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  • The Wedding Keepsake Box Re-Imagined

    Ok, let's be real. While a wedding ring box, or a wedding keepsake box isn't necessarily the most important item on your list, it is one of the most beautiful and underrated items when it comes to not only getting incredible wedding photos but also when it comes to storing your most precious accessories after the wedding day. Here at La Gartier, we are proud to say that we produce some of the most modern and stunning wedding keepsake boxes and ring boxes in the world. Our boxes are always vintage! (Fun fact: we search vintage stores and even work with antique dealers throughout the United States to find some of the most unique boxes on the planet. Then, once the box reaches our studio in Atlanta, Georgia, we inspect the lining of the boxes with a magnifying glass to determine whether or not the inside fabric lining needs to be refurbished or not. More often than not, they do. So we have spent years honing the craft of re-lining the inside of our boxes using fabrics such as velvet, sometimes corduroy, and even super hard-to-find fabrics such as light pink ultra suede. To see just a few of out all time favorites, scroll through the photos below. Interested in seeing more? Please click here to be directed to our infamous Keepsake Box collection! (Please note: each box is a one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated even if we wanted to. What we have at the moment is what we have, but we are always adding new boxes each month. If you do not see anything that you like or that fits your wedding color pallet, please check back with us in a few months!) 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Art Nouveau Romance keepsake box was re-lined with pink velvet during the summer of 2020. To see photos of the inside lining, please click on the photo above to be re-directed to the listing on our website! 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Casual Princess keepsake box is even more special than you think! When you open the inside lid, a song from the famous play Fiddler On The Roof plays from a hidden music box underneath the lining of the box. To see more of this rare, antique gem, please click on the photo itself and you will be directed to the listing. 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Meet Me In The Garden keepsake box was re-lined with light teal corduroy fabric during the summer of 2020. Click the photos above to see the beauty of the inside lining! 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Rose Gold Romance keepsake box features Victorian carvings and midnight blue inner velvet. It is a MUST SEE for nothing else than the hue of the inside lining alone!
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