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  • Custom Garter Spotlight: Jordan Coleman's NHL Hockey + Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Wedding Garter Set

    The only thing better than an NHL inspired wedding garter set is an NHL wedding garter set blended with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader inspiration. That is exactly what happened last year when we worked with La Gartier bride Jordan Coleman. Actually, I take that back. We worked with Jordan as well as her mom Elizabeth, which was an absolute blast. This wedding garter set was so deeply meaningful on so many levels, that we need at least four paragraphs to highlight it's full gorgeousness! Are you ready for this magic?!
    nhl wedding garter set personalized wedding garter set
    When Jordan first reached out to us, she was engaged to NHL player Blake Coleman, who was playing for the New Jersey Devils. Currently, he is playing for the Calgary Flames, but at the time we did this customization, he was with the New Jersey Devils. Do you see that little red heart at the back of her Vienna garter? That heart was taken directly from his hockey gloves! His real hockey gloves!  Ok, I need to calm down. To explain: Jordan shipped up a pair of his New Jersey Devils hockey gloves to be transformed into a wedding garter set and to this day, I cherish the memory of having them in the studio! It was so wild to have a pair of beaten up, well-played in, authentic NHL gloves at the studio among all of our other ultra-girly things. I swear I could almost smell the games Blake had played on them. Talk about magic! 
    NHL wedding garter set
    Did we mention that Jordan was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Jordan danced for the team for four years and met Blake shortly thereafter. When I tell you that this girl can dance, I mean this girl can dance. 
    When Jordan told me that she wanted to send us the little blue star from her authentic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform, I almost fainted with joy. I am a huge fan of cheer and dance myself, so this little star was like a relic to me. 
    Fun fact: Do you see all of those sparkling rhinestones around the perimeter of her blue star? Those were added by us, in studio over the course of a full hour. When I look at this set now, I just adore how it represents who both Jordan and Blake are as individuals, but also who they are when they come together as a couple. It is truly beautiful to me to see both of their personalities represented so poignantly within one wedding garter set! 
    nhl wedding garter set
    If you love NHL hockey, then you will know that each of the player's names are embroidered on their hockey gloves. I loved this little detail on Blake's gloves. So did Jordan. Towards the end of the design process, Jordan and I decided to find a way to use this special detail! Using special leather cutting tools, we carefully extracted the "Coleman" name from his gloves and sewed it onto the inside of her back band as a hidden detail. I can't stop staring at the combination of that perfect New Jerseys Devils red with the sparkle of her Vienna garter and her Venus Pearl garter! 
    NHL and dallas cowboys cheerleader wedding garter set
    But wait. It gets better. To take this set from a ten to a full-fledged-fifteen, Jordan sent me materials from her mother's wedding gown too! Do you see this gorgeous sequined fabric above? This lace was taken from Jordan's mom's wedding dress! 
    Here are a few photos that I have saved in my phone from the actual design process. I am so happy that they are still buried deep in my photo library. I honestly don't want to forget this customization for as long as I live. 
    nhl hockey wedding garter custom personalized wedding garter
    Taken from instagram, this is a photo of what Blake's hockey gloves looked like before we started cutting them up. 
    dallas cowboys cheerleader wedding garter set
    That little sparkling Cowboys star still gets me every time. 
    NHL wedding garter set dallas cowboys wedding garter set
    This photo was the very first photo that Jordan posted to her instagram account after the wedding. I actually started crying. It was such an honor to know that that is how much she loved her wedding garters
    Dear Jordan, if you are reading this: it has been such a pleasure to watch you and Blake grow your family. While it was the upmost pleasure to design for your wedding, I get even happier watching you and Blake thrive in this crazy world. Your children look beautiful and we wish nothing but the absolute best for you. Thank you for trusting us to create so much meaning for your wedding day. 

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 1/17/22, we are booked out until March of 2022 for customizations but we have one spot still available in April and two spots in May. 

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier to inquire about pricing. 

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  • Custom Garter Spotlight: AbbyJo Oliver's Spice Girls Wedding Garter Set

