• Custom La Gartier Wedding Garter Spotlight: Christina Young's Turquoise-Inspired Wedding Garter Set

    When it comes to your "something blue", there are limitless opportunities for creativity and self expression. Sure, you can stick to a dainty light blue bow or a tiny sapphire ring, but when you really think about it, there are SO MANY CREATIVE ways to incorporate your "something blue"! Perhaps the best example of this is the garter set we just finished for La Gartier bride Christina Young! Christina was set to be married at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado, so we wanted to create something for her that spoke to her boho glam OH-SO-COLORADO aesthetic. Location aside, turquoise is just plain amazing and so so so under-used within the bridal industry. Interested to see how her garters came out? Click here to watch the creation video on instagram or keep scrolling below to catch a glimpse of the final product!
    For Christina's set, we selected our classic Vienna garter as the base design (for her keepsake) and then hand-crafted a dainty, thin toss garter using a turquoise necklace center piece that we found on Etsy. Together, these two garters make for a mind-blowing, completely original wedding garter set. In fact, I am not even sure if another turquoise wedding garter set exists in the world, let alone one of this calibur. The best part? As we made this set, I worked alongside Christina every step of the way, making the final product a co-creation between the two of us!
    A second view of Christina's turquoise-inspired garter set, taken from a distanced angle so as to highlight the true vibrancy of the turquoise blue color. I mean, is this not the prettiest something blue that you have ever seen?!?
    Last, but not least, do you see that little bit of embroidery on the inside of the back band? This is by far one of my favorite hidden little details! The inside of her garter reads "Grillo-Lee", which will be the hyphenated version of her new last name! 
    Last, but not least, here is a photo of La Gartier bride Christina Young (now Christina Grillo Lee!) wearing her custom La Gartier garter on the day of her wedding! Dear Christina, I am honestly so lucky to have met you through yoga. I am a huge fan of your personal style...and together we make a fantastic designer team! 

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 11/5/22, we are booked out until January of 2023 for customizations but we have one spot still available in January and two in February!

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier.com to inquire about pricing!

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