• Custom Bottle Spotlight: Tequila Komos Reposado Rosa

    Oops! We did it again! 
    If you read our blog often, you might remember that we did an initial bottle design for them last month, created on their classic Anejo Cristalino bottle. It was an absolute blast to create.....and we were even more thrilled when the company sent us two of their brand spanking new Reposado Rosa bottles to customize! 
    tequila komos custom bottle design
    Why might you ask? Because....while this may sound totally cliche...the bottle is PINK!!! Not only that, but the tequila itself is pink, which sets my girly-loving-heart on #SparkleFire.
    While it's true that our main craft is wedding accessories, we never turn down an exciting side project, which is why we spent over ten hours last month immersed in the world of beautifully designed Tequila Komos bottles. 
    la gartier custom bottles
    Tequila Komos made it's first big splash last year in 2020, when they released their now-infamous Anejo Cristalino. In recent months, they have expanded their line of ultra-luxury tequilas with the addition of Tequila Komos Roposado and Tequila Komos Extra Anejo. CEO & Founder Richard Betts continues to drive innovation, prioritize sustainability, and combine the highest artistry in tequila-making with inspiration from wine-making techniques.
    To see photos of the gorgeous new Reposado Rosa bottles that we designed for Tequila Komos, please scroll through the photos below! Hint: the entire design concept was inspired by opals, angels, and bridal-worthy sparkle!
    tequila komos custom tequila bottle design
    If you look closely, you will notice two hand-carved angels placed at the top of each bottle. The one on the left is opalescent and the one on the right is rose quartz. 
    As you may know, hand-carved quartz angels represent holiness, kindness, and integrity. They are also a nod to tequila's inherit roman catholic origins, thereby placing this bottle design within a relevant historical context. 
    tequila komos custom bottle design
    The jewels that envelope the bottle are of an opalescent marquis-shaped inspiration, added to infuse the bottle designs with a bridal-worthy aesthetic and tons of sparkle. 
    An up-close look at the opalescent, semi-translucent opalite angel. 
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