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  • Where Can I Buy A Unique Wedding Garter? Answer: HERE

    When it comes to sparkling crystal wedding garters, ours are the best on the market. And while I realize that I sound like I am bragging right now, the truth is....well, it really is #FACTS. 
    I have spent countless hours googling phrases such as "swarovski crystal wedding garters" and "wedding garters with sparkle" and there really isn't anything else out there that compares to the craftsmanship, the quality, and the pure artfulness that we put into our pieces. 
    If you are looking for an unapologetically cute wedding garter, then here are five our our most popular styles, listed in order of popularity! 
    where to buy a unique wedding garter
    1. The Athena Wedding Garter
    This gorgeous, sparkling garter is so unique that I don't even know where to start. It has been worn by multiple celebrities, including Kandi Burruss of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as well as actress Anna Camp from Pitch Perfect. The Vienna has been in our collection since 2015. That is how popular she is. If you are interested in seeing more angles, photos, her written description, or her price, then please click here to be directed to the Athena garter on our website!
    crystal and lace wedding garter
    2. The Venus Pearl Garter 
    Most arguably our most sought-after wedding garter design, the Venus Pearl garter is everything people say she is and more.  When aiming to find the balance between classicism and modernism, look no farther than the Venus Pearl garter. Set within a sparkling swarovski crystal front band, exactly 22 pearls gleam like eternal moons in an intentionally cluster-like, celestial pattern.  ☪️  The best part? If you look closely, you will see that there are exactly three star shapes hidden within the band, meant to symbolize growth in life or personal achievements. (no, seriously-- google it. Star symbolism.) 🌟
    If you are interested in learning more about this drop-dead gorgeous design, then please click here to be taken to the Venus Pearl listing in our shop!
    crystal and lace wedding garter

    3. The Ever After Wedding Garter 

    Where do we start?? This garter is so magical, that we need at least a paragraph to describe its multi-dimensional components! 💎  First, a little back story: When creating this garter, the first feature that we knew that we wanted to include was tons of sparkle, a distinct 3-D floral element and a distinct "princess blue" color. 💙

    As you can see in the photos above, the front band is primarily comprised of clear, sparkling pear-shaped swarovski crystals. ✨  Blooming from within the sparkling band are exactly five flowers: three blue (made of a soft acrylic and a rhinestone detail at the center of each flower) as well as two white flowers (made of gauzy, ethereal organza with a pearl detail at the center.) 🌸

    The best part? The inside of the back band is embroidered with the words "Happily Ever After" in princess blue. (something blue? check and check✔️✔️) Other details to note: the back band is created using a lace overlay on the outside which can be admired from behind you was you walk down the aisle or dance the night away on the dance floor). The back band also features 15 sparkling swarovski crystal rhinestone embellishments. (hand-placed for extra sparkle.) ✨

    This garter was worn by Lauren Burnham of The Bachelor on her wedding day. 🌹 To see the national press attention it received, please click here to see the story that US Weekly wrote. 🙌

    diamond crystal and lace wedding garter
    4. The Galia Garter
    Created using swarovski crystals and a semi-transparent illusion midline, this garter features jewels set in a symbolic floral pattern along the bottom and top perimeter, making for a stunning organic shape. The back half of this garter is made of a soft light elastic with a ruffled organza overlay. If you look closely at the illusion midline of the garter, you will see a honeycomb crosshatched pattern, specifically made to mimic the iconic design elements found within the gown of Galia Lahav and Berta. 💗✨ 
    If you are ready to take your wedding accessory style from a nine to a full-fledged-fifteen, then click here.
    diamond crystal garter with lace
    5. The Glass Slipper Garter
    This design was inspired by the character of Cinderella. Thus, the subtle "Cinderella-dress-blue" tones that you see in the jewels above. 

    Every detail of this garter was inspired by the bride who adores animals and is well-known for her compassionate nature. More likely than not, this bride is not a very loud person. In fact, she might be one of the quietest people at a party, but she is known for carrying herself with a grace that is unparalleled. 💅🏻  Anyone who knows this bride is well aware of the fact that she believes deeply in acts of service, whether it be volunteering to help abandoned animals or assisting the elderly who have become too old to be able to care for themselves anymore. 💗 🧵

    With love and a strong sense of humanity in mind, we created this garter for the bride who is highly in tune with the needs of the people in just about any environment that she finds herself in. We repeat: She is a person who cannot help but LOVING other living things - no matter what their size, shape, color, or origin. 🥰 

    Interested to see more unique wedding garters? I am not even kidding you guys. We have the most artistic and rare wedding garters this side of the equator!  Click here to access our entire shop or email us at so we can help you pick yours out!

    where to buy a unique wedding garter

  • New! The Daphne Flower Wedding Garter

    Truth fast: the world needed a wedding garter like this. It's needed it for years, and we are so excited to finally be able to offer it as apart of our collection! In fact, I have 1/2 a mind to apologize for not creating it sooner for you guys. Behold- The Daphne Flower Wedding Garter - created for the bride who adores all things floral, the bride who finds romance in gardens, and the bride who smiles instantly at the idea of a luxury garden party wedding. (er- I take that back. This is a bride who smiles instantly at the thought of a luxury garden party anything.)
    daphne flower wedding garter

    Where do we start?? This garter is so magical, that we need at least a paragraph to describe its multi-dimensional components! Firstly, a little back story: When creating this garter, the first feature that we knew that we wanted to include was tons of tiny bridal white flowers, a touch of subtle sparkle, and a light-weight, flat-to-the-leg silhouette. 💐

    daphne flower wedding garter

    As you can see in the photos above, the front band is primarily comprised of tiny sparkling swarovski crystal rhinestones.  Blooming from within the sparkling band are dozens of dainty, daisy-like white flowers (made of a soft acrylic that will bend and mold to the touch.) 🌸  The best part? We added 12 tiny swarovski crystal rhinestones to the middle parts of the flowers, ensuring that your "touch of sparkle" is visible from both the outside and the inside of the band. ✨

    daphne flower wedding garter

    Other details to note: this garter is extremely light-weight, thin, and will lay extremely flat against your leg. We created it this way so as to please the brides who want something very minimal and understated. Another huge plus of this garter? It is the perfect choice for you if you are wearing a very form-fitting gown like a mermaid or a trumpet. (Basically, any dress where the skirt is tight against your thighs. Gowns like this do not work well with garters that have a lot of volume. That is to say, they call for a garter like the Daphne due to its slim, barely-there composition.) 👰‍♀️ 

    wedding garter with flowers

    To her, the three most important qualities in her life-long-romeo are authenticity, manners, and loyalty. More likely than not, she will be saying "I Do" in a gown that is simple, but with a strong personification of who is is as a person. When asked if she likes sparkle, most likely, she will respond: "Yes, but in small doses." ✨

    Please note: I know this was mentioned before, but this garter was designed to lie VERY flat against the leg. For this reason, it works well with form-fitting gowns as well as something like an A-line or a Ballgown. In essence, this garter is "every-dress" garter. 💎  So, if you are concerned about which garter silhouette will pair best with your gown, this is the garter that will set you worry-free.  (Not sure what we are talking about when we speak to the shape of your gown? Click here for a visual!) More or less, the size and shape of this garter will work with any of the gowns you see when you are wedding dress shopping. 🙌

    Interested to see more? Please click here to be directed to the Daphne Flower Garter listing or email us at!


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