes, nothing says WHOA quite like a hand-painted floral manicure. In fact, I love this idea so much that I have it on my "nails to try" list for next month! Pro tip: if you decide to do this type of nail design, make sure your nail artist knows what they are doing and can pull off your vision. In fact, I highly recommend hiring him/her to try it out a few months before the wedding in order to ensure that the design that they do just before your wedding is up to par with your vision. Also-- no loud primary colors guys! Keep it light, with preferably a large white/ivory presence within your color pallet. You can always play around with bolder colors after the wedding day.
    wedding nail ideas
    4. Modern and Minimalistic
    Are you a bride who feels that less is more? If so, we recommend a design such as the one above, that features subtle white french tip detailing at the top of an all neutral, all natural acrylic base. The best part? If the tips are done in a slightly non-traditional shape, you are now not only minimalistic but edgy too. 
    wedding nail ideas
    5. Something Blue
    Are you a bride who is still looking for a creative, fun way to work in your "something blue"? If so, we highly suggest heading to your favorite nail salon and plucking out a light blue hue in order to recreate a nail design such as what you see in the photo above. Truth fast: I freaking love this idea and will most likely do it myself someday soon. Not only is it the epitome of 2022, but it is also fun, young, flirty and --most importantly-- original AF. The only thing that we ask is that you send us a photo from your wedding day if you decide to do this! Eeepp!
    wedding nails ideas
    6. Marry Me In Marble
    If you adore nail art, then you have probably noticed the growing marble nail trend. Personally, I love it but because I have never tried it out myself, I can't vouch for how easy/difficult it is to pull off. However, I adore the idea of adding a super subtle marble-like detail to your otherwise nude/natural color pallet. If you ask me, it says subtle but modern in all the right ways.
    wedding nail ideas
    7. The Deconstructionist Diva 
    If nail designs were actual places, this particular design would be the inside of an art museum. Hands down. No questions asked.  Artistic, subtle, and unapologetically original, these "half done, half not done" nails are the essence of artful. (Bonus points for asking you nail artist to add some sort of 3-D detail like these three tiny gold dots as shown in the image above!) 
    wedding nails ideas
    8. Gold Foil Gorgeous
    For the bride who adores unique, organic details, this gold-foil-enhanced nail design is truly Cleopatra-worthy. The best part? You can find foil in multiple colors ranging from gold, rose gold, and even silver. (But we personally love gold the most!) If you decide to go this route, make sure you visit a nail salon that not only keeps metallic foil in stock for designs such as this but that is also skilled in foil-enhanced designs! I mention this because I have worked with gold foil myself in the past and it is NOT EASY to worth with due to the fact that it is basically the weight of air. So, you'll want to make sure you go to a nail artist who really knows what he/she is doing. 
    wedding nail ideas
    9. The Bride Wore White 
    For the bride who is overwhelmed with options and can't stand the thought of making one more design-based decision, then we highly recommend a solid white lacquer. After all, white is the signature color of bridal. Nothing says WEDDING quite like WHITE. ...and with all of the busy, extra-creative nail designs out there these days, there is something super refreshing about a plain, non-fuss, all-white nail design. Just my opinion. (Plus, just think about how perfectly they will pop in photos.)
    wedding nail ideas
    10. Pearl Perfect
    It's no secret that pearls are having a huge moment right now in bridal, so if you are as seduced by them as we are, you might love the idea of adding some plain ivory 3-D pearl details to your otherwise normal french manicure. (Full permission here to screenshot this photo and take it your your nail-tech asap.) 
    wedding nails ideas bridal nails
    11. Glitter Girl
    In the world of nails, there are two distinctly different types of women: those who glitter and those who do not. It's just #FACTS. If you are a bride who has glittered in the past, then we fully recommend glittering into the future. And if you are a bride who abhors glitter on your nails, then skip this one immediately.
    wedding nails ideas bridal nail ideas
    12. Go Bling Or Go Home
    For the bride who loves sparkle, consider asking your nail tech to adding a rhinestone or two to your nails just before the wedding. Full disclosure: the nails in the photo above are ridiculous and totally unrealistic. We don't recommend aiming for something quite so COVERED IN JEWELS. But we wanted to include at least something that spoke to rhinestoned, bejeweled nails in the event that you are a "more is more" bride when it comes to sparkle. But no- serously-- do not try to replicate this photo. You won't be able to text, open your car door, hug anyone, or fix your hair. But we LOVE the idea of adding a hotfix rhinestone or two to the top of your nail bed. Actually, hang on. Let me just do the work and find you a photo of what I am actually thinking here. Brb. 
    wedding nail ideas bridal nail ideas
    Ok, here we go. That's more realistic. 
    Interested to see more of our favorites? Click here to visit our Pinterest page entitled "Wedding Nails We Love" 
    wedding nails we love
  • Big Announcement!! La Gartier Is Officially On Tiktok!

    Hi friends! It is with much excitement today that we announce that we are officially on Tiktok!!! For months, we have gone back and forth on the Tiktok subject, but after doing a poll on instagram with you, we decided to take your advice and expand into Tiktok territory! Eeeeep!
    If you would like to follow us, then here is a link to our profile! 
    Or, you can search for @lagartiergarters within the app to find us! Happy La Gartier everyone!
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