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  • New Bridal Handkerchiefs Photographed by Jenna Wren Photography

    Big news! We have brand new bridal handkerchiefs in stock!!! Below are just a few photos of our favorites. This year, our bespoke hankie collection was photographed by the one and only Jenna Wren Photography, whom we adore. Dear Jenna, thank you SO MUCH for your flash camera magic skills. Our brand-spanking new heirloom handkerchief designs look so gorgeous when shot by you! 
    bridal handkerchief heirloom
    Our one-of-a-kind "Wife of the Party" handkerchief is a vintage design! This gorgeous light green hankie was discovered in a basement antique store in Seattle, Washington and embroidered in our studio in Atlanta, Georgia. If you love it as much as we do, click the image above to be directed to the listing! 
    bridal handkerchief
    For the bride who adores all things feminine, this hankie features olive green embroidery with pink and green rosette detailing. The best part? It was found in an antique store in Montauk, New York...making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Click the image above to learn more!
    wedding hankie
    The gorgeous, heirloom lace-trimmed handkerchief is yet another vintage design that we found while scouring antique stores throughout the United States. The embroidery at the center was done in our studio! Click the image above to see more of this beautiful bridal handkerchief. 
    bridal hankie
    When it comes to luxury bridal lace, look no farther than our "Love You" bridal hankie! The best part? The embroidery was done in a gorgeous dusty blue, making this vintage hankie design one of the prettiest something blue's you will ever come across! Interested to see more? Click on the image above to be taken to the listing on our website!
    A big thank you again to Jenna Wren Photography for taking the time to shoot these new beauties!
    sarah dobson la gartier
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Sydney Mann's Tiffany Blue Homecoming Dress Garter

    I try not to play favorites when it comes to our custom wedding garter designs, but there is no denying that there was one very special Tiffany blue garter design that sticks out like a gorgeous gem from 2018. Actually- let me back track a little and explain: Every once and awhile, I will have the opportunity to design a garter for a bride who has known her soon-to-be-hubby since high school or, better yet, has been dating her soon-to-be-hubby since high school. <insert happy squeal sound from deep down. Seriously. So romantic.> 
     This was DEFINITELY the case a few months ago when I worked with La Gartier bride Sydney Mann, who sent me her homecoming dress as well as pieces of her prom queen sash in order to create a custom wedding garter for her December 15th, 2018 wedding. To say that this was a unique and BEAUTIFUL project would be an absolute understatement. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a creation process filled with iridescent jewels, the brightest tiffany blue tulle you have ever seen and more sparkly embellishment possibilities than I have ever known what to do with. 
     Wondering what made Sydney's garters so gorgeous? Scroll down to see photos of her beautiful personalized garter!! (not to mention her custom hankies!)
    And make sure to read the written captions below each photo to learn how each detail within Sydney's beautiful custom garter design symbolizes an aspect of her relationship, her wedding day style, and what might possibly be one of 2018's most stylish weddings.
    Interested in having a custom garter made for yourself? Please email us at to book your custom spot. Right now, we are completely booked until May of 2019 but as long as you are not getting married until after June 1st of 2019, then there is still time!! 
    tiffany blue custom garter
    The pear shaped pendant at the center of the tiffany blue toss garter was chosen to match the shape of Sydney's wedding ring.
    All of the tulle and iridescent gems on Sydney's toss garter were taken from her homecoming dress-- the very say homecoming dress that her now husband picked her up in during high school!
    wedding handkerchief
    At the last minute, Sydney and I decided to create a simple wedding handkerchief for her wedding using one of the gem's from her homecoming dress and custom embroidery. So happy we did! It looked ah-mazing in photos!
    tiffany blue wedding garter set
    For her keepake, Sydney and I chose the Athena garter but customized the back band to match her wedding gown.
    pearl jimmy choo wedding shoes
    Sydney's pearl Jimmy Choo's are the prettiest thing we (and our followers!) have laid eyes upon in quite awhile! 
    homecoming dress garter
    custom tiffany blue garter
    sydney mann la gartier custom bride
    sarah dobson



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