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What She Looks Like

This garter is made out of a solid sparkling opalescent jeweled-band. Alluring  marquis-cut blue opal stones and subtle ivory pearl embellishments define this gorgeous, ultra-rare garter design. 

But let's be real: the star-feature of this garter is the astrological symbols hanging at the center.  (pun-intended.)

If you look closely at the center of this garter, you will see two gold zodiac symbols hanging side-by-side.

The best part? You get to choose which two zodiac signs hang at the center! (One to represent your birth month and one to represent your soul mate's birth month! Create a garter that speaks specifically to you and your relationship story!)

Super important to note: Please tell us which two astrological signs that you want on your garter in the "notes" section of your check out!


Who She Belongs To

This garter was made for the bride who adores astrology, the signs of the zodiac, horoscopes, and love compatibility theory. When asked if her soul mate's natural habits and inclinations have anything to do with the time of year he/she was born, she will most likely respond with a passionate YES.

She is someone who reads her horoscope monthly, and most likely sends all of her friends their horoscopes monthly too. This bride is deeply spiritual, and decided a LONG TIME AGO that there are powers at work in our universe that are greater than ourselves. She knows that we cannot always control what happens, however we can control how we react to it.

Mystical, semi-superstitious, and full of glamour, this bride to be adores accessories that speak to her personality and her life on a deep level. 

Side note: due to the ice blue color of the stones within this garter, this design would make for a  PERFECT "something blue."


Please tell us at check out which two zodiac signs you want us to sew underneath the bow! 


Add a Toss Garter

If you would like to add a beautiful, sparkling toss garter to accompany your Zodiac keepsake garter, then please click here to see the suggested luxe toss garter for this listing. On a budget? No problem. Please click here to see our simple ivory french lace toss garter that was designed to be budget-friendly. Please note that this toss garter comes in your choice of ivory, pink, or blue. 🎀

Wedding Garter Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, garters are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Please select small, medium, or large at check out to ensure the best fit. Not sure what size you are? Please click here to be directed to our sizing chart.  Please note: as you go through check out, you will see a box where you can leave us your leg measurement. If you can do that, then we would love it! ✍🏼   However, if it is too much of a hassle, then please simply select either small, medium, or large at check out and we will create a standard size for you. However, with garters this special, we definitely don't mind going the extra mile to custom make your custom Zodiac garter to fit your leg perfectly as long as you don't mind measuring. 🙏🏼  🧵


Shipping quotes at checkout. RUSH SHIPPING AVAILABLE. 🚚💨   We normally process orders in 1 to 4 business days. Garters arrive on the east coast in 4 to 6 business days after order is placed, and on the west coast 7 to 8 business days after the order is placed. And yes-- we do ship internationally! 🌍   You will see all of our international shipping prices at check out if you are interested in having us ship to your special country. 📦  💪🏼 💋


 The charms measure 14 mm tall by 12 mm across (they are tiny! very similar in size to a dime!)
The length of the opal jeweled band depends upon the size of your thigh
The height of the opal jeweled band measures 1"


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