• Modern Wedding Garter Style Brought To You By The One and Only Aleana

    If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what they are supposed to do with a wedding garter...or what a wedding garter is for...I would be a MILLIONAIRE. Each time I encounter this question, I respond with the same answer. That is to say, a garter is similar to a veil in the way that it doesn't have an actual use. Put simply: it's just fun. Similar to a chandelier that makes a room prettier, the garter is an accessory that offers you the opportunity to take your bridal style from MEH to MARVELOUS. Don't believe me? Just look at these photos from La Gartier bride Aleana wedding. Last week, a good friend of mine named Lauren sent these to us ....and I honestly almost dropped my phone upon opening these image files. When it comes to modern day bridal garter style, it doesn't get any better than this. Keep scrolling to see more of Aleana celebrity-worthy bridal style!
    modern bridal garter style
    Ok, so it's hard to choose favorites, but this might just be the BEST photo from Aleana's wedding! Here, she wears our Vienna garter as she makes it clear to the world who her heart belongs to! Interested to get her look? Click here to access the Vienna garter listing in our shop! Just promise us that you pair it with a dress that is as Beyonce-worthy as the dress that Aleana is wearing in the photo above! 
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