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  • 5 Uses For Your Wedding Garter Beyond The Garter Toss

    Last week, I was scrolling through instagram and saw a story on the Bella Belle Shoes page that asked "What Things Will You Definitely NOT being doing on your wedding day?"
    I immediately sat up. I just knew that the garter toss was going to be listed over and over again, further tarnishing the reputation of wedding garters irreparably. 
    As I clicked through to the following stories, sure enough-- there it was listed at the top. One bride wrote "The Garter Toss! So not cute! My parents would die!" 
    On the next story, there was an entire paragraph from one bride who went on and one about why she wasn't going to do the garter toss and how out-dated it was.  
    Guys. I get it. Seriously, I do. To be completely honest, I am not a huge fan myself of the garter toss photos that we get back from our brides where the groom's head is up the skirt of our brides' gowns. For one thing, it isn't a flattering angle of the dress. And secondly, you can rarely ever even see the garter she is wearing in the photos. 
    But here is what irks me: the wedding garter has so many more uses than for just that part of your wedding day!
    If you want to do the garter toss, then that is one hundred percent fine!  But if you don't, then please hear me out: There are five different super special reasons that you want to have a wedding garter that you might not even know about. Let's take a look at them here: 
    wedding garter toss
    1. The Wedding Garter is the Ultimate Heirloom Accessory
    When it comes to accessories that you are going to cherish and potentially past down through generations, there is nothing so perfect as your wedding garter. Your veil is a close second, but the garter reins supreme. Tons of our brides purchase a garter from us with the intention of showcasing it for years to come in a glass box in their home, and then passing it down to their future daughter or loved one. And honestly- it makes perfect sense. Your garter (if they are ours) are a tiny, perfect expression of your personality and the essence of your wedding day style. The chances that it will fit a future loved one are high due to the fact that wedding garters are a one-size-fits-most accessory. When it comes to the question of tossing your garter or not tossing your garter, I am completely neutral. However, when it comes to the question of having a garter that you can have as a gorgeous heirloom that you can pass down through generations, I am a passionate YES GIRL. 
    wedding garter toss
    2. The Wedding Garter is a Must-Have For Your Getting Ready Photos
    Ok, so have you ever seen a picture of a bride getting ready- wearing a gorgeous bridal robe with a garter? It's pure beauty. The addition of a wedding garter completely glamorizes your getting-ready-outfit! I know this for a fact because I have seen so many of our brides send us pictures after their wedding day. There is just something so Beyonce-worthy about a bride wearing her garter as she sits crossed legged, getting her make up done, her hair up in curlers or whatever it may be. I swear, it's almost like the garter makes our brides look more like a Victoria's Secret Angel as they get ready, even if the room is a total mess behind them. (Case in point: the gorgeous photo at the top of this blog! This is Manuela Arbelaez, one of the models on The Price Is Right, wearing her custom La Gartier garter while she is getting ready for her wedding! I mean, can someone say beautiful?!  Also, check out the photo below of The Bachelor's Nikki Ferrell wearing her opalescent Athena garter as she sits pretty, preparing for her wedding ceremony!
    nikki ferrell
    Now just imagine what this would look like without a garter. Not as good, right? My point exactly. Ok, rant over. Let's look at my favorite reason you want a La Gartier garter beyond the purposes of just the garter toss....
    wedding garter toss
    3. The Wedding Garter Can Be Used As A Baby Headband After Your Wedding
    In recent years, our clients have started to re-purpose their wedding garters as baby headbands. (Mic Drop) I mean, can someone say genius?! The photo above was featured by People Magazine after one of our past beloved clients, Sabrina Bryan of The Cheetah Girls, had a precious baby girl named Comillia Monroe. To this day, we treasure this photo. Truth fast: we have dozens and dozens of these photos from our clients that are equally heart-warming. I wish I could post all of them here, but I know you are eager to get to the fourth reason wedding garters are incredible beyond just the garter toss. Let's take a look at the next one below!
    wedding garter toss
    4. The Wedding Garter Is A Perfect Addition To Your Pre-Wedding Bridal Boudoir Shoot
    Are you planning on doing a boudoir shoot before the wedding? Say yes say yes say yes. If so, you might consider wearing a garter along with your super sexy bridal boudoir ensemble. While it is a small detail, it is a powerful one. And if you are looking to blow your look out-of-the-water, I would strongly suggest NOT going without one. Need proof? Here are a few additional photos of our clients wearing their beloved La Gartier Garters during their pre-wedding boudoir shoots! 
    wedding garter toss
    I mean honestly-- could this boudoir outfit get any more HOT? And how perfect is her Marilyn garter with her lingerie?! This is why you want one. Forget about the garter toss. Who cares. Not me. 
    wedding garter toss
    Last one. Promise. This photo is one of my all-time favorites. Here, blogger Harrison Sapp wears our iconic Florentine garter along with a For Love And Lemons lingerie set that people search the world for on Poshmark. I repeat: there are so many other reasons you want a wedding garter beyond JUST the garter toss. I mean, how sexy is this photo?!
    Not planning on doing a boudoir shoot? No problem. We still have one more reason you want a wedding garter for your big day! Keep scrolling below...
    wedding garter toss
    5. The Wedding Garter Will Make Your Wedding Details Photos Look Even Better
    This one is huge. This one is big. When it comes to those special little flat-lays that include your shoes, your rings, your earrings, and perhaps your invitations, you don't want to miss out on the inclusion of your garter. Instead of talking you into it verbally, I am going to show you why garters make such an excellent addition to any and all wedding details photos. Are you ready for this?! Keep scrolling down. 
    wedding garter toss
    Exhibit A: a pair of our bride's Jimmy Choo heels with her Athena garter. <Mic Drop>
    wedding garter toss
    Exhibit B: Our beloved Vienna garter alongside the prettiest pair of Bella Belle flats you have ever seen, as well as a vow book and a vintage wedding ring placed in one of those irresistible velvet ring boxes. 
    wedding garter toss
    Exhibit C: our Glass Slipper Garter alongside the Ariel Opal Toss Garter shine even brighter when placed alongside the bride's signature wedding nail polish, her ring, her Untamed Petals earrings and her Bella Belle Shoes. I mean, whoa. Just whoa. The beauty here is undeniable. 
    So, if you decide that you hate the garter toss, then I understand. I do. But please don't give up on the idea of the wedding garter altogether. If there is one thing that I can tell you for sure, it's that there are so many other fantastic reasons to have one other than the little garter removal tradition that it has so wrenchingly become known for. And would you believe me if I told you that there are even more reasons than just the one listed above? It's true. If you need more convincing, then we are here for it. Simply email us at and we'll be happy to give you an ear full. Until then, I hope that this helps you make your decision. Love you. Mean it. 
    wedding garter toss



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