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  • Light Blue Wedding Garters Re-Imagined

    Ok. So you want a "something blue" on your wedding day, but you are imagining something super subtle and elegant, right? Well, you have come to the perfect place! When it comes to light blue, semi-ethereal, barely there bridal garter designs, our garters are hands-down the best on the market. And while I realize that I sound like a huge braggart right now, the truth is....well, it really is #FACTS. 
    I have spent countless hours googling phrases such as "light blue wedding garters" and "garters with a hint of blue" and there really isn't anything else out there that compares to the craftsmanship, the quality, and the pure artfulness that we put into our pieces. 
    If you are looking for an heirloom-worthy "something blue" wedding garter, then here are five our our most popular styles, listed in order of popularity! 
    light blue wedding garters
    1. The Arendelle Garter

    This garter is made out of a solid sparkling opalescent light blue jeweled-centerpiece. Alluring opalescent round-cut stones, marquis-cut stones, emerald-cut stones, and round-cut stones blend together to create a mesmerizing combination. (Fun fact: the marquis-cut stones along the top and bottom edge of the centerpiece are meant to mimic the shape of icicles!) ❄️

    If you look closely on the left and right side of this design, you will see two iridescent flowers blooming from the soft velvet blue band. These flowers represent the meeting of two souls at just the right moment, in just the right place. 🔮

    To make this design even more special, each design is marked with a number on the inside using metallic silver embroidery. This number indicates number it is within this rare limited-edition series.  (Click here to access the listing in our shop.)  ✨

    something blue wedding garter
    2. The Ever After Garter

    The Ever After Garter was created for the bride who believes in happily ever after. Known for her undying belief in true love, this bride is the type of girl who has refused to let past experiences shut down her sparkle or stop her belief in living with an open heart & an undying romantic outlook on life. No matter what circumstances have been thrown her way, she has remained hopeful that she will one day meet her soulmate. (ie: prince charming.) 👑

    And in this belief, she has been right. To her, the three most important qualities in her life-long-romeo are honesty, loyatly and devotion. More likely than not, she will be saying "I Do" in a gown that will stop people in their tracks upon seeing it. When asked if she likes sparkle, she will most likely respond: "Extra please." 💅🏻

     The Ever After garter is, well, just impressive. This garter is pure luxury, mixed with tiny dusty blue acrylic 3-D flowers that are truly unlike anything you have ever seen. Worried that there isn't enough blue? We have great news for you! Embroidered on the inside of this garter is a secret message. It says "Happily Ever After" in dusty blue embroidery thread, making for two gorgeous blue elements within one celeb-worthy design! Interested to see the inscription on the inside? Click here to access the Ever After garter listing on our website!
    something blue wedding garters
    This perfectly slim, sparkling design has been in our collection since 2015 and still stands to be a much-loved favorite.  She features blue pearl and sparkling swarovski crystal rhinestones in a straight-slim-band design, making for a garter that is. noticeable but not too much. The best part? She is remarkably affordable. Interested to see more? Click here to access the listing in our shop. 
    something blue wedding garter
     Inspired by Cinderella, should more appropriately be described as "something princess blue"! Keep scrolling below to catch an up-close-and-personal-glimpse of this jaw-dropping limited-edition design!
    something blue wedding garters

    This garter was designed for the bride who absolutely adores Cinderella. 🏰 

    It features light, translucent blue opal stones mixed with clear swarovski crystals, giving you just the right amount of blue sparkle. The best part? The back band is made using liquid blue satin, meant to mimic Cinderella's iconic blue ballgown. 

    Every detail of this garter was inspired by the bride who adores animals and is well-known for her compassionate nature. More likely than not, this bride is not a very loud person. In fact, she might be one of the quietest people at a party, but she is known for carrying herself with a grace that is unparalleled. 💅🏻  Anyone who knows this bride is well aware of the fact that she believes deeply in acts of service, whether it be volunteering to help abandoned animals or assisting the elderly who have become too old to be able to care for themselves anymore. 💗 🧵


    Interested to see more of our blue wedding garters? Click here to visit our shop or send us an email at!


