• Cyber Monday Sale Packaging Prototype 1: Gum Drop The Beat

    πŸ’—πŸ­The Making of our Cyber Monday Sale Packaging β€”β€”> prototype number two: "Gum Drop The Beat."Β πŸ­πŸ’“Β  Inspired by the idea of a holiday-version of Candyland, this unbearably fun packaging design encapsulates the essence of exuberant girly pop vibes. Honestly, the only thing that it is missing is 90's pigtails and a perfect pink lip gloss.Β Β Here’s a brief description of the materials used within prototype number 2!πŸ‘‡ (We will vote on the best packaging design on Monday, November 22nd!)
    *hot pink tulle wrapping ribbons
    *faux gum drop detailing
    *iridescent sequin over-wrapping
    *candy apple green satin bows
    *pink & white swirl lollipop ornamenting (this is candy that is REAL and meant to be enjoyed!)
    *high-form wax seal with metallic silver baking pearls embedded inside of it (again, real candy and totally edible.)
    *pink and green thank you noted with pink and white baker’s twine wrapped symmetrically down the center
    *all orders from this ultra-original Candy Pop-inspired prototype will come with gingerbread-scented tissue paper, which is marinated by hand in our atlanta, Georgia studio.
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