• Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Jennifer Jebrock's Custom Remove Before Flight Wedding Garter Set

    Ok, so full confession here: we aren't the first company who has made a "Remove Before Flight" garter set. In fact, there are photos of all kinds of renditions all over the internet. However, this one that we created for La Gartier bride Jennifer Jebrock sparkles in luxury and special artistic details like none other. In fact, to this day, I am so grateful to Jennifer Jebrock for reaching out to us with this project! It gave us the opportunity to put a distinct, sparkling La Gartier spin on a garter set that is well known in the world of custom garters. Keep scrolling to see pictures of the final product! 
    remove before flight custom wedding garter
    When Jennifer first reached out to us, she wrote the following verbatim:
    "I am getting married in August 2020 and have been looking at your garters for a while trying to decide which one to order as they are all so gorgeous! I came across a “remove before flight” garter on Instagram and since my future husband is a pilot I thought it would be perfect. I realize that this was likely custom designed for someone else so wanted to inquire about the possibility or ordering it as well as cost and timeframe. Thank you so very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you!"
    remove before flight wedding garter set
    Suffice to say, we were one hundred percent psyched to create Jennifer's vision. Her now-husband is a pilot, which meant that we were being commissioned to create a garter set that was not only gorgeous, but meaningful. Pictured above is the tiny silver airplane pendant that we sourced for the side of her toss garter (which she, of course, never tossed!) 
    remove before flight custom bridal garter personalized wedding garter set
    Stitched in a sparkling silver metallic embroidery thread, the phrase "Remove Before Flight" was included two different times within her garter set: once on the outside of her toss and once again on the inside of her custom Athena garter keepsake. Then, to make things even more special, we made an heirloom silk bridal hankie for Jennifer to match. I love this photo so much. Not only is her set unique to her and her special relationship story, but it is also luxurious and classy. 
    remove before flight wedding garter set
    Jennifer's wedding was postponed severely due to Covid. She was literally the quitessential Covid bride who had to wait and wait and wait. For this reason, we are so grateful to have been able to create these for her. We designed them together during the period of Covid when she still wasn't quite sure when she was going to be able to marry the love of her life, and to this day I truly hope that the design process shed a little bit of sparkle on her life during an otherwise truly frustrating time. 
    Jennifer, if you are reading this, we are so happy to have made these for you! It is my belief that we were meant to meet! Together, we made the prettiest "Remove Before Flight" garter set known to man...and I beam just a little bit when I think of the fact that there is only one in the entire world like it! 

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 3/14/22, we are booked out until May of 2022 for customizations but we have one spot still available in May and two in June!

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier to inquire about pricing!

    custom garter remove before flight garter set for bride

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