• Netta BenShabu Wedding Gowns + La Gartier Wedding Garters. A Match Made In Heaven

    If you are reading this blog post then you have most likely fallen in love with the gowns of Netta BenShabu. Full confession: we have too. This new gown designer, hailing from Israel, is making a huge splash in the wedding industry at the moment and WE ARE HERE FOR IT. Last month, we had the chance to work with two incredibly gorgeous gowns designed by Netta BenShabu, which is the moment that I fell in love. Currently, I know that there are a TON of brides researching her gowns on the internet, so I thought it would be helpful to show you just how beautiful these two gowns are. We styled them with our couture wedding garters on model Cam Schuessler from Ursula Wiedmann...and when I tell you that I like how the final photos came out, I mean that I LOVE HOW THE FINAL IMAGES CAME OUT. Keep scrolling below to catch a glimpse of how perfectly these two Netta BenShabu gowns might look on you, as well as a glimpse of our newest designer wedding garter styles!
    netta ben shabu gowns bridal
    Pictured above: Netta Ben Shabu's "La Vie En Rose" Collection is simply jaw-dropping. Did you know that even though Netta is Isreali-born, she is actually based here in the US!? It is true! Netta BenShabu Elite Couture fashion house is an American company based manufacturing in Israel with more than 25 high-end authorized retailers in major cities worldwide and expanding rapidly. The garter that you see on our model's leg, paired with this magnificent gown, is called The Ever After garter....and sometimes, when I look at these images, I have to wonder if it was destined to be paired with a Netta BenShabu dress. 
    netta ben shabu wedding dress
    Pictured above: another more photo of the same Netta BenShabu dress paired with our Ever After garter. I die. This dress was given to us on loan from a high-end luxury bridal store here in Atlanta called Elite Por La Vie. If you are interested in trying on this specific gown, click here to contact them! Or, conversely, click here to see a list of retailers in the United States who carry Netta BenShabu.
    netta ben shabu
    Pictured above: this is the second gown from Netta BenShabu that we were so graciously given on loan from Elite Por La Vie. This dress was absolutely stunning and featured not one, but two slits on either side. Here, we paired it with our rose-gold inspired Coco Pearl garter to take it's glam factor from a ten to a full fledged 15. Interested to see more of this garter? Click here to see the Coco Pearl garter listing in our shop! 
    netta ben shabu wedding dress la gartier wedding garters
    One more look at the second Netta Ben Shabu gown that we fell head over heels in love with! Here, you can catch a clearer glimpse of the slit on the left and right side of the skirt. I personally love this design motif myself, but perhaps I am biased being the wedding garter designer that I am. But seriously-- has anyone ever complained about too much leg?!! Here, model Cam Schuessler wears our beloved Galia garter, which you can view in greater depth by clicking here. 
    Last one. Promise. Here, you can see just how much this particular gown shows off not only your garter but also your shoes. If you decide to wear Netta BenShabu, then I strongly recommend putting extra time, thought, and energy into picking out your garter and your shoes. Why? Because if you have a slit, they will be on FULL DISPLAY in all of your wedding pictures, which sounds like a party if you ask me! Here, model Cam Schuessler wears our dainty Daphne Flower garter, which you can see in greater depth by clicking here. 
    And now for a full on photo gallery of other images from our most recent shoot! Just in case you are looking for even more information/visuals regarding this incredible Israeli designer! If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out via email at hello@lagartier.com and we will be more than happy to tell you not only where you can get your hands on one of these incredible gowns, but also which garters from our collection would pair best with them! 
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