• Black Friday Sale Packaging Prototype Number 2: Christmas At The Biltmore

    Ladies and Gentleman!!! Eeeeep! May we present to you our second packaging design- “Christmas At The Biltmore!” 🎄
    Created using hand-cut silk, red-gingham-printed taffeta (for the ribbons that tie around the box, and tiny crystal heart detailing, this packaging design was made to say opulent in the most Vanderbilt way imaginable. The best part? The wax seal on the back of your envelope will be made using gold glitter dust, faux Christmas pine, and YOUR OWN custom initial at the center. ✍🏼
    (I would be willing to bet one thousand dollars says that there was more than a little wax stamping happening at The Biltmore during the days it was built. Actually, hang on…let me Google that …I bet it was a custom “V” stamp.)
    ANYWHOOOO….tomorrow, we will put the two wildly different packaging prototypes to a vote!!! Really…it just comes down to what type of person you are! Are you more “old world romance” or are you more of a “pretty in pearls” type of gal? The packaging design that receives the most votes will be chosen as THE exclusive packaging design for our upcoming sale!!! (November 25th-November 28th!) 🖤 Fun fact: We only change our packaging once a year. That time is now. We cannot wait to see which design you vote for! 🖤
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