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  • Real Bridal Robe Client Love: La Gartier bride Catherine Dosal Dazzles in our new Mrs. Wedding Robe

    Last night, as I was sitting at the sewing machine, I had the pleasure of receiving the sweetest email from our past client Catherine Dosal. It made the entire day feel like diamonds! In it, she wrote: 
    "Just got all the professional edited photos with the robe you rushed over to me. I’m absolutely obsessed! Had to share with you. As well as thank you a zillion times over for making sure it got to me in time. Truly meant the world to me."
    I was honestly so touched to read what she had wrote, that I didn't even expect to be even more floored by the images that she sent. Um. Holy pretty you guys. Are you ready for this?! 
    mrs. bridal robe modern bridal robe flirty
    This moment is so special for us because it marks the very first time that one of our clients has sent us photos wearing our new Mrs. Bridal robe. We just released it a month ago, so until now, we have yet to glimpse it on one of our bride's in real life. So, suffice to say, when Catherine emailed us these photos, I just about dropped my phone with sheer happiness. But wait! There's more!
    mrs bridal robe tulle wedding robe
    This robe looks fantastic whether you are standing, sitting, or (my personal favorite) twirling. Here, La Gartier bride Catherine Dosal is the epitome of fun and flirty wearing our new Mrs. Robe. Interested to see more? Click here to access the Mrs. Bridal Robe listing on our website. 
    wedding robe bridal robe mrs. robe
    Truth fast: the way that Catherine decided to style her Mrs. Robe with that perfect lace onesie and that darling bridal hair comb is max ten level Beyonce-worthy!! I CAN'T GET OVER IT! 
    bridal robe wedding robe
    Just one more and I'll stop. Promise. Here, Catherine stands pretty in her Christian Louboutin heels and our new Mrs. Bridal robe looking like a true bridal princess. I love this angle because it shows not only the slightest glimpse of her red bottoms, but also the alluring, sexy semi-see-through fabric of the robe from the back. Can I get an amen?!!
    Catherine, thank you so much for coming to us last month with your request. I honestly feel like we were meant to meet. The fact that you sent us these photos immediately after your photographer sent them to you really shows me how much you care about La Gartier...and we appreciate you way more than I can express through a blog. Thank you so much. 
    la gartier sarah dobson
  • New! The MRS. Bridal Robe from Yours Truly

    When it comes to your bridal robe, the last thing you want to do is be boring. No, seriously. I have been looking at photos from our clients for over ten years, and I truly believe that a fun and flirty bridal robe is such an incredibly addition to your wedding day. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have just released our first ever bridal robe design. It is the definition of unique...the definition of FUN..and the definition of La Gartier! Keep scrolling below to catch a few glimpses of our brand new Mrs. Bridal Robe!
    bridal robe tulle
    Click here to watch the creation process of our new Mrs. Robe from beginning to end!
    When it comes to your getting-ready photos, there will be nothing more gorgeous than wearing this Beyonce-worthy statement robe. Made using layers of frilly tulle at the end of the sleeves, as well as an extra fun & flirty ruffled trim along the bottom, our brand new Mrs. Robe is a WHOLE VIBE. 
    tulle fun and flirty bridal robe
    Our favorite detail? At the back of the sash, placed right at the base of your lower back, the letters "MRS" appear! These letters are made using sparkling swarovski crystal rhinestones, giving your look just a touch of sparkle and sass!
    bridal robe tulle la gartier
    This robe is the definition of flirty, fun, and EXTRA. Using soft illusion tulle, the body of it is see-through, giving you the opportunity to show off a simple but alluring outfit underneath. Need suggestions as to what to wear under your robe? Click here to see the Victoria's Secret lingerie set that we have recently fallen in love with! 
    bridal robe tulle statement wedding robe
    Belted at the midline, this robe is one of those garments that looks incredible no matter how you sit, stand, or twirl. In fact, it is so unique that we recommend keeping it after your wedding and using it again as a maternity robe for your maternity session (assuming that you decide to take that path in life!) If not, this robe would be an amazing addition to any Valentine's Day celebration OR your first anniversary! (Bonus points for pairing it with black lingerie for one of those two occasions!)
    bridal robe MRS from la gartier
    If you look closely, you will see that there are over forty tiny white flowers placed along the mid-line of the sash. To make the design even more unique, we added one single swarovski crystal rhinestone to the center of each flower, creating just a slight glimmer of sparkle for your getting-ready robe look!
    MRS statement bridal robe
    Another up close look at the "MRS" crystal letters on the back of the sash. I die. This is such a fun detail you guys! And it looks even better in real like than it does in the photos! 
    mrs bridal robe la gartier garters
    Ok, just one more and I'll stop! Promise! How beautiful does the illusion tulle photograph though?! It is a wedding dream brought to life! 
    mrs bridal robe with tulle illusion for bride wedding
    Ok, I think that that is all for today friends! If you are interested in learning more about our new MRS. robe, then please click here to be directed to the listing on our website! If for any reason you would like to customize this robe so that it says your new last name along the back of the sash instead of the word "MRS", then please email us at so that we can do that for you! Customization is our favorite thing to do, so please don't hesitate to reach out! 
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