• 5 Gorgeous Minimalist Wedding Garters For The Minimalist Bride

    Ok. So you aren't sure if you want a garter for your wedding day, but if you do wear one, you want it to be ultra-slim and dainty, right? That is to say, you are imagining something super minimalist, right? Well, you have come to the perfect place! When it comes to barely there bridal garter designs, our garters are hands-down the best on the market. And while I realize that I sound like a huge braggart right now, the truth is....well, it really is #FACTS. 
    I have spent countless hours googling phrases such as "ultra-slim garters" and "minimalist wedding garters" and there really isn't anything else out there that compares to the craftsmanship, the quality, and the pure artfulness that we put into our pieces. 
    If you are looking for an heirloom-worthy "minimalist" wedding garter, then here are five our our most popular styles, listed in order of popularity! 
    minimalist wedding garters

    When aiming to find the balance between classicism and modernism, look no farther than the Venus Pearl garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 22 pearls gleam like eternal moons in an intentionally cluster-like, celestial pattern.  ☪️  The best part? If you look closely, you will see that there are exactly three star shapes hidden within the band, meant to symbolize growth in life or personal achievements. (no, seriously-- google it. Star symbolism.) 🌟

    Fun fact: this garter was worn by Lauren Burnham of The Bachelor on her wedding day in January of 2019. 🌹  To see the national press feature about her garters, click here. Love what you are seeing and want to shop the look? Click here to access the Venus Pearl garter listing in our shop!


    2. The Infinity Sparkle Garter 

    When aiming to find a truly unique, sparkling wedding garter design, look no farther than the Infinity garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, two separate bands intertwine together in a braid-like motif, creating a never-ending infinity silhouette. Each tiny rhinestone was set at a different angle on purpose, ensuring that each one will hit the light just right, creating  max ten level sparkle from any angle.  ☪️ 

    The best part? This garter is extremely slim and non-obstrusive, making it the perfect garter choice if you are looking for something subtle and dainty. 

    Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight. We created it this way on purpose so as to ensure that you will not feel it at all as you walk with love and pride.  

    minimalist wedding garters

    3. Ariel Opal Garter

    The Ariel Opal garter was originally created as a sister garter to our beloved, super-popular Athena garter. Fun fact: for years, our clients have proudly worn and loved our Athena garter however we have recently felt the need to introduce a garter into the collection that had the same opalescent flirty vibes as the Athena, but at a more moderate price point to help those who are on a budget. BUT consequently, without intending to, we have introduced a matching toss garter for the Athena as well. All of this to say: the Ariel Opal garter was created for the bride who LOVES opals and all things oceanic. 🐚  Whether she decides to wear it as her main keepsake garter or as a toss garter to accompany the Athena garter is her decision. However, if there is one characteristic that all of the Ariel Opal brides and the Athena brides share, it is that they love all things luxe, eye-catching, and high-quality. This is not a bride who is afraid to stand out. 💅🏻   

    (Pro-tip: the official birthstone of October is opal, so if you are saying I Do in the month of October, then this garter is meant for you. 🍁 )


    minimalist wedding garter  

    4. Rhinestone Sparkle Garter 

    This wedding garter is made out of a pure sparkling rhinestone band. Slim, ultra-lightweight, and dazzling, this garter features exactly 16 brilliant swarovski crystals aligned in a straight line along the band. ✨  Encompassing all 16 stones are even smaller, sparkling rhinestones that wrap the larger stones for additional sparkle and brilliance. The back half of this garter features a non-slip elastic band, ensuring that your garter will not move at all as you step with love and pride. 💗  Love what you are seeing and want to read more? Click here to access the rhinestone sparkle garter listing on our website!


    minimalist wedding garter

    5. The Ivory Pearl Wedding Garter

    This wedding garter is made out of an exquisite ivory pearl and sparkling rhinestone band. 💎  She can be worn as either a toss garter or as a keepsake garter.  Slim, ultra-lightweight, and dazzling, this garter features exactly 16 light ivory pearls  aligned in a straight line along the band. Encompassing all 16 pearls are tiny, dainty rhinestones that add sparkle and brilliance to the entire design. Interested to learn more? Click here to access the ivory pearl garter listing on our website! 💗  🙌

    Ok beauties! I think that that is all for today! We hope that this little article has helped you to find a minimalist wedding garter that suits not only your personality but also your wedding dress design! If you have any questions or need any styling advice at all, please feel free to email hello@lagartier.com so that we may help you! Oh-- and one last thing!! 

    The garters listed above are only five of our favorites from our shop! If you'd like to see more of what is available, then please click here.  

    minimalist wedding garters


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