• La Gartier Bride Samantha Sasso Slays In Our Rhinestone Sparkle Garter

    Chic. Modern. Candid.
    These are three words that describe La Gartier bride Samantha Sasso's ultra-modern, love-filled wedding day!! Don't believe us? Just take a quick look at the photos below. Before I gush away about her wedding garter style, I want to take a moment to highlight how well these photos from Days Made Of Love Photography capture the happiness of the day first and foremost. Not all candid photos are created the same in my opinion, however these images hit the nail on the head when it comes to embodying energy, love, and pure joy. It comes as a side note (ahem- side joy) that her La Gartier garter is visible in just about every.single.one of these images too....which brings me to another important point: Samantha's wedding day style strikes me as tremendously effortless while also being the literal embodiment of gorgeous happy. It's like that girl in high school that always looked perfect while also appearing as if she never even tried. Maddening, really. However, perhaps the true secret to Samantha's beauty in these photos is truly just her body language. I mean, her garter and her dress are spot on, but just look at that relaxed, truly happy body language! I might just pass away.
    wedding garter sparkle slim garter
    If you look closely, you will see a slight glimmer of sparkle peeking out from the slit of Samantha's gown. These garters are two of our favorites: the rhinestone sparkle garter! Interested to get Samantha's look? Click here to see the rhinestone sparkle garter...but I must warn you: in order to get her complete look, you'll have to order TWO. 
    Well, well, well. If it isn't the classic Jimmy Choo + La Gartier combination. Ladies and Gentleman, hold your applause. It gets better!
    bling wedding garter
    I hate to play favorites-- but this just might be my favorite photo taken of Samantha's garters! If for nothing else, this image proves (without a doubt) that a slit + a La Gartier garter + an excellent pair of wedding shoes is the SLAY combo of 2022!! A huge thank you for Days Made of Love Photography for immortalizing this moment!! 

    Samantha's ultra slim, unbelievably chic bridal garter was the statement of her entire wedding look!! 

    Thank you to Samantha for not only sending us these images, but for also leaving us the sweetest review ever on Google!!!  

    As before mentioned, you can order Samantha's garters from our shop.

    Side note: If you are interested in a custom wedding garter made with your family materials, be sure to check out this page to get in touch with us! 

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