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  • Wedding Garters + Bridal Robes: A Match Made In Heaven

    I am not going to even lie. A bridal robe without a wedding garter is like Cher without Sunny. It's like Jenny without Forrest. It's like apple pie without ice cream. It's like a picnic without a blanket. It's like Pam without Tommy. Ok, you get the point. 
    What I am trying to say here is that your bridal robe/getting ready photos will look one million times better if you wear a garter! In an attempt to prove my point, I am going to list a ridiculously long compilation of images below to prove my point. If you are someone who is wondering how and where to use your garter in your wedding garter photos, then get ready to be convinced. Your getting ready photos are no complete without a garter...and we are about to show you why right now. 
    bridal robe and wedding garter
    Case in point number one: here model Mariya Khlysta wears Plum Pretty Sugar's Femme Robe in light ivory with our sparkling Vienna garter.
    Case in point number two: here, Manuela Arbalaez of The Price Is Right wears her custom rose gold La Gartier garter with her bridal robe while she gets her hair down. Normally, I would link to the bridal robe and the garter, but the robe is sold out... and the garter was made specifically for Manuela and is not available on our site. 
    wedding garters and bridal robes
    Case in point number 3: Avery Hinchman wearing the Venus Pearl garter with a jaw-dropping bridal robe from Vtabi Luxury Bridal Robes
    bridal robe and garter photos
    Case in point number 4: model Cam Schuessler wears our limited-edition Oh-So-L.A. garter with a illusion tulle robe from Vtabi Luxury Robes
    bridal robes and wedding garters
    Case in point number 5: the Galia garter paired with a light blue Femme Robe from Plum Pretty Sugar
    bridal robe and wedding garter example
    Case in point number 6: our beautiful client AbbyJo Luquette wearing her custom Spice Girls garter set on her wedding day.
    Ok friends! I think that that is all for today. We hope that the images and the links above are enough to convince you to ask your photographer to take a photo of you in your garter and your bridal robe! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at! And if you are looking for a gorgeous garter, then please click here to find the garter THAT IS LOOKING FOR YOU. 
  • 5 Must-Have Wedding Garter Photos

    If you are reading this, something tells me you are wearing a garter on your big day for two reasons: one, you want something gorgeous in all of your photos and two, because you want an incredible heirloom accessory that you can pass down through generations. Well, we are here to help! If you are looking for a lil' guidance regarding how to capture your garter in it's prettiest light, then here are five absolutely MUST-HAVE garter photo suggestions! (p.s. feel free to send your photographer this link asap!)
    la gartier bride manuela arbaleaz
    1. Your Wedding Garter Getting Ready Photos
    One of my all-time favorite wedding garter photo opportunities under the sun is this one above: your getting ready pictures! Slip on your garter while you are in the hair and make up chair, and prepare to shine! Interested in taking it a level further? Make sure to pair your garter with a pretty bridal robe while you are being pampered too! The combination of these two items will blow your mind once you get your photos back from your photographer. Love this idea and want to see more? Click here to see an entire Victoria's Secret worthy gallery of wedding garter + bridal robe photos!
    wedding garter and wedding shoes
    2. Your Wedding Garter + Wedding Shoe Photos
    I am pretty sure that when the universe was created, our creator carved out a special little space for this combination. <insert laughing emoji here> No- but in all seriousness- the wedding garter is the Jenny to your shoe's Forrest. The oreo to it's milk. The Tom to it's Pam. Ok, you get the point. If for nothing else, get this photo. Your garter will actually make your shoes look better, which coincidentally, is every similar to what happens when you stand next to your fiance. The best part? The more fabulous the garter, the more powerful the effect. Love this idea and want to see more? Click here to see a literal library of wedding garter + wedding shoe images!
    wedding details photos with garter
    3. Your Garter + Wedding Details Photos
    Ok, so this one is slightly similar to number two, but also slightly different. Question: do you have a super special pair of earrings that you are wearing? Or an irresistibly cute bottle of perfume? Better yet-- are you over-the-moon in love with your invitation suite? If so, ask your photographer to include your garter in all of your wedding details photos. Just trust me. You won't be disappointed. Your garter will somehow manage to add just that little extra pinch of glamour to the whole flat lay, not dissimilar to how a chandelier manages to class up an already beautiful room. Not sure if you love this idea? Let us convince you! Click here to see more photos of just how gorgeous your wedding details photos can look when you include a garter! 
    wedding garter photos
    4. Slipping On Your Garter (featuring friends + family)
    Ok, so if you don't have any friends or family this is going to be a hard one. (pause) I am just kidding. But for real- that moment when you slip your garter on for the first time on your wedding day is a magical moment when it comes to getting an incredible photo! Pro tip: getting a photo of this moment when you mom is helping you into your garter or, say, your best friend makes the photo ten thousand times more precious. Pictured above is super model Natalie Pack with her bestie, slowing stepping into her sparkling Athena garter. Isn't this just beautiful?! Well, wait until you see the others! Click here to see more photos of loved ones helping our clients into their garters!
    wedding garter photos
    5. Your Wedding Garter + You
    Last, but not least- the most important wedding garter photo this side of the equator! You in your wedding garter! Truth fast: this photo is far easier to capture if you are wearing a gown that has a slit up the side. However, even if you are not wearing a dress that has a slit, then still get it! In fact, tons of our brides have found tasteful ways to pull up the skirt of their gown to show off their garter. In an attempt to be extra helpful here, I am going to include a few of those below for you to see!  Hang with me here. I am including them now! 
    wedding garter photos
    Case in point number one: La Gartier bride/Cheetah Girls Star Sabrina Bryan elegantly pulling up the skirt of her Hayley Paige gown to show of her custom La Gartier garter set.
    wedding garter photos
    Case in point number 2: Bachelorette Star Lauren Luyendyk showing off her Ever After garter and her Venus Pearl garter to US Weekly Magazine.
    wedding garter photos
    Honestly though-- it really does help to have a slit in your gown. If your gown does not have a slit and you do not like the idea of pulling up the skirt of your gown to show off your garter, then ask your photographer to snap a picture like this before you put your dress on. All legs. All sparkle. All shoes. All fabulous. 
    Ok beauties! I think that that is all for today! Hopefully, this quick article helped you get at least one idea regarding how you want to include your garter in your wedding photos! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at so that we can give you advice regarding how to best style your garter on your wedding day! Interested in seeing what garters we have available to make your photos incredible? Click here to shop our collection! 
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