• How To Choose Your Wedding Garter

    You've picked your venue. Your wedding day shoes. Your bridesmaids dresses. Your bridal jewelry. Your flowers. Your groom's shoes. Your bridesmaid's shoes. 
    If you have to make one more wedding planning decision for your big day, you just might scream! Which is why we are here to help. If you are reading this, then the chances that you have decided to wear a wedding garter are high. Let us do the shopping for you, shall we? 
    Here is my number 1 piece of advice regarding how to choose your wedding garter: one, look at the design of your dress. Then, two, look at yourself as a person. 
    Allow me to explain....
    You should first choose a wedding garter that compliments your gown, either in the way of its shape or the embellishments that are on it. If you are wearing a form-fitting style like a mermaid or a trumpet, you will need a slim and sleek garter that lies super flat against your leg so as to avoid any major bulging underneath the skirt of your gown. BUT--- if you are wearing a gown that has a full skirt (ie: an A-line or a ballgown) then you can wear any garter that you like from our collection. That is to say, you don't have to worry at all about its size or shape due to the fact that it will be impossible to see its outlines underneath the skirt of your dress. 
    Next, I would look at the beading and design of your gown as a whole. Does it have pearls? Does it have opals? Is it more of a lace-based gown and not so jewel-heavy? 
    If it has pearls, then we highly suggest our Venus Pearl garter.
    If it has opals, then we highly suggest our Ariel Opal garter.
    If it doesn't have much sparkle...and you want to ADD a touch of sparkle, then we highly suggest our brand new Infinity garter.
    If you are looking for something without sparkle (something that is very simple and lace-based) then we recommend our simple alencon lace toss garter. 
    If you are looking for a garter that checks off your "something blue", then we highly recommend our ever-popular blue pearl garter. 
    Honestly, I could just keep going and going. What matters most is what you think compliments your personal style and your gown the most. 

    Do you love sparkle and consider your wedding day the chance for you to be a real life princess for a day? Are you classic bride who airs on the side of conservative? Are you a boho bride who loves the outdoors and loud music? Your own personality is a great source for inspiration for your bridal garter. What are the first things you are drawn to? 

    In fact, in an attempt to be truly helpful here, below are a few garter suggestions based upon different personalities we have noticed in the past within our clientele. Which one sounds like YOU the most?

    * The Boho Bride- if you adore music festivals, slow-burning candles, organic fruit, beautifully woven wall art, and the outdoors, then you would love the Oh So Boho Garter. To see more of this gorgeous design, click here.

    *The Beach Bride- if you are saying I Do on the beach, or find yourself gravitating to water like a true Pisces, then you absolutely must see our brand new Atlantis garter. Created using sea shells and a strong dose of bohemian energy, this garter is truly unlike anything on the market at the moment. 

    *The Bride Who Loves Sparkle - whether you are looking to add a touch of sparkle to a bridal look that needs just a touch of it...or whether you are layering sparkle on sparkle on sparkle on an already glittering look, then you are 100% the type of bride who would love our brand new Infinity garter. Click here to see the garter that says "Love Never Ends" 

    **The Something Blue bride - every once and awhile, we work with brides who simply want their something blue by way of their garter. In fact, we have come across it so often that we now have four garters in our collection that work perfectly for your "something blue"! Here they are, in order of induction:

    The Blue Pearl garter

    The Ever After garter

    The Glass Slipper garter

    **The Astrology-loving bride - are you someone who can't get enough of horoscopes, star compatibility, and everything zodiac-related? Then we have incredible news for you!! We made a wedding garter just for you! It is called The Zodiac garter and it is personalized to match your sign + your lover's sign. Click here to see more of it. 

    Truth fast: I could keep going for days upon days upon days about how to choose your wedding garter. But honestly-- the BEST THING FOR YOU TO DO would be to email us a photo of your gown! Then, we can offer you our styling advice! Our email is hello@lagartier.com. If you are someone who is stumped regarding which design is right for you and your wedding, then just email and we will be more than happy to help out! 



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