• Choose Your Fighter: A Bridal Garter Versus A Garter Belt

    If I had a penny for every time I heard someone refer to our garters as "garter belts," I would be quite wealthy by now. Er-- at least enough to take an extravagant vacation. (insert laughing emoji's here)

    The truth is-- there is a big difference between a wedding garter and a garter belt. So, in an attempt to bring clarity to this ever-confusing mix up, below is a quick visual guide regarding what a wedding garter is and what a garter belt is

    garter belt for love and lemons

    This Is A Garter Belt. Look Above.
    First off, a garter belt. A garter belt is a piece of lingerie that goes around someone's waist. It is usually made of lace, but not always. The garter belt uses clips or snaps to hold up pantyhose or stockings.
    The garter belt started back in the days before elastic when holding up stockings what a lot harder and thus anchoring it around the waist made the most sense. Over time, I think we can all agree that garter belts have grown into a sexy symbol of femininity.
    Can you see the beautiful lace belt that goes around the waist and the straps that hang down to clasp onto the panty hose? That's a garter belt. It can be worn at any time of the year, at any point in your life -- no wedding required. When you wear a garter belt, it is ideal to have a pair of stockiing too. That way, you have something to clasp those darling little dangle down attachments too. BUT sometimes women where them without stockings too. Your call. I personally like them more when there are stockings involved but as always-- you do you girl. Ok, so now let's look at what a wedding garter is. (my fav part)
    sparkly wedding garter
    This Is A Wedding Garter. Look Above.

    Ok, now we are talking! Do you see that gorgeous sparkling band around the bride's leg in the photo above?! That's a garter. (also commonly referred to as a "wedding garter" or a "bridal garter.")

    The garter represents the oldest wedding tradition. It is a small piece of decorated material that is worn around one of the bride's legs during the wedding ceremony and reception. The garter is usually made with elastic so that it holds up while she is walking and dance. 

    The wedding garter is as a small little expression of a couple's big day and it is a keepsake meant to be cherished and passed on through generations. The wedding garter is an heirloom for the bride!

    The best part? We make the prettiest wedding garters known to man. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling below to see a few of my personal favorite designs from our collection! 




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