• The Infinity Sparkle Wedding Garter

    Our newest wedding garter features sparkle on sparkle on sparkle. Appropriately named the "Infinity Sparkle Garter" this super modern and sleek design is America's new IT girl.   Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, two separate bands intertwine together in a braid-like motif, creating a never-ending infinity silhouette. Each tiny rhinestone was set at a different angle on purpose, ensuring that each one will hit the light just right, creating  max ten level sparkle from any angle!
    The best part? This garter is extremely slim and non-obtrusive, making it the perfect garter choice if you are looking for something subtle and dainty. 
    infinity sparkle garter
    As her name suggests, the Infinity garter was made for the bride who believes that her love is limitless. To be specific, she was created for the bride who believes that the love she shares with her partner is never-ending, not just in its size but also in it's life span. Fun fact: the two separate braids of sparkle represent two separate people (you + your loved one) coming together and becoming one complete entity. As you can see in the photos above, the top braided piece supports the bottom one, and the bottom one supports the top one. Without support from either of these two separate entities, the design couldn't viably exist.  Suffice to say, this garter belongs to the bride who passionately believes in the life blood of her relationship as a two-way street.
    infinity sparkle garter
    Interested to see more of her? Click here to access her listing in our shop and decide if she is right for you! 
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