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  • The Five Best Bridal Lingerie Companies of 2022 + Tips

    This must feel like a whole new world for you. Yesterday, you were shopping for cute date outfits and maybe an outfit for a trip with your beloved. Now you are knee-deep in the world of bridal, feeling at a loss for where to go to buy all of your cutest bridal outfits. I don't know who needs to hear this, but you are not alone. Whatever you do, don't assume that it's just you. Literally the only people in the world who enter the strange-sparkly-planet-called-bridal with prior knowledge are, well, people like me who have lived and breathed it for ten years. 
    So, sit back and let me do all of the shopping for you honey. 
    You need recommendations regarding where to purchase a gorgeous set of bridal lingerie? Let's go. Here are FIVE of the leading (ahem- BEST) places to buy a bridal lingerie set at the moment. 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    1. For Love And Lemons
    Ok, I am not going to lie to you. This company is expensive. I mean, they aren't as expensive as Agent Provocateur or anything...but they still aren't exactly bank-account friendly. Still, you should see this. This company has been consistently slaying the game of bridal lingerie for about three years now. In fact, when they were first stepping onto the scene, we used a set of theirs in a photoshoot that I still obsess over today. (See image below!) 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    This top and also the bottoms were from For Love and Lemons. It was an absolutely beautiful outfit for our model. My only wish is that I would have kept it! To this day, I see people all over Poshmark searching for it. Who knew that it would become such a rare and sought after piece?! Ok. Rant over. Let's go onto the next suggestion...
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    2. Victoria's Secret X For Love and Lemons
    For those of you who adore the look of For Love and Lemons, but do NOT adore the cost, then we have terrific news: last year, they released a small capsule collection in partnership with Victoria's Secret that is not only just-as-gorgeous but also way more moderately priced. 
    Interested to see what they currently have? We have linked to the Victoria's Secret special For Love and Lemons collection here for you. 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    3. BHLDN
    This company, otherwise known as Anthropologie's mini bridal store, is another great option for your bridal lingerie. The designs that they carry aren't nearly as intricate & playful as companies such as For Love And Lemons or Victoria's Secret, but I still love them. In fact, if you are a bride who is interested in a more "Hi. I'm a sweet girl. But I also just so happen to be wearing lingerie" look (insert laughing emoji HERE) then this most likely your spirit bridal lingerie. If you are interested to see what they have available, then click here. 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    4. LeRose Bridal
    Ok, so I don't know exactly how covered up you want to be, but if you are a bride who would feel more comfortable in something like the set above, then I gotcha girl. There is a company called LeRose Bridal (who is mostly known for bridal robes) that recently released a sexy honeymoon lingerie collection that is, for lack of a more creative expression, HOT. Click here to see what they have to offer. 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    5. Agent Provocateur 
    Well, I couldn't naturally leave this one out. I mean, would it really even be a bridal lingerie suggestion blog without mentioning Agent Provocateur? I'm pretty sure it's their claim-to-fame, and when it comes to bridal lingerie, they slay the most. Just get ready. The prices are definitely Agent Provocateur prices. (Pro-tip: get him to pay for it.) 
    Just kidding.
    Not really.
    Here is a link to their entire bridal lingerie collection, current as of January 4th 2022. 
    But wait! You can't leave without at least seeing what a few of our garters look like when paired with some of the hottest bridal lingerie of past season! I would be an idiot if I didn't at least take the time to show you just how much a wedding garter can enhance your bridal lingerie look. Keep scrolling below to catch a glimpse of three super sexy bridal boudior shoots we have done in the past...starring my personal favorite lead actress: THE WEDDING GARTER. 
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    where to buy bridal lingerie
    where to buy bridal lingerie
  • Bridal Boudoir Essentials: Five Things You Need To Slay Your Bridal Boudior Style

    When it comes to bridal boudoir shoots, there are so many options regarding what you can wear and what direction you can take your style. After ten years of styling bridal shoots, here is what I have learned makes for the prettiest pre-wedding boudoir images!  (Hint: there are five things you absolutely must have.)
    bridal boudior photoshoot ideas
    1. Wear white or ivory lingerie. No questions asked. We see so many bridal boudior shoots where the bride has chosen to wear red or black lingerie instead. Just don't do it. While I know it can be tempting to take your lingerie-color-story to something more traditionally racy...and while I know that he tells you he loves black all the time, please keep in mind that this shoot is for your wedding specifically. You'll have plenty of time to wear that titillating black or red lingerie on other occasions (such as Valentine's Day) but when it comes to this shoot, you want it to read bridal beautiful. And when you look back on your pictures in five years, you'll definitely want it to read as bridal beautiful. Just trust me. I swear. 
    bridal boudoir ideas

