The Oh So Boho Garter

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The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
  • The Oh So Boho Garter
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What She Looks Like

When aiming to find the balance between boho style and sparkling glamour, look no farther than the Oh So Boho garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 3 angel quartz shards gleam with slight iridescence in an intentionally organic, mystical pattern.  ☪️  The best part? If you look closely, you will see that there are exactly four rows of bridal white "seed" beads along the midline. Tucked between the rows of beads and sparkle are exactly two rows of gold oval beads, added intentionally for warmth and romance. 💗

(Fun fact: Angel quartz is an exceptionally high vibration crystal that exudes positivity and light. The meaning behind this ethereal stone  is purity, joy, peace, and clarity.... and those who believe in the magic of crystals advocate that angel quartz's mission on earth is to raise the vibrations of human consciousness as a whole. Don't believe me? Click here to learn all about the meaning of Angel Quartz. ) 🌟

Please note: the shape and size of the quartz stones will vary from piece to piece.

Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight. We created it this way on purpose so as to ensure that you will not feel this garter at all as you walk with it on.  


Who She Belongs To

As her name suggests, the Oh So Boho garter was designed for the bride who loves all things boho. She adores being outside almost as much as she loves music. Sensual and romantic, this bride somehow puts a modern twist on just about everything thought of as modern hippie. 💋

From her everyday outfits to the essence of her wanderlust, everything the Oh-So-Boho bride does is full of high-vibrating energy.

Some described her as a free spirit. Others describe her as aloof. In the summer, you can catch her at music festival after music festival after music festival. In the winter, you can catch her with her nose stick in a book. 📚  In her home, there is most definitely a gorgeous collection of house plants as well as a candle collection that would put Martha Stewart to shame. 🕯 When it comes to jewelry, she tends to lean towards dainty and gold.  

To her, high vibrating energy and freedom are two of the most important things in the world.🔮

More likely than not, she will be saying "I Do" outdoors........and possibly barefoot.

Please note: if you are wearing a gown that is fitted, this garter will work extremely well. It is one of our "flattest" garter designs (with the exception of the little angel quartz crystals of course) so if you are wearing a gown like a mermaid or a trumpet, then this garter was made for you!

 If you are someone who appreciate organic motifs (like angel quartz) but who also likes opulent, luxurious things, then the Oh So Boho garter is your spirit garter. 

 It should also be noted that this garter was created with heirloom-integrity in mind. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   That is to say, this gorgeous garter was made to be cherished and passed down through generations after the wedding day. (But we won't be salty if you decide to toss it!) 🤣

Add a Toss Garter

While we created this design to be a heirloom piece for you and your family, the truth is that this garter can be a toss garter OR a keepsake garter. Your choice. If you decide that you would like to wear it as your main, keepsake garter and you would like to add a simple lace toss garter to make it a set, then please click here to see the design that we recommend. Conversely, if you decide that you would like to wear this beautiful boho garter with a toss garter that will give you just a tad bit more sparkle, please click here to add a distinctly opalescent touch to your look. We strongly recommend this toss garter in order to make a truly luxurious combination. ✨

Wedding Garter Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, garters are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Please select small, medium, or large at check out to ensure the best fit. Not sure what size you are? Please click here to be directed to our sizing chart. Please note: we simply adore brides who take the time to leave us their leg measurement at check out!! (Fun fact: we have a special box for you at check out where you are can leave us your leg measurement!  That way, we can custom make your Oh So Boho garter to fit your leg perfectly!)🧵


Shipping quotes at checkout. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE. 🚚💨  We normally process orders in 1 to 4 business days. Garters arrive on the east coast in 4 to 5 business days after order is placed, and on the west coast 7 to 8 business days after the order is placed. For international orders, please see our various international shipping options at check out. 🌍  🙏🏼  More or less, we ship all around the globe and will do what is needed to make sure your package arrives at your doorstep. 📦


The front jeweled band measures 8" long
The angel quartz stones protrude "out" of the garter by (at most) 3 mm
The length of the elastic back band depends upon the size of the bride however its height -- 3/4 inch-- never varies.
P.S. Watch the video below to see the making of this gorgeous new garter🔮👇
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