• The 5 Best Faux Fur Shrugs and Shawls For Your Winter Wedding

    Full confession: I am a super anti-real fur type of gal. In fact, I once terminated a friendship with a terrifyingly gorgeous (and terrifyingly shallow) girlfriend who was so unapologetically passionate about wearing REAL fur to just about every single cold-weather occasion...... that it became increasingly nauseating to even be around her. Don't get me wrong -- I love classy things, but at the end of the day, I love kindness more and animals weren't made for us to wear them. There. I said it.
    I mean-- just think about the classic Disney character Cruella De Vil for example: Wasn't a deep love of real fur one of her defining qualities? I don't mean to step on any toes here, but if you share any similarities at all with Cruella De Vil, you might want to rethink your fashion morals. (I think I just heard at least five people unfollow La Gartier.)
    Ahem. With that said, here are five of the best faux fur shrugs (and fur shawls) on the market at the moment!! I am writing this blog today because I can't count on two hands how many people have asked me where to purchase a cute little winter cover up of this kind! The truth is that there are a TON of cheap, a-little-too-faux-fake-fur looking shrugs out there for your wedding, and I want to make sure you look FLY..but without hurting any animals of course.
    Let's start with the first one....
    1. Davie And Chiyo Faux Fur Wedding Shrug - $137.59
    Hailing from Canada, this super darling Etsy-based company offers a variety of gorgeous faux fur bridal shrugs that we can't take our eyes off of. Our personal favorite is the one you see above, with a soft mixture of white, baby-deer-hued-browns, and touches of light grey to boot. Interested to see more? Click here to see the full listing on Etsy and make sure you stay warm this winter!
    2. Sissily Designs Faux Fur "Juliet" Hooded Cape - $95
    For the bride who is easily seduced by anything involving a hood, look no farther than this unbearably princess-like fur cape from Sissily Designs. The best part? I'm pretty sure Belle from Beauty and The Beast owned something exactly like this. Click here to access the Juliet Hooded Cape from Sissily Designs or be cold forever. 
    3. The Unreal Fur Faux Fur Tirage Cropped Jacket - $349.00
    For the bride who wants to find a jacket she can use before, during, and after her wedding day, consider this ultra classic faux fur jacket from BHLDN. Not only would this collared little number keep you warm while you say your vows but it would also make your outfits look super chic for the next few winters. (Bonus points for adding sunnies.) Interested to learn more? Here is the link to the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Tirage Cropped Jacket from BHLDN. 
    4. Moda's Crocheted Wedding Shawl - $100
    I know what you are thinking. This one doesn't have any fur on it whatsoever. But GUYS. It is honestly so so so cute. I just had to include it. If you are looking for a super soft, cozy, faux fur alternative, then we have your back. (Literally) Click here to access the Crocheted Wedding Shawl by Modo on Etsy! 
    5. BHLDN's Maxime Faux Fur Wrap - $98
    There is something so utterly alluring about soft wraps of any kind, let alone one that is made of faux fur! This one from BHLDN might be just the thing for you if you want a simple but subtle fur accent within your winter wedding ensemble! Interested to see more? Click here to access the Maxime Faux Fur Wrap from BHLDN! 
    Ok friends! I think that that is all for today! If you are interested in finding the PERFECT wedding garter to accompany your cozy, cold weather bridal style, click here to access our shop! We are known for making the prettiest wedding garters in the world...and we would LOVE to say that we were able to dress you on one of the most important days of your life!
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