    2. Get a bouquet. Or at least roses of some sort. Flowers will not only make for a beautiful accent within your photos but...... more importantly, they will give you something to do with your hands. The best part? The flowers absolutely do not need to cost you a fortune. In fact, for shoots that we have done in recent years, I usually run up to my nearest grocery store and purchase a few bushels of baby's breath (not expensive!) or a dozen light pink roses. Still, if you have the money to spend on a purchasing a professional bouquet from a local florist, then I say GO FOR IT, but if you are trying to save money here and there for the wedding itself, then you can easily get away with purchasing flowers at your nearby grocery store. BUT wait- pro tip: if you decide to purchase roses or baby's breath at a local grocery store, then grab a pair of scissors and cut off roughly five inches from the bottom of the stems. This will give your flowers a cleaner look and also make them more manageable. And if you decide to go with baby's breath, then remember: more is more. Basically, get a ton of it. 

    bridal boudior ideas

    3. Wear a wedding garter. Ours are hands-down the best on the market, so we would love it if you would choose us as your bridal-boudoir-garter-statement-piece! We have styles that range from $32 to $300, so I can guarantee you that you will be able to find something that fits your budget. The reason that I passionately suggest wearing a garter for your boudoir shoot is because they make for the most eye-catching, unique and utterly sexy detail when it comes to your overall outfit. Plus, you can then use it again for your wedding, giving you more than one occasion to wear it. Just think - on your wedding day, your garter might not be visible due to the skirt of your gown, so your bridal boudoir shoot is an excellent opportunity to show off some major leg luxury. Click here to shop our collection and find a design that compliments your personal style as well as your bridal boudoir ensemble.

    bridal boudoir outfit ideas

    4. Wear A Veil. Non-negotiable. Just trust me. It doesn't need to be expensive. And you don't have to wear it for But please please promise me you will wear a veil. Why? Oh my goodness I don't even know where to start. First of all, the combination of lingerie with a veil is a very special sort of magic. In addition, nothing photographs as beautifully as tulle. Seriously, it has to be experienced to be believed. Plus, veils are just incredible. And what other chance will you have to wear one other than your wedding day? Similarly to wedding garters, the veil is a bridal accessory that will add that distinctly bridal touch to your boudoir photos...and I can promise you that you don't want to do without it. If you don't have the luxury of splurging on a veil that is extra luxurious, or if the veil for your wedding has not yet come in at the time of your boudoir shoot, then jump on Etsy to find something reasonable and simple. 

    5. Bring a pair of white or nude heels. Trust me. You are going to want them. While I think that a round of barefoot photos are a must-do, I also know from experience that at least some of your photos should be done wearing heels. Why? Because when it comes to all of the photos that you will take standing up, you will want that extra little lift that high heels give. Plus, let's be real: heels + lingerie are such a sexy combination. From my experience, it is usually smart to do half of your photos barefoot and half of your photos with heels on. Just make sure that the heels are super high and that the color is nude or ivory. (Even something with sparkle will do. 

    bridal boudoir ideas

    5. Keep the colors light and airy. From the furniture that you use, so the color of the wall behind you, down to the hue of the flowers that you pick, think light and ethereal. Full confession: this one is more of a personal preference versus a flat out rule, but if there is one thing that I have learned over the course of a decade of styling boudoir shoots, it's that an all-white ...or at most...pastel-like environment is the best for attaining killer photos. In fact, when I first started brainstorming ideas for our very first commercial photoshoot in 2012, I looked to Victoria's Secret for inspiration. In an attempt to give you as much clarity as possible regarding what I think makes for an incredible, high-end bridal boudoir shoot, I am going to include some of those iconic Victoria's Secret photos here.

    bridal boudoir shoot ideas

    She has all five things: a garter, white lingerie, a veil, heels, neutral furniture/ a background environment that is not dark, and flowers. 

    bridal boudoir style ideas

    Ok beauties! That sums up our top suggestions regarding how to slay your bridal boudoir shoot! We hope that you have found this helpful!

    If you have any questions or need help picking out a garter to compliment your bridal boudoir outfit, then please email us at! Love you. Mean it. 


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