• La Gartier Garters Custom Spotlight: Kayleena Ferrin's Tiffany And Company Wedding Garter Set

    When it comes to Tiffany & Company, I just fall to pieces with heart eyes. There is just something so irresistibly CUTE about their branding...and something so classic about their products. So, when La Gartier bride Kayleena Ferrin reached out to us in order to commission us to create a custom Tiffany and Company-inspired custom garter set for her, I jumped at the opportunity. Truth be told, this wasn't the first time we have received a custom request of this kind! In fact, last year, we created a custom Tiffany and Company garter set for La Gartier bride Rachel Bunch that set beauty records around the globe. (Ok, maybe I am biased...but seriously...it was that special. Don't believe me? Click here to see it!)
    Suffice to say, when Kayleena reached out to us last month with her unique Tiffany & Company garter request, I lit up at the opportunity to create something classic, beautiful, and on brand with Tiffany & Company's aesthetic. Interested to see the final product? Click here to watch the reel we created on instagram that covers the creation process from beginning to end!! Or, keep scrolling below to see a few of my all-time favorite still photos of what stands to be one of the most unique "something blue" garter sets ever created!
    The most powerful detail within Kayleena's custom garter set was this gorgeous heart-shaped Tiffany & Company pendant!! Kayleena's bridal party gifted this to her as a necklace, which she immediately sent to us after opening! The back side is engraved with the classic Tiffany & Company stamp, which made it challenging to decide which side we should have facing the front. After much deliberation, Kayleena and I decided to sew the pendant on so that the class teal faced the outside, with the stamped insignia visible only from the inside. 
    This photo showcases Kayleena's complete custom garter collection, starting with her Hayley keepsake garter, her slim sparkling rhinestone toss garter and her back up velvet toss (so that she never ever even has to consider tossing her rhinestone sparkle design!) 
    My favorite part? Kayleena's Tiffany blue toss garter was made using an incredibly rare vintage velvet ribbon from the 1960s. Then, to make it as iconic as possible, we added a pure white bow at the center as a nod to Tiffany & Company's classic packaging. (Teal box. White bow on top!)
    The final detail: we stitched out Kayleena's wedding date to the inside back band of her garter, which infused the set with a heavy dose of heirloom magic. I tear up at the thought of Kayleena passing this garter down to her own daughter or future daughter in law someday. Seriously. Pass the tissues asap. 
    Dear Kayleena, I know we worked together on an extremely short timeline (with challenging personal circumstances to boot) but I must say ---> WE DID GOOD. May this garter set be immortalized forever in Google search results for years to come! It's one-of-a-kind, just like you!!

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 11/5/22, we are booked out until January of 2023 for customizations but we have one spot still available in January and two in February!

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier.com to inquire about pricing!




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