  • The Eight Best Bridal Shower Gifts For The Bride in 2022

    I read a statistic recently that said 2022's wedding season is going to be bigger than anything that America has seen since 1984. To be specific, it reported that more weddings will be happening in the United States in 2022 than any other year since 1984. And you know what? I believe it. Why? Because just about every single person that I know has a wedding invitation sitting on their kitchen counter or tacked to the fridge at this very moment, which means it's time for all of us to get savvy about wedding gifts. 
    If you are reading this and you want an idea (or four) regarding what to get for your best bride friend, then below are five fantastic (and affordable) gift ideas for the bride right now.
    Let's start with the most affordable and then work our way up, shall we?
    5 best gifts for bride in 2022
    1. Silk and Willow Wedding Vow Books with Gold Foil Press
    When it comes to vow books, there are a ton of options. Yes, it's true that you can buy a set for $15 from Etsy that are pretty enough, but there is just something so romantic about a hard cover, appropriately binded book, isn't there? When it comes to vow books, I am so in love with these darling gold-foil pressed beauties! They are from a company called Silk and Willow and cost only $39.50. Interested to see more of them? Click here to access the listing on their website.
    5 best gifts for the bride in 2022
    2. The Mrs. Box "The Margaery Classic Velvet Ring Box"
    Ok, so this one is a no brainer. These little ring boxes from The Mrs. Box have been a beloved, go-to wedding gift for years now. While there are quite a few look-alike velvet ring boxes on the scene right now, no one can replicate the quaility of these gorgeous rings boxes from The Mrs. Box. No sure what color to get her? I recommend sticking with ivory or white in order to ensure that it will compliment all of her other wedding day details. Love what you are hearing and want to learn more? Click here to access "The Margaery Classic" ring box in ivory on the Mrs. Box website! Priced at $85, you can't go wrong with this soft, darling little box!
    5 best gifts for the bride in 2022
    3. The Infinity Garter from La Gartier Garters (a.k.a. yours truly)
    Full confession: this garter is from us directly, so perhaps we are speaking with a tad bit of bias right now, but honestly- a garter makes for such a PERFECT wedding gift. Why? Because brides usually don't even think about this detail until the last minute, let alone a garter that dazzles with designer details and blinding sparkle. The best part? Our garters range in price from $30 to $300, meaning that you will have no trouble picking out a style that works best for your budget. To shop the Infinity garter that you see in the photo above (which costs $92), click here. To shop our entire collection, click here! 
    5 best gift ideas for the bride in 2022
    4. The Wifey Bobby Pin from Untamed Petals 
    On a budget? No problem. We have you covered! This darling "Wifey" bobby pin from Untamed Petals sits comfy at just $18! Isn't it just so cute? I adore this gift idea because it gives the bride something she can wear not only on her wedding day but also after the wedding on, say, her honeymoon or even in the days immediately following her nuptials! Modern, sassy, and full of statement, this perfectly affordable bobby pin says everything without the bride ever saying anything. Interested to see more? Click here to access the listing on the Untamed Petals website.

    5 best gifts for the bride 2022

    5. BHLDN Gift Card 

    Ok, so I realize that it is sometimes viewed as faux-pas to give someone a gift card for any occasion, however I can't help but argue here: when it comes to a wedding, gift cards are actually genius. I mean, how are you really supposed to know which details she has taken care of thus far and which ones she has not? Plus, have you yourself ever complained about receiving a gift card before? Um no. I love them actually. With that said, I highly recommend this darling gift card from BHLDN, that can be loaded with any amount you want and gifted either in person or electronically. (Let's aim for in person, shall we? Definitely more personal!) 

    But wait--- are you interested to see what giving this gift card will allow her to get?!!!! Say yes say yes say yes. Click here to visit the BHLDN website and have your mind blown. Or, click here to access their specific gift card listing. 


