• Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Kaitlyn Chatteron's Zelda-Inspired Bridal Garter Set

    What happens when you take a couple who loves Zelda and combine it with a serious love of all things girly + sparkly? Magic. That's what happens. This is precisely what we did last year when Kaitlyn Chatteron (then Krzyanowski) contacted us regarding creating a custom garter set for her wedding. Originally, Kaitlyn reached out to us with only one specific aim in mind: to create a garter set that matched her drop dead gorgeous Hayley Paige gown. However, after meeting her over the phone and talking for well over an hour, Kaitlyn and I decided to add a little extra something that would speak to her relationship story. That is to say, when I spoke with Kaitlyn over the phone, she told me that her then-boyfriend-now-husband had gifted her a little Zelda keychain that said "The Princess." To match hers, he had a little gold Zelda TriForce keychain to complete the set. After talking to Kaitlyn extensively over the phone and via email, we eventually decided that these two pendants were just the thing we needed to make her garter set truly personal.  
    Oh my lord in heaven I will never forget when Kaitlyn's package arrived at our studio!  The two little keychain pendants had obviously hung from both of their keychains for years, but for some reason, this endeared me to them even more! I was floored immediately. I just knew that this project was going to be special and IT WAS. Keep scrolling down to see pictures of the final product!
    personalized wedding garter set custom wedding garter set
    Pictured above is Kaitlyn's keepsake garter as well as her custom "The Princess" toss garter. Together, these two designs make for a stunning set. However, I knew that Kaitlyn would never dream of tossing her custom design with her precious "The Princess" keychain pendant hanging from the center, so I made her a third garter just in case. (Keep scrolling to see!) 
    personalized wedding garter set custom wedding garter set
    To bring in the classic, signature color from the Legend of Zelda, we decided to use a gorgeous vintage green velvet ribbon for her third garter. To this day, I am so happy that we decided to include this. The little pop of color made the whole set read as Zelda so much more than if we had not included it! Plus, it meant that Kaitlyn got three garters instead of two, giving her options regarding which one she wanted to toss (if any!)
    custom wedding garter set personalized wedding garter set
    My personal favorite detail? We embroidered a mini Triforce symbol on the inside of her 2nd garter, which stitched out beautifully. Hidden little details like this make the set complete in my opinion. (Not to mention FUN!)
    To bring in elements from Kaitlyn's Hayley Paige dress, we decided to add a mixture of opal and iridescent swarovski crystal rhinestones to the midline of her keepsake garter. These mini pops of color made for the most alluring and original detail. 
    personalized wedding garter set
    Last, but not least, we also made a custom handkerchief set for Kaitlyn using the highly-recognizable (and now famous) emblem from The Legend of Zelda. I still remember how much I was worried about how this embroidery design was going to stitch out. It was so detailed and intricate, I was sure that there was going to be a hiccup but it turned out beautifully! 
    custom wedding garter personalized wedding garter
    One last photo! Promise! This is Kaitlyn glowing on her wedding day. I can barely take my eyes off of her sparkling custom La Gartier wedding garter!

    This epic bride and this even more epic project was so fun to make!! Dear Kaitlyn, from me to you: thank you for trusting La Gartier with such a monumental project. I will literally never forget the Zelda-romance that we brought to life! 

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 1/17/22, we are booked out until March of 2022 for customizations but we have one spot still available in April and two spots in May. 

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier to inquire about pricing!

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