• Jimmy Choo Atelier + La Gartier Wedding Garters. A Match Made In Heaven.

    If you are reading this blog post then you have most likely fallen in love with the gowns of Jimmy Choo Atelier. Full confession: we have too. The weirdest part?!!! Barely anyone knows yet that Jimmy Choo has launched a bridal line, which blows my mind. 
    But wait- here is a little back story for those who might be reading this and don't know about the new Jimmy Choo wedding dresses: While Jimmy Choo is mostly known for their gorgeous shoes and handbags, they decided to release a small, bespoke collection of widely creative wedding gowns last year. 
    Elegantly deemed "The Atelier", these gowns are being designed by Professor Jimmy Choo himself in collaboration with The Atelier. To quote their bio on the website: 

      "In 2015, the talented and ingenious international shoe master Professor Jimmy Choo began to turn his attention to wedding dresses. In his view, a wedding dress is more than just a piece of clothing, actually it carries the dreams of every girl, the desire for love, and the expectation of their own wedding and future life. And this concept and idea fully coincides with the concept of the Haute Couture craftsmanship that THE ATELIER has always held.  

    This is how the collaboration between Professor Jimmy Choo OBE and The Atelier started, creating a fusion of wedding culture around the world. THE ATELIER Studio, with its international vision and background, has always inspired the beautiful vision of an elegant bride , remembering the goddess of Athens, or the gorgeous French, romantic and traditional elegance, or the American avant-garde."
     Currently, I know that there are a TON of brides researching the Jimmy Choo gowns on the internet, so I thought it would be helpful to show you just how beautiful these two gowns are. We styled them with our couture wedding garters on model Mariya Khlysta...and when I tell you that I like how the final photos came out, I mean that I LOVE HOW THE FINAL IMAGES CAME OUT. Keep scrolling below to catch a glimpse of how perfectly this Jimmy Choo Atelier gown looked with our garters, as well as a few more glimpses of their newest collection! 
    jimmy choo atelier wedding dresses
    Pictured above: one of the Jimmy Choo Atelier dresses styled with our sparkling Aurora garter. This particular gown was from The Atelier's "Fairytale" Collection, so we thought it only appropriate to pair it with our princess Aurora garter for max ten glamour vibes. 
    jimmy choo atelier wedding gown
    If you look closely, you'll see that the sleeves on this gown are asymmetrical. The one on the left is a full sleeve, and the one on the right is a cap sleeve. When I first saw this gown at Elite Pour La Vie in Atlanta, I wasn't sure if I liked the different sleeves. However, once we saw it on your model, I fell in love. The asymmetrical sleeves stand to be my favorite detail on this gown! 
    jimmy choo wedding dresses
    A close up photo of the intricate beading on the bodice of the gown. I don't know if I will ever ever ever get over how perfectly it fit our model Mariya. Here, we styled it with our new Luna Sparkle earrings for a modern, cutting-edge look. 
    jimmy choo wedding dresses jimmy choo bridal gowns
    Pictured above: another more photo of the same Jimmy Choo Atelier dress paired with our ultra-slim Ariel Opal garter. I die. This dress was given to us on loan from a high-end luxury bridal store here in Atlanta called Elite Por La Vie. If you are interested in trying on this specific gown, click here to contact them! 
    Interested to see more of the Jimmy Choo Atelier dresses? Get ready. You are going to need a full five minutes for this. I can barely believe it when I talk to other people and learn that no one knows about these. Here are a handful of my favorites from their various collections, ranging from "The Fairytales" to "Art Noveau" to "Victorian Poetry"
    jimmy choo atelier wedding dresses
    jimmy choo wedding dresses jimmy choo atelier
    jimmy choo atelier wedding dresses
    jimmy choo atelier wedding dresses jimmy choo wedding dresses
    jimmy choo wedding dresses
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