• Bringing Wedding Garters Back One Sparkle at a Time

    I am honestly not sure how wedding garters ever fell by the wayside as a basic wedding accessory. It seemed that they were on fire during the seventies and eighties, but by the nineties, they had stopped being a go-to, must-have wedding accessory. Perhaps this was due to the fact that their design was never updated. However, if there is one thing that is for sure: I intend to bring them back, one sparkle at a time. 
    This week, I owe photographer Holly Trizzino of Intimately Inspiring Photography a BIG thank you for helping me in my hot pursuit of this aim. With her help, along with our model, Carly Grace, I feel one step closer to revolutionizing the world of wedding garters. 
    The photos below were taken as apart of a bridal boudior shoot that Holly, Carly and I put together about four weeks ago. When I saw the images being taken in Holly's camera, I knew we were in for a treat but I honestly didn't know just how much of a treat. Can someone say gorgeous?? 
    Below are just a few of my favorite photos from this month's beautiful photoshoot, with a little bit of information below each photo about the design elements and outfit details in each photo! 
    rose gold wedding garters
    The Florentine garter as worn by Carly Grace of Carly Grace Yoga. If you love this garter as much as we do, you can click here to see it in our shop. It's warm. It's romantic. It's sparkly. It's everything you want on your wedding day.
    rose gold wedding garters
    The lingerie that Carly wears here is from an unbelievable company based in Canada called Lola and August. Their quality is unbelievable! If you are looking for amazing bridal lingerie, then you must check them out! 
    gold wedding garter sparkle
    I am a huge believer in adding floral elements to ANY bridal boudior shoot. They not only give you something to do with your hands, but they add so much femininity and just a touch of color to every photo. Fun fact: this particular batch of roses were on sale at my local grocery for less than ten dollars. I actually recommend buying a sale bouquet versus a new bouquet, because the roses are generally a little more open. As long as the petals are wilting, then buying a dozen roses from your local grocery store will save you a TON of money. Promise. 
    gold wedding garter with sparkle
    Here, Carly wears the Florentine garter with a set of lingerie from....wait for it...wait for it.. Victoria's Secret. *mind blown"
    rhinestone wedding garters
    Never underestimate the power of a plain white furry rug in any bridal photos EVER.
    rose gold wedding garters
    super cute x 10,000, right?
    lola and august
    All white everything.
    gold crystal wedding garter
    A big thank you to photographer Holly Trizzino Photography for being such a talented, angel of a woman. And thank you to Carly Grace for being such a model yogi doll for us last Saturday. Shoots like this are why we continue on our mission to BRING WEDDING GARTERS BACK ONE SPARKLE AT A TIME. 
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