    6. The I Loved You First Hankie From La Gartier Garters

    If she is going to cry, you might as well give her something gorgeous to wipe her tears with. Our "I Loved You First" wedding hankie not only makes for a practical gift, but also one that has heirloom-integrity, meaning that she can pass it down to her daughter someday...and then her daughter to her granddaughter and so on. The best part? It is only $72 and comes with breathtaking packaging.

    7. The Personalized Mrs. Sweatshirt from Topline Apparel on Etsy

    For only $20, you can gift your bestie a soft cotton sweatshirt that is customized to her new last name! Talk about a meaningful gift! Check out Topline Apparel on Etsy to make this gift yours! (er, hers?)

    8. The Oh So Engaged Earrings from La Gartier Garters

    Looking to get the best gifting trophy ever at her bridal shower? Look no farther than our floral-inspired Oh So Engaged earrings from our new earring collection! Created to fill all of her days prior to your wedding with unmistakable style and sass, these earrings will catch side eyes from everyone at, say, her bachelorette party, her rehearsal dinner, or on her first days back at the office after the wedding.) The best part? We purposefully kept the price low on these beauties so you can spend EXTRA on the wedding day itself!

     Ok, friends I think that is all for today! Hopefully, this little article has helped to shed some light on what to get for your bestie bride friend this year! If you are interested in hearing a few more, feel free to email us at and we be more than happy to send you links to a few more!

    5 best gifts for bride 2022



  • New! The Infinity Crystal Sparkle Wedding Garter

    We've waited for years to introduce this gorgeous new garter to the collection. Why? We wanted it to be perfect! Ever since 2017, we have wanted to create a garter that encapsulates never-ending love - the type of love that never dies no matter what the circumstances. Today, we are thrilled to announce that she is finally here! Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you the Infinity wedding garter! 
    infinity crystal sparkle wedding garter
    When aiming to find a truly unique, sparkling wedding garter design, look no farther than the Infinity garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, two separate bands intertwine together in a braid-like motif, creating a never-ending infinity silhouette. Each tiny rhinestone was set at a different angle on purpose, ensuring that each one will hit the light just right, creating  max ten level sparkle from any angle.  ☪️ 
    infinity crystal sparkle wedding garter

    The best part? The Infinity garter is extremely slim and non-obstrusive, making it the perfect garter choice if you are looking for something subtle and dainty. 

    Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight. We created it this way on purpose so as to ensure that you will not feel it at all as you walk with love and pride.  

    infinity crystal sparkle wedding garter

    As her name suggests, the Infinity garter was made for the bride who believes that her love is limitless. To be specific, she was created for the bride who believes that the love she shares with her partner is never-ending, not just in its size but also in it's life span. Fun fact: the two separate braids of sparkle represent two separate people (you + your loved one) coming together and becoming one complete entity. As you can see in the photos above, the top braided piece supports the bottom one, and the bottom one supports the top one. Without support from either of these two separate entities, the design couldn't viably exist.  Suffice to say, this garter belongs to the bride who passionately believes in the life blood of her relationship as a two-way street. 


    infinity crystal sparkle wedding garter

    Isn't she just so perfect? We are unbelievably excited to introduce this garter into our collection and cannot wait to see who claims her as their own! To learn more about this design, please click here to go to the Infinity listing in our shop! Questions? Comments? Please feel free to email us at! 

    la gartier wedding garter sarah dobson

  • New! Introducing the Atlantis Garter

    Where do we start?? Our new Atlantis garter is so unique, that we need at least a paragraph to describe its deeply sacred components! Firstly, a little back story: When creating this garter, we knew right away that we wanted to create the world's prettiest ocean-inspired wedding that was unparalleled in terms of craftsmanship and luxury. 
    beach boho wedding garter
    As you can see in the photos above, the front band is comprised of exactly ten ivory seashells. 🐚
    Weaving through the midline of the garter, above and below the seashells, is a jeweled milky way of tiny ivory pearls, gleaming like eternal moons against the organic texture of the seashells.  🌊 The best part? For a luxurious sparkle effect, we added 35 swarovski crystal rhinestones throughout the midline in both a pear-shape and also a round-cut shape, meant to symbolize the glittering surface of the ocean at sunset. 🌅
    beach boho garter
    Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight. We created it this way on purpose so as to ensure that you will not feel this garter at all as you walk with it on.  Another huge plus of this garter? The seashells are all-natural and organic, making for the perfect choice if you are someone who adores all things Boho.
    boho beach garter
    As her name suggests, the Atlantis garter was created for the most sensitive, deep, and intuitive of brides.  🔮 As most of you know, the ocean is known for being vast and mysterious, which is why it comes as no surprise that it has become such an iconic symbol for things that are all-encompassing, powerful, and ancient.  Suffice to say, this garter was made for the bride who is known for her mysterious and oftentimes borderline psychic tendencies. (Fun fact: the seashell is a widely known symbol for the unconscious and is associated with emotions. No- seriously- google it.)  👰‍♀️ 🔮
    beach boho wedding garter

    This garter belongs to the bride who knows certain things before anyone does, simply because of her gut. She is the epitome of intuition, and divine feminine energy, but...just like the ocean, she is continually shifting and changing shape. For this reason, she can be hard to pin down. 

    The chances that she is a water sign like Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer are high. The chances that she will be getting married on the beach are even higher. ♓️

    If you are someone who appreciate organic motifs (like seashells) but who also likes opulent, luxurious things, then the Atlantis garter is your spirit garter. 

    bohemian wedding garter with beach inspiration

     It should also be noted that this garter was created with heirloom-integrity in mind. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   That is to say, this gorgeous garter was made to be cherished and passed down through generations after the wedding day. (But we won't be salty if you decide to toss it!) 🤣

    la gartier wedding garters


  • What Is The Purpose Of The Wedding Garter? Do I Really Have To?

    Let me guess. You are on the fence about the wedding garter. When it comes to all of those icky photos that you've seen with the groom's hands (or, sometimes, entire head) up his darling bride's skirt with loved ones watching, you are asking yourself: "What is the point of this? Do I really want to do this?" 
    And I have an answer for you: YES. Actually, yes you do. Crazy, right? Allow me to explain:
    While it's true that the wedding garter might seem to be a superfluous accessory, let me also point out that there are quite a few other things in life that are absolutely gorgeous that don't really serve a practical purpose. Case in point: your veil. Case in point: chandeliers. Case in point: false eyelashes.
    Does this make them any less beautiful and desirable? Absolutely not. In fact, I would go so far as to argue that without them, life itself wouldn't be as fun! 
    BUT, wait. Beyond the garters needless beauty, there are actually are a few purposes that you might be interested in. In fact, for the sake of clarity, I am going to list FIVE of them below in order of relevance.
    (Side note: all of these opinions are mine...and I have been designing custom wedding garters for ten if you want to call be biased, then that's fair--  call me biased. But still --  hear me out.)
    what is the point of a wedding garter?
    1. Wedding Garters Make For An Ultra-Meaningful "Details" Accessory. That is to say, they will take your "wedding details" photos from a ten to a FANTASTIC FIFTEEN in no time. Need proof? Just check out the photo above!
    wedding garter toss
    2. The Wedding Garter is the Ultimate Heirloom Accessory
    When it comes to accessories that you are going to cherish and potentially past down through generations, there is nothing so perfect as your wedding garter. Your veil is a close second, but the garter reins supreme. Tons of our brides purchase a garter from us with the intention of showcasing it for years to come in a glass box in their home, and then passing it down to their future daughter or loved one. And honestly- it makes perfect sense. Your garter (if they are ours) are a tiny, perfect expression of your personality and the essence of your wedding day style. The chances that it will fit a future loved one are high due to the fact that wedding garters are a one-size-fits-most accessory. When it comes to the question of tossing your garter or not tossing your garter, I am completely neutral. However, when it comes to the question of having a garter that you can have as a gorgeous heirloom that you can pass down through generations, I am a passionate YES GIRL. 
    wedding garter toss
    3. The Wedding Garter is a Must-Have For Your Getting Ready Photos
    Ok, so have you ever seen a picture of a bride getting ready with a wedding garter on??? It's pure beauty. The addition of a wedding garter completely glamorizes your getting-ready-outfit! I know this for a fact because I have seen so many of our brides send us pictures after their wedding day. There is just something so Beyonce-worthy about a bride wearing her garter as she sits crossed legged, getting her make up done, her hair up in curlers or whatever it may be. I swear, it's almost like the garter makes our brides look more like a Victoria's Secret Angel as they get ready, even if the room is a total mess behind them. (Case in point: the gorgeous photo at the top of this blog! This is Manuela Arbelaez, one of the models on The Price Is Right, wearing her custom La Gartier garter while she is getting ready for her wedding! I mean, can someone say beautiful?!  Also, check out the photo below of The Bachelor's Nikki Ferrell wearing her opalescent Athena garter as she sits pretty, preparing for her wedding ceremony!
    what is the purpose of a wedding garter?
    4. The Garter Toss
    If you want to do this, then do it. If you don't, then I don't care. Apologies if I sound crass here, it's just that this is an issue that has been plaguing the existence of wedding garters for year. From my perspective, the garter toss has roughly 10% bearing upon the value of a wedding garter overall, so I am not going to pay too much lip service to this one. The only thing I can say is this: if you decided to do the garter toss, please please please wear an incredible garter. That's all I ask. The best part? We have an entire collection of ultra-cute, bespoke wedding garters for you to choose from. Interested to find the garter that is right for you and your budget? Click here to access our shop. (Side note: the garter that you see in the photo above is called the Aurora. And yes-- that is Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.) 
    wedding garter toss
    5. The Wedding Garter Can Be Used As A Baby Headband After Your Wedding
    In recent years, our clients have started to re-purpose their wedding garters as baby headbands. (Mic Drop) I mean, can someone say genius?! The photo above was featured by People Magazine after one of our past beloved clients, Sabrina Bryan of The Cheetah Girls, had a precious baby girl named Comillia Monroe. To this day, we treasure this photo. Truth fast: we have dozens and dozens of these photos from our clients that are equally heart-warming. I wish I could post all of them here, but I know you are eager to get to the fourth reason wedding garters are incredible beyond just the garter toss. Let's take a look at the next one below!
    wedding garter toss
    6. The Wedding Garter Is A Perfect Addition To Your Pre-Wedding Bridal Boudoir Shoot
    Are you planning on doing a boudoir shoot before the wedding? Say yes say yes say yes. If so, you might consider wearing a garter along with your super sexy bridal boudoir ensemble. While it is a small detail, it is a powerful one. And if you are looking to blow your look out-of-the-water, I would strongly suggest NOT going without one. Need proof? Here are a few additional photos of our clients wearing their beloved La Gartier Garters during their pre-wedding boudoir shoots! 
    wedding garter toss
    I mean honestly-- could this boudoir outfit get any more HOT? And how perfect is her Marilyn garter with her lingerie?! This is why you want one. Forget about the garter toss. Who cares. Not me. 
    wedding garter toss
    Last one. Promise. This photo is one of my all-time favorites. Here, blogger Harrison Sapp wears our iconic Florentine garter along with a For Love And Lemons lingerie set that people search the world for on Poshmark. I repeat: there are so many other reasons you want a wedding garter beyond JUST the garter toss. I mean, how sexy is this photo?!
    Ok, I think that is all for today's beauties! Hopefully this post will help you answer your question about the purpose of a wedding garter! If you still aren't convinced, then feel free to email us at to get further advice and tips! If you are open to sending us a photo of your gown, we will be more than happy to come up with a few suggestions for you in regards to which garter best compliments your overall look! You can shop through what we currently have available by clicking here!
    what is the purpose of a wedding garter?
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