• The Best Ring Boxes For Your Wedding in 2022

    As if you didn't already have a million minuscule wedding decisions on your plate, you need to add picking a wedding ring box to your checklist. Traditionally, couples have used ring pillow cushions for transporting the jewels the day of, but this is the 21st century, people! Cool, creative ring boxes and dishes that speak to your unique wedding style are more abundant than ever! Here are our top five picks regarding where to purchase the prettiest and highest quality ring box in 2022!
    When it comes to ring boxes, there is one company that reigns supreme: The Mrs. Box! Originally known for their simple luxury velvet boxes, this incredible company now has a patent on their infamous ring box design. What's better? They just added a "Bevel Collection" that takes personalization to a completely new level!!! That is to say, they are now offering engraveable lids! (see photo above!) Interested to order one for yourself? Head to The Mrs. Box to check out our personal favorite design -- The Bevel Double Collection!  
    Are you a bride who adores pearls? Then look no farther than this incredibly unique pearl-studded ring box, created by Lily and Rue on Etsy. I am not even going to lie-- this box is my favorite in the entire round up!! I have never seen anything quite like this on the market, and after a quick google search, it looks as if no one is making anything this darling ANYWHERE. The best part? They won't break the bank! Order a single slot box for fifty dollars or a double slot box for sixty five dollars! Interested to make this box your own? Click here to head to the EXACT listing for this box on Etsy!
    When it comes to minimalistic and modern, this darling ring box takes the cake!! Smythson's charming ring box is bound in luxurious calf leather with a beautiful nubuck lining. It is the perfect home for your most treasured rings—whether you're traveling or at home displayed on your dressing table. But ladies and gentleman, I need to warn you: the price is steep. This jaw-dropping, well-designed ring box costs a cool $190, so we recommend using it for display on your dressing table afterward to get your true money's worth. Thinking about it? Click here to access the Panama Ring Box listing on the Smythson website!
    4. The Put A Bow On It Ring Box From Yours Truly
    Here at La Gartier, we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the most unique, antique, and darling ring boxes this side of the equator. In fact, we have an entire collection of completely one-of-a-kind, antique ring boxes that range from itty bitty to big-enough-to-fit-more-than-my-ring. Pictured above is our Put A Bow On It Trinket Box...which is arguably our most popular ring box, but you absolutely MUST see the rest!! Click here to access our entire ring box collection!
    Did someone say nature lover? You have to admit-- nothing says I love our mother earth quite like wood. For those of you who worship the ground you walk on (literally), then I would highly suggest this all natural wooden ring box from Muujee on Etsy! The best part? For only an additional five dollars, you can have the top engraved with your + your fiance's name as well as your wedding date! Interested to see more? Head to this link to order yours today!
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