• The Glass Slipper Garter A.K.A. the Cinderella Wedding Garter

    She's finally here. Our newest limited-edition, The Cinderella Garter, has finally landed. I cannot put into words how much this garter means to me personally. It has been incubating in my imagination for over three years, but we didn't take the first steps towards bringing it to fruition until October of 2019. Since then, it has been ALL I have worked on when I am not working on fulfilling client orders. This design took an interesting twist about one month ago: we released photos of it on Cyber Monday and then realized that it still wasn't quite as Cinderella as it could be. So, we retracted the photos, brought it back to the drawing board, and re-designed it once again. Believe me when I tell you that blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the creation of this design. It is with a momma proud heart that I say IT IS FINALLY HERE AND IT IS HAS FINALLY REACHED IT'S FULL POTENTIAL.

    This garter was designed for the bride who absolutely adores Cinderella.

    Every detail of this garter was inspired by the bride who adores animals and is well-known for her compassionate nature. More likely than not, this bride is not a very loud person. In fact, she might be one of the quietest people at a party, but she is known for carrying herself with a grace that is unparalleled. Anyone who knows this bride is well aware of the fact that she believes deeply in acts of service, whether it be volunteering to help abandoned animals or assisting the elderly who have become too old to be able to care for themselves anymore. With love and a strong sense of humanity in mind, we created this garter for the bride who is highly in tune with the needs of the people in just about any environment that she finds herself in. We repeat: She is a person who cannot help but LOVING other living things - no matter what their size, shape, color, or origin. 


    From her everyday outfits to the quality of her eye contact, everything she does exudes humility. Those who are not wise interpret her kindness for weakness, however those who know better can see that this is not the case. To put it simply, foolish people feel sorry for her and the wise admire her. But make no mistake about it, the Glass Slipper bride is not weak. On the contrary, she views kindness as strength and carries a strong conviction that kindness + courage are the two of the most important things in the world. 

    It is very possible that this bride has suffered abuse or neglect from her family. But do you know what else is possible? That she endured this suffering, learned from it, and through her incredible resilience became an even better person. More likely than not, she will be saying "I Do" surrounded by only those whom she truly trusts.

    Please note: if you are a person who does not like animal or who someone who strongly believes in the power of revenge, then this garter is not for you.


    This front of this garter is made using a beautiful mixture of sparkling iridescent, clear, and blue opal rhinestones. At the center of the design is one crystal tiara pendant with silver-set detailing. If you look at the back side, you will notice that the outside is made of a glistening, Cinderella blue organza fabric, reminiscent of Cinderella's iconic blue ballgown. For a touch of sparkle, you will see that hand-placed twenty sparkling swarovski rhinestones along the back band. Our favorite part? The inside of the band is embroidered with the phrase "Have Courage and Be Strong" in the same signature Cinderella Blue that the back band features.  Please note: this is a limited-edition design. We currently have only 18 of these in stock. (as of January 10th, 2020)

  • Griffin Campbell of Harry Norman Realtors

    I would like to take a moment here to discuss something other than wedding garters today! ✨✨💕💕💗💗 While I know that it isn’t quite on-brand so to speak, I just can’t help myself! Griffin Campbell of Harry Norman Realtors was one of the best realtor experiences that I have ever had, and thought it would be smart to write a quick blog post about him and his utter professionalism. If you are a person who is looking to buy, rent, or sell within the greater Atlanta area, then I personally recommend Griffin Campbell. Not only did he help me day in and day out to find listings that fit my needs, but he also managed to consistently respond to my emails and text messages within a timely manner throughout the entire process. Thank you Griffin! 

    Griffin Campbell atlanta real estate  

    Griffin campbell Harry Norman realtors


  • Cyber Monday Holiday Packaging: Mistletoe vs. TurtleDoves

    This year, for our Cyber Monday sale, we will be offering each person who purchases a special holiday packaging along with an incredible discount code!!! But we cannot decide which of the these two that we like the most! (see photos below) 

     If you have a free moment, please email us at to let know which of these two designs would make for the BEST Cyber Monday sale packaging!  Whichever one receives the most love by tomorrow morning will be chosen as our official Cyber Monday SALE packaging design. (The winner will be announced on our social media platforms.)

    Please note: only the customers who place an order during our Cyber Monday Sale on December 2nd will receive this exclusive holiday packaging design, complete with a bright red bubble mailer when your order arrives at your doorstep!

    The Cable Bow and Mistletoe designs features:

    1. Ivory cable knit wrapping ribbons
    2. Authentic eucalyptus stems within the wax stamp
    3. A rich gold wax stamp, hand-pressed with your first initial
    4. Red mistletoe berries nestled into the wrapping ribbons and the gold wax stamp
    5. One single turtle dove submerged into the gold wax stamp
    6. A green wreathe Thank you card with rose gold embossed lettering



    While the Mistletoe design might be magic, there is also a rival design to consider! The second design is called Two Turtle Doves and it's features are equally gorgeous: 

    1. Gold trimmed organza wrapping ribbons

    2. Four mini white doