Venus Pearl Garter

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Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
  • Venus Pearl Garter
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What She Looks Like

When aiming to find the balance between classicism and modernism, look no farther than the Venus Pearl garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 22 pearls gleam like eternal moons in an intentionally cluster-like, celestial pattern. The best part? If you look closely, you will see that there are exactly three star shapes hidden within the band, meant to symbolize growth in life or personal achievements. (no, seriously-- google it.) 


Fun fact: this garter was worn by Lauren Burnham of The Bachelor on her wedding day in January of 2019.

Who She Belongs To

As her name suggests, the Venus pearl garter was created for the most sensual, feminine, and proud-to-be-a-woman bride. As most of you know, Venus was the Roman god of love, victory, beauty and-- do I dare say it-- sex. Suffice to say, this garter was made for a bride who is known for her effortless sexiness (people tell her all the time and she never does it intentionally) and also her inner strength. (Fun fact: the symbol for the goddess Venus is also the symbol for feminism. Google it.) For this reason, the Venus Pearl  bride is one smoking hot, don't-take-s***-from-anyone femme.

She should also be someone who appreciate classic motifs (pearls) but who likes to add a modern twist to them (sparkling rock star silhouette), creating a beautifully juxtaposed combination. (Modern classic? yes and yes.)

Add a Toss Garter

This garter is created to be either a toss garter OR a keepsake garter. You choose. If you decide that you would like to wear it as your main garter and you would like to add a simple lace toss garter to toss, then please click here to see our simple ivory french lace toss garter. Conversely, if you decide that you would like to knock it out of the park and use this darling pearl studded garter as a compliment to your keepsake, please click here to see the garter that compliments it best.  

Wedding Garter Sizing

Contrary to popular belief, garters are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. Please select small, medium, or large at check out to ensure the best fit. Not sure what size you are? Please click here to be directed to our sizing chart. Please note: we simply adore brides who take the time to leave us their leg measurement in the "special instructions" section at check out!!  That way, we can custom make your garter to fit your leg perfectly! 


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The front jeweled band measures 8" long

The pearls protrude "out" of the garter by (at most) 3 mm

The length of the elastic back band depends upon the size of the bride however it's height -- 1/4 inch-- never varies.

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