• How Do I Measure For My Wedding Garter If I Am Still Losing Weight?

    Ok, so let me guess. The wedding is less than a year away and you are hitting the gym, doing every group fitness class in your local area, eating clean and weighing yourself weekly. While sweating for the wedding has recently become semi-taboo, I can honestly say that I am here for it. And while I don't espouse starving yourself for the most special day of your life, I definitely don't mind it when anyone challenges themselves beyond their regular routine...even if the day in question is simply a placeholder for personal growth & achievement! Basically, what I am trying to say here is that I support you on your weight loss journey one hundred percent..however, let's make sure that you know how and when to measure for your garter given your current sweat, sparkle, glow lifestyle! 
    Question: When should I Measure For My Wedding Garter If I Am Still Losing Weight?
    Answer:  We recommend ordering and measuring for your garter roughly three months before your wedding day. 
    how do i measure for my garter if i am still losing weight?
    But honestly-- please don't wait too much longer than that. The elastic that we use along the back side of our designs will "shrink in" to accommodate for moderate weight loss (think of your favorite loung-around-the-house pants with the comfy elasticized waist band!) so the chances that your garter will still fit perfectly come your wedding day are pretty much 100%. However, if for any reason your garter is too loose come the weeks before your big day, then get in touch with us about resizing it! We are more than happy to do that for you as long as you don't mind shipping it back to us! 
    But wait! Now for the BEST NEWS EVER. Did you know that we have a little box at check out where you can leave us your leg measurement? That's right! As long as you don't mind taking the time to measure, we will gladly custom make your garter to fit your leg perfectly! 
    when should i measure for my garter if i am still losing weight?
    Simply round up or down to the nearest whole inch and pop your leg measurement right there into that box! This will allow us to custom make your garter/garters to fit your leg perfectly! 
    I know I mentioned this before, but if you have any questions at all regarding how to measure, or if you just want someone to hold your hand through the process, then please don't hesitate to email us at hello@lagartier.com. We are here for you! 
    (Side note: to shop our collection of designer wedding garters, which we make completely custom for you based upon your leg measurement, then click here.  Just don't be mad at us if you get lost in all of the beauty and the product descriptions. It's like a whole thing.)
    how should i measure for my wedding garter if i am still losing weight for the wedding?
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