• The Top Ten Most Unique Something Blues For Your Wedding

    We have all heard the classic saying "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue", right? What blows my mind about this age-old statement is how it immediately conjures old-school visuals to just about each and every one of us. Fun fact: your something old, something borrowed and something blue do not have to be boring! In fact, these little bridal staples are opportunities to truly set yourself apart as unique! Don't believe me? Let's look at ten something blue ideas that are so irresistibly cute, you might just want to order one now (whether you have a ring or not!) Let's gooooo!
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    1. The Jane Blue Lace Heels From Bella Belle Shoes - $405
    When it comes to your Something Blue statement, something tells me that you don't want it to overwhelm your wedding day ensemble. That is to say, we love blue but powerful little touches might be best, no? If you agree, then you must check out these incredible blue lace booties from Bella Belle shoes!! They are unlike anything I have ever seen on the market! Click here to access the listing on the Bella Belle Shoes website!
    2. The Athena Garter From Yours Truly - $228
    The Athena garter from our collection is quite honestly the most sophisticated and unique "something blue" garters in the world...and let me tell you: there are alot. In fact, it seems to me that brides like to check off their "something blue" by way of their garter more than any other outlet, so we made a concerted effort to create the most beautiful something blue garter in the world. It is called the Athena and it is truly remarkable. Click here to see more angles and make it your own.
    3. Rochelle Blue Bow Clutch from Loeffler Randall - $195
    Most of us have seen Loeffler Randall's infamous chiffon bow wedding heels, but have you seen this irresistibly cute matching clutch?!! Oh my goodness this is EVERYTHING! I realize that not every bride wants a clutch on her wedding day, however if you do, look no farther than this perfectly powder blue clutch from Loeffler Randall! You can purchase it by clicking here.
    4. Personalized Wedding Dress Patch from Your Babys Room
    I was today's years old when I learned that you can have an adorable personalized patch made for the inside of your dress that costs less than a pair of Lululemon leggings. Like, seriously?!? You GUYS. Look how cute this is! For only $33, you can have a matching set made for yourself and your partner! Don't believe me? Click here to access the listing on Etsy and order your set right away!
    5. I Loved You First Handkerchief From La Gartier (hey. it's us again.) $78
    Wedding hankies have been a bridal tradition since ancient Rome, and they have the chance to be so.darn.cute. if you look in the right places. While there are quite a few options on Etsy, my personal favorite are our raw dupioni silk hankies, made by hand in our Atlanta, Georgia studio. The best part? We embroidered the saying "I Loved You First" in blue so that you can check check check check off your something blue in the most stylish way possible! Interested to learn more? Click here to see our entire bespoke wedding handkerchief collection! 
    6. Le Vernis Blue Nail Polish from Chanel - $70
    Calling all ultra-bold brides! One of my favorite something blue options under the sun is sporting ten perfectly laquered blue fingernails, in pretty much any shade of blue ever....but bonus points for wearing this particular shade of Chanel polish (if you can find it that is.)
    7. The Tunis Earrings From Jennifer Behr - $152
    Well. We couldn't naturally NOT include a pair of earrings, could we? After searching the internet for a total of thirty minutes, the above earrings are my absolute favorite (and moderately priced) something blue earrings on the market. Not only are they classy, but they are also playful. Need proof? Click here to access the listing on the Revolve website!
    8. The Beverly Hills What A Thrill Heels From She Is Cheval - $275
    9. A Blue Ribbon For the Base Of Your Bouquet - $17
    10. For Love and Lemons "Sorbet Rose Underwire Blue Bra" - $99
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