    I can honestly say that I will never look at Spice Girls the same again. Seriously, after working on this special custom garter, the Spice Girls will forever be immortalized in my heart as something extra special. Please allow me to explain....
    Last year, we had the pleasure of meeting a bride named AbbyJo Luquette at a trunk show at AnnaBe Bridal in Denver, Colorado who had the most energetic, bubbly disposition. On that day, she told me that she was a huge Spice Girls fan...and that some of her wedding day decor was going to be inspired by the Spice Girls. At first, I was skeptical because I couldn't envision a high-end, ultra-classy way to work Spice Girls insignia into a wedding day, but as time went on, I slowly started to see her vision come to life via instagram...and I was convinced. Fast forward six months later, and AbbyJo reached out to us via email to ask us to create a custom Spice Girls themed wedding garter set for her using not only elements of the British flag, but also lace from her mother's wedding gown.  
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    When AbbyJo first reached out to us, I knew only one thing for sure: the only way we were going to bring this beautiful Spice Girls garter set to life is if we kept the entire design SUPER CLASSY and HIGH-END. I had spent time looking online at other Spice Girls wedding accessories, and most of them were super cheesy in my opinion. (And when I say "most" of them, I mean all of them.)  When AbbyJo offered to ship me lace from her mother's wedding dress, that is the moment that I knew we had a true heirloom-worthy project in front of us.  I was over-the-moon excited with inspiration! 
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    We ended up creating a total of three custom garters for AbbyJo: one for her to keep, one for her to wear during her bachelorette party in Vegas and an extra one for her to toss. In addition, we created a set of Spice-Girls-inspired wedding hankies for her too. Each one was so special. I am literally tearing up just thinking about this beautiful project!
    custom wedding garter spice girls inspired
    For her keepsake garter, we used our beloved Vienna garter (from our collection) as the base. Then, we hand-crafted a back band for her garter using lace from her mother's wedding dress. For her toss, we used a custom British flag grosgrain ribbon to symbolize AbbyJo's love of the Spice Girls. 
    custom wedding garter set spice girls
    One of my favorite details about AbbyJo's set was that the inside ribbon of her keepsake garter featured the same British flag ribbon that we used on her toss garter. It was a very special, hidden detail that both AbbyJo and myself were obsessed with. 
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    custom wedding garter spice girls

    Interested in seeing the creative process? Click here to watch the making of her garters from beginning to end! 

    (Side note: As of December 26th, 2021, we are currently booked out until March of 2022 for customizations. If you are interested in booking one of our monthly spots to commission us to create a garter set for you, please email!)

  • Custom Garter Spotlight: Genna Rybacki Dog Collar Personalized Wedding Garter Set

    Caution before reading this blog post:  💗 MUST LOVE DOGS 💗
    Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined encountering a project as special as this!!! 😭😭😭😭🙏🏼✨💗

    personalized wedding garter

    If you are a dog-lover, then you MUST read about this incredible personalized wedding garter set! This is a wedding garter set made for La Gartier bride Genna Rybacki using her beloved dog’s pink collar and her darling cheetah-print hankie!!!!!✨✨💗✨✨✨ Yes, you read that correctly!!! We had the honor of working on a custom garter set for Genna's sister (Sabrina Yannotta) a couple of years ago, and we were so delighted when Sabrina reached out to us in order to create a personalized wedding garter for her sister!

    custom wedding garter set

    And oh my SUN and STARS⭐️☀️…did she return that favor!!! Sabrina (aka: sister-of-the-year) went to great lengths to make sure that her sister’s dogs collar (from puppyhood!) and her cheetah-print hankie arrived safe and sound at our studio in Atlanta, GA! Keep scrolling below to see more photos of the finished project!
    personalized dog wedding garter
    Interested to see what the design process looked like? Then watch this reel to see the creation process from beginning to end!! Special shout out to our muse @adella_bella_ …the coolest pup this side of the Mississippi …and also the only pup in the world who has her very own heirloom wedding garter set!✨💗✨ You are IMMORTALIZED sweetie!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    personalized bridal garter set
    (Side note: As of December 26th, 2021, we are currently booked out until March of 2022 for customizations. If you are interested in booking one of our monthly spots to commission us to create a garter set for you, please email!)
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  • New! The Zodiac Wedding Garter

    Ladies and gentleman, we have a new garter in our collection! And we are SCREAMING!!! Not only is this garter unlike anything in the world, but she's also customizable, meaning that you are able to choose two unique pendants at the center that speak specifically to your relationship story!
    She's called The Zodiac, and if you love astrology, then this garter was meant for you! 
    zodiac astrology wedding garter

    As before-mentioned, this garter was made for the bride who adores astrology, the signs of the zodiac, horoscopes, and love compatibility theory. When asked if her soul mate's natural habits and inclinations have anything to do with the time of year he/she was born, she will most likely respond with a passionate YES.

    She is someone who reads her horoscope monthly, and most likely sends all of her friends their horoscopes monthly too. This bride is deeply spiritual, and decided a LONG TIME AGO that there are powers at work in our universe that are greater than ourselves. She knows that we cannot always control what happens, however we can control how we react to it.

    Mystical, semi-superstitious, and full of glamour, this bride to be adores accessories that speak to her personality and her life on a deep level. 

