• Five Gorgeous Pearl Wedding Garters from La Gartier Wedding Garters

     When it comes to pearl-perfect wedding garter designs, no one does it better than La Gartier Wedding Garters. No, seriously, we have a little bit of everything! From the vintage ivory pearl look, to the fresh & modern bright white pearl look, all the way to the ultra-trendy organic, cluster-pearl look, I can honestly say we have the BEST on the market. 

     When we started designing wedding garters in 2011, we were definitely thinking more about sparkle, sparkle, sparkle..however in recent years, we have grown to incorporate more pearls into our designs than anything other gemstone. And honestly--- I am so happy we did. There is just something so classy about a pearl that time can never take away. Below are a FIVE of our most popular pearl wedding garter designs! Which one says YOU the most? 
    pearl wedding garter design
    1. The Venus Pearl Garter
    This garter has been worn by more celebrities than I can count on one hand...and do you know what the craziest part is?! She hasn't even been in our collection for longer than three years! Sparkling, unique, and hinting at celestial-symbolism using subtle star shapes, this garter is the perfect choice for you is you are incorporating pearls on your wedding day...but do not want them to seem old-fashioned or stuffy. Interested to see more? Click here to access the Venus Pearl garter listing on our website!
    pearl wedding garters
    2. The Lori Garter
    This design was the FIRST pearl-inspired garter that we EVER had in our collection. She paved the way for so many similar designs for years to come.

    This garter was created for the bride who loves pearls, romance, and warm love-filled hues. Never afraid to pitch for the vintage, this bride is someone who adores putting a modern twist of classic motifs. Due to its ultra-slim shape, the Lori garter would work very well for you if you are:

    1. Looking for a garter that is slim, light-weight, and non-obtrusive.

    2. Looking for a garter that lies very flat to your leg due to the fact that your gown is form-fitting (ie: mermaid or a trumpet), which will not allow for a garter that has tons of volume. 👗

    Interested to see more the Lori? Or view her price in our shop? Click here to access the Lori garter listing on our website! 

    pearl wedding garters

    3. The Ivory Pearl Garter

    True to it's name, the ivory pearl garter is dazzling in it's perfect, utter pearl-essence. Indeed, this design is made of nothing other than a band of gleaming ivory pearls encircled with tiny rhinestones, making for just the right touch of sparkle.  💎  She can be worn as either a toss garter or as a keepsake garter.  Slim, ultra-lightweight, and dazzling, this garter is sure to catch side eyes. For years, brides have been ordering it by itself, as their main keepsake garter...or combining it with another one of our Beyonce-worthy designs in order to make a set. We don't see it going ANYWHERE in the coming years, so if you are reading this blog post in, say, 2023 or 2024, then please click this link to see more of this truly pearl-perfect wedding garter design. 

    pearl wedding garter

    4. The Coco Pearl Wedding Garter 

    As her name suggests, the Coco pearl garter was created for the most sensual and sensitive female personalities.  As most of you know, Coco was the epitome of blending modernism with classicism. In her mind, less was always more. In that spirit, the Coco Pearl garter was created.  Suffice to say, this garter was made for a bride who is known for her love of traditional + classic elements, but who also cannot get enough of modern twists on classic concepts. 👰‍♀️ Also, (and we think this goes without saying, the Coco Pearl bride is a bride who cannot live without warm, romantic elements within her life -- be it candles in her home, gold lockets around her neck, cozy sweaters in the fall, or (I am just going to say it) 👉  the color pink. 💗

    Click here to access Coco's beauty.

    pearl wedding garters

    5. The Zodiac Wedding Garter

    The Zodiac garter is brand new and we are OBSESSED with her!!!  Why? Because not only does it include pearls, but it also allows you to pick the two astrological symbols that dangle at the front. This means that you can pick YOUR star sign for the left and HIS star sign for the right. In addition, this gorgeous star-compatibility-loving garter features milky blue opal stones, making it a perfect option for you if you are still looking for your "something blue"! 

    Click here to see more of the Zodiac and make it yours like yesterday.


    Ok beauties! That sums up our top suggestions regarding which pearl garters are the best in our collection! 

    If you have any questions or need help picking out a pearl garter to compliment your wedding day look then please email us at hello@lagartier.com! Love you. Mean it. 

    pearl wedding garters

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