• Something Fairytale Blue: The Story of our "Glass Slipper" Cinderella Wedding Garter

    Ok, so let me guess. You love Cinderella. You own both copies of it, both the animated version from 1950 and also the real-life version from 2015. You adore Disney. And when it comes to Disney princesses, Cinderella takes the cake every.single.time. 
    Sound like you? 
    The reason that I write this is because I too share your obsession. In fact, I think I have seen Cinderella (both versions) more than forty times.....and not long ago, we designed a wedding garter inspired by the magic that is Cinderella.
    Fun fact: she's still in our collection. After two years, we still have her!
    In fact, she has become one of our most popular limited-edition wedding garter designs.
    Without further adieu, meet the Glass Slipper Wedding Garter.
    something blue garter
    As before-mentioned, 

    This garter was designed for the bride who absolutely adores Cinderella. 🏰

    Every detail of this garter was inspired by the bride who adores animals and is well-known for her compassionate nature. More likely than not, this bride is not a very loud person. In fact, she might be one of the quietest people at a party, but she is known for carrying herself with a grace that is unparalleled. 💅🏻  Anyone who knows this bride is well aware of the fact that she believes deeply in acts of service, whether it be volunteering to help abandoned animals or assisting the elderly who have become too old to be able to care for themselves anymore. 💗 🧵

    something blue wedding garter

    With love and a strong sense of humanity in mind, we created this garter for the bride who is highly in tune with the needs of the people in just about any environment that she finds herself in. We repeat: She is a person who cannot help but LOVING other living things - no matter what their size, shape, color, or origin. 🥰

     From her everyday outfits to the quality of her eye contact, everything she does exudes humility. If you wear this garter, you are a person who views kindness as strength and carries a strong conviction that kindness + courage are the two of the most important things in the world. 🙏🏼

    something blue wedding garter

    This garter would be PERFECT for a bride who loves any and all things Disney princess/Fairytale inspired. The best part? This garter features tiny pear-shaped blue opal stones, making it a PERFECT CHOICE if you are still looking for your something blue. This garter would also work extremely well for a bride who is wearing a form-fitting gown (ie: mermaid or trumpet) due to the fact that it lies very flat against the leg. 
    Interested to see more? Click here to be directed to the Glass Slipper listing in our shop! 
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