    Side note: due to the ice blue color of the stones within this garter, this design would make for a  PERFECT "something blue."

    zodiac symbol wedding garter

    The best feature about this garter is that YOU get to pick the two gold zodiac symbols that hang from the center of the design! So far, we have made one that features cancer and pisces, Sagittarius and taurus, and one other for a client who is marrying a pisces like herself. (Go figure-- a pisces falling in love with a pisces. Classic love compatibility right there!) 

    zodiac symbol wedding garter

    Interested to learn more? Click here to be directed to The Zodiac listing in our shop or email us at to place an order! 



  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Moriah Stickley's Brothers' T Shirt and Neck Tie Wedding Garter Set

    As our company grows, so does the complexity and depth of our custom wedding garters. You might want to grab a box of tissues for this one. 
    When I first spoke with La Gartier bride Moriah Stickley on the phone, I instantly felt a connection to not only her as a person but also her story. I could tell that Moriah had a great sense of humor, and a certain grounded, all-American nature that one finds commonly among people brought up in the MidWest. I seriously couldn't detect one ounce of mal-intent or subterfuge in Moriah's personality. I could tell that she was fun, honest, but had been hurt. As I listened to her talk during our very first phone consultation, I was surprised to learn that Moriah had been born with a twin brother named Elijah. Much to my heart's dismay, I soon learned that Elijah had died in a car accident not even two years ago as he was driving to Moriah's surprise engagement to her boyfriend of seven years. (Elijah was the reason Moriah met her fiance so many years ago as both of them had been serious wrestlers.) When Moriah told me her story about her brother, her story about her amazing soon-to-be-husband and the life she lived, I sensed that her garters were going to be amazing-- and they were.  By the time we had finished her phone consultation, I felt more determined than ever to create a wedding garter set for her that reflected not only her beautiful heart but also her love for her brother...and dare I say-- a way for her to keep her brother close to her as she walked down the aisle. Why? Well, I can write it down here in words exactly. I am not sure why. Some things are ineffable. But I do know that when she asked me to be apart of this project, I knew that I had to give it my all. It's almost as if I felt that the weight of the situation..and the love of the situation...deserved the very best that La Gartier had to offer. Maybe I felt that I could help heal a part of Moriah's loss through this creation. I don't feel that I will ever truly be able to convey the beauty of Moriah's custom wedding garter set, but I do know this: when she asked me how to incorporate her brother into her garter, I asked her if she still had any of his clothes. She told me that she did! She had a neck tie and a t-shirt in his favorite color: blue. I asked her to ship me those two things as well as anything else that she wanted to incorporate. You can't imagine how thrilled I was when I received a package that included a necktie and t-shirt that used to belong to Eli along with pieces of Moriah's mothers' wedding gown! Talk about heirloom integrity!
    The elements of Moriah's design were so multi-layered and UNIQUE that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos below to learn more about deeply meaningful custom wedding garter set. (oh-- and did we mention that we made her set of hankies too?! Don't stop scrolling now!)
    custom wedding garter
    The pearls that were sewn into the middle of Moriah's "Galia" custom garter were taken from her mother's wedding gown. The bow that you see above was a bow that was once apart of her mom's wedding gown also! 
    custom wedding garter
    The back band of Moriah's "Galia" garter was made using her brother Elijah's necktie. The sides of her toss garter were embroidered (in blue) with her and her fiance's initials.
    custom wedding garter
    The "Calvin Klein" tag that is on the inside of her toss garter was taken from her brother's neck tie. R.I.P. Elijah you looked like a super cool guy.
    custom wedding garter
    All three of Moriah's custom wedding garters: one to keep, one to toss and one to call a toss but really keep.
    wedding handkerchiefs
    Truth be told: Moriah's hankies were my favorite to make. All of them were made using her brother's favorite t-shirt. Not only is the color ah-mazing but the appliques that I hand-sewed to the front are from her mother's gown. Also, white embroidery is so pretty, don't you think?!?!
    something blue wedding handkerchiefs
    Moriah kept one for herself but gifted the others to her mother, her fiance.
    moriah stickley bride
    Moriah's hankie with her custom garter set. Did I mention that the applique on the hankie was taken from her mom's gown? #AllCustomEverything
    custom wedding garter set La Gartier
    Yes, I am still posting pictures of these. 
    custom wedding garter
    Interested in having a custom garter made for yourself? Please email us at to book your custom spot. Right now, we are completely booked until July of 2019 but as long as you are not getting married until after August 1st of 2019, then there is still time!! (big shout out to Moriah Stickley for trusting me with this project!)
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