The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter

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The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • The Ivory Pearl Toss Garter
  • $60.00


What She Looks Like 

This wedding garter is made out of an exquisite ivory pearl and sparkling rhinestone band. 💎  She can be worn as either a toss garter or as a keepsake garter.  Slim, ultra-lightweight, and dazzling, this garter features exactly 16 light ivory pearls  aligned in a straight line along the band. Encompassing all 16 pearls are tiny, dainty rhinestones that add sparkle and brilliance to the entire design. The back half of this garter features a non-slip elastic band, ensuring that your garter will not move at all as you walk with love and pride. 💗  🙌

Who She Belongs To

This garter would be perfect for any bride who is wearing pearls on her wedding day. This could be in the form of a rhinestone and pearl studded bodice, a bracelet, or even a pair of heirloom earrings. In addition, this garter would be perfect for anyone who is looking for an ultra slim garter to compliment their gown. 💋

Wedding Garter Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, garters are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Please select small, medium, or large at check out to ensure the best fit. Not sure what size you are? Please click here to be directed to our sizing chart. Please note: as you go through check out, you will see a box where you can leave us your leg measurement. If you can do that, then we would love it. ✍🏼  🙏🏼 However, if it is too much of a hassle, then please simply select either small, medium, or large at check out and we will create a standard size for you. However, with garters this luxurious, we definitely don't mind going the extra mile to custom make your ivory pearl garter to fit your leg perfectly as long as you don't mind measuring! 🧵


Shipping quotes at checkout. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE. 🚚💨  We normally process orders in 1 to 4 business days. 📦  Garters arrive on the east coast in 4 to 6 business days after order is placed, and on the west coast 7 to 8 business days after the order is placed. And yes-- we do ship internationally! You will see all of our international shipping prices at check out if you are interested in having us ship to your country. 📦  🌍



 Jeweled band is 8 " long 
Fabric along the back varies depending upon your size
The jeweled band is roughly 1.2 cm "tall" from the top tip to the bottom tip
At its skinniest, it is about 0.5 cm "tall"
The pearls and rhinestones sit very flat against the face of the garter and the prongs do not catch on the fabric of our clients gowns. To be exact, the pearls lie 1/2 cm from the base band of the garter, which is about the thickness of 5 pieces of paper, stacked.



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