• My Favorite Color is Easter.

    I have a hard time putting into words just how much I love Easter. I mean seriously, what other holiday celebrates adorable baby animals, features a purely-pastel color pallet, and encourages us to dye our food? If there is such thing as a spirit holiday, Easter is mine. This Easter, I decided to celebrate this unbelievably beautiful holiday by creating glitterized Easter eggs. (Pretty sure I just made up a word there. Don't tell anyone.)  "Glitterized" Easter eggs are better than dyed Easter eggs for two reasons:
    1. they are original
    2. they sparkle 
    Some might argue that creating them is an absolute mess, and an utter waste of time but I would argue that dyed Easter eggs are just plain boring. Seriously, I was bored of them in 1993 and I was like ten then.  (Btw-total side note: I also tried to inject pink food coloring into the yolk of my egg before hard boiling them simply to see if I could get a "pink on the outside, pink on the inside" egg but it turned into a total mess so I gave up. BUT I am determined to get it right next year.) But I diverge from my point. What I am trying to say is that anything-but-dyed Easter eggs should totally be a thing, which they might already be according to my good friend Maggie. I'm not sure. I honestly haven't googled it. We have been too busy making wedding garters and fun glitter egg videos like the one below!!! Happy Easter everyone!!! And if you love the garter I am wearing in this video, then you can click here to see it in our online shop! 
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