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  • New! Introducing the Atlantis Garter

    Where do we start?? Our new Atlantis garter is so unique, that we need at least a paragraph to describe its deeply sacred components! Firstly, a little back story: When creating this garter, we knew right away that we wanted to create the world's prettiest ocean-inspired wedding that was unparalleled in terms of craftsmanship and luxury. 
    beach boho wedding garter
    As you can see in the photos above, the front band is comprised of exactly ten ivory seashells. 🐚
    Weaving through the midline of the garter, above and below the seashells, is a jeweled milky way of tiny ivory pearls, gleaming like eternal moons against the organic texture of the seashells.  🌊 The best part? For a luxurious sparkle effect, we added 35 swarovski crystal rhinestones throughout the midline in both a pear-shape and also a round-cut shape, meant to symbolize the glittering surface of the ocean at sunset. 🌅
    beach boho garter
    Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight. We created it this way on purpose so as to ensure that you will not feel this garter at all as you walk with it on.  Another huge plus of this garter? The seashells are all-natural and organic, making for the perfect choice if you are someone who adores all things Boho.
    boho beach garter
    As her name suggests, the Atlantis garter was created for the most sensitive, deep, and intuitive of brides.  🔮 As most of you know, the ocean is known for being vast and mysterious, which is why it comes as no surprise that it has become such an iconic symbol for things that are all-encompassing, powerful, and ancient.  Suffice to say, this garter was made for the bride who is known for her mysterious and oftentimes borderline psychic tendencies. (Fun fact: the seashell is a widely known symbol for the unconscious and is associated with emotions. No- seriously- google it.)  👰‍♀️ 🔮
    beach boho wedding garter

    This garter belongs to the bride who knows certain things before anyone does, simply because of her gut. She is the epitome of intuition, and divine feminine energy, but...just like the ocean, she is continually shifting and changing shape. For this reason, she can be hard to pin down. 

    The chances that she is a water sign like Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer are high. The chances that she will be getting married on the beach are even higher. ♓️

    If you are someone who appreciate organic motifs (like seashells) but who also likes opulent, luxurious things, then the Atlantis garter is your spirit garter. 

    bohemian wedding garter with beach inspiration

     It should also be noted that this garter was created with heirloom-integrity in mind. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   That is to say, this gorgeous garter was made to be cherished and passed down through generations after the wedding day. (But we won't be salty if you decide to toss it!) 🤣

    la gartier wedding garters


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