• Real Wedding Garter Client Love: La Gartier Bride Emily Tann's Bridal Boudior Garter Slay

    This week, we were thrilled to receive a treasure chest of photos from our beloved bride Emily Tann! If you are looking for bridal boudior inspiration, or ideas regarding how your photographer can best capture your garter during your bridal boudoir shoot, then look no farther than these drop-dead-gorgeous photos from La Gartier bride Emily Tann! 
    bridal boudoir garter inspiration photos
    Emily paired her sparkling Galia garter with a simple silk bridal robe in ivory for her bridal boudoir look and we are IN LOVE WITH IT. A special shout out to Rowdie Bright Photography for you flash camera magic skills here! 
    bridal boudoir wedding garter inspiration and ideas
    When it comes to shot ideas, Emily has all the right ideas. Talk about a bride who understands the assignment! If you are reading this and are in need of ideas regarding how to best capture your garter during your bridal boudoir session, then we highly recommend something just like this! You will need the arm of a chair or a love seat...but if you throw your legs up in the air and ask your photographer to capture an image of your from your torso down, the picture always comes out amazing! 
    bridal boudoir wedding garter inspiration photos
    Pro tip: if you are looking for an affordable, super stylish way to make your bridal boudoir photos extra elegant, get a simple bouquet of baby's breath from your closest grocery store! The little white blooms lend such a bridal-perfect touch to any bridal boudoir shoot, as Emily so beautifully demonstrates in the photo above! But wait-- just one last word of advice: the more baby's breath you get, the better. Try not to get just one small bushel if you can avoid it. When it comes to baby's breath, more is more! 
    bridal boudoir bridal inspiration garter photos
    Ok, last one. Promise. Pictured above is the lovely Emily Tann wearing not only her sparkling Galia garter but also her ultra elegant bridal robe and neutral block heels. When it comes to your bridal boudoir shoot, we highly recommend bringing a pair of heels for at least a dozen or so shots. If you want to be barefoot most of the time, then do it. But please please please do as Emily did and throw on a pair of heels for just a few photos. Trust me-- it will take the sexiness level of your photos from a one to max ten mega hot in no time. To say that we adore Emily for her styling prowess here is a total understatement. Emily, you nailed it! 
    Interested to learn more about how to style your bridal boudoir shoot? Click here to read the article we recently wrote, titled "Bridal Boudoir Essentials: Five Things You Need To Slay Your Bridal Boudoir Style"!
    bridal boudoir inspiration photos
    Ok, beauties! I think that that is all for today! Hopefully Emily's look in the photos above have helped you get a better idea of how you want to best capture your garter during your boudoir shoot...not to mention how to style your look in a simple yet elegant way! 
    If you need any styling help, please feel free to email us at hello@lagartier.com to get personal advice from our team! We are always here to help! 
    bridal boudoir wedding garter inspiration
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