• Beyonce Oscar's Bejeweled Crystal Garter WHOA MOMENT - The 94th Academy Awards just got a little sparklier

    Tonight, at the 94th Academy Awards, Beyonce wore a stunning tennis ball green gown with a jaw-dropping crystal garter that we, quite frankly, could not get enough of. Her Oscars look, designed by a London-based designer named David Koma, shook us to our core for so many reasons... namely the luxurious leg statement that David single-handedly made for her. To explain: for years now, garters have been getting a bad wrap due to the garter toss tradition (which has become increasingly unpopular), but I myself have held strong in the belief that garters are incredible to have for a plethora of reasons beyond the garter toss. Seriously, it is not only an incredible accessory, but also one that is worth wearing for events/places/moments far beyond the wedding day itself!
    So, a huge thank you to Beyonce tonight for wearing one! The Q.U.E.E.N. herself just helped garters get a huge leg up in the world! (pun intended.) And a huge thank you to David Koma for having the vision to put together her Oscars outfit with a bejeweled, fabulous wedding garter. We have never met you-- but we LOVE YOU ALREADY.
    Interested to learn more about David's vision for Beyonce's Oscars outfit and more? Click here to read the article that the New York Times wrote about it!
    Side note: if you are reading this and have fallen in love with Beyonce's latest leg statement, then you have come to the right place. We are the only company in the United States that is creating garters similar to what Beyonce sported last week during her epic tennis court performance. (Bragging? Maybe.) 
    Here are five of our most popular luxury garters, listed from most Beyonce-worthy to the most affordable and understated. 
    beyonce wedding garter
    The Vienna garter as worn by Aye Nessa. Thank you to Ma Cherie Bleu for inviting us to be apart of the epic shoot. Here, Aye Nessa wears the Vienna garter paired with the equally sparkly Ariel Opal garter. Interested to see more? Click here. 
    beyonce sparkle crystal oscar garter
    The Galia garter as worn by model Cam Schuessler. This garter, inspired by the gowns of Galia Lahav, is sure to catch side eyes from every corner of the room. Interested to see more? Click here.
    beyonce wedding garter
    The Aurora garter worn by Mariya Khlysta. Sparkling, glamorous, and full of sass, this garter has been worn by multiple celebrities including Atlanta Housewife Kandi Burruss and more. Interested to see more? Click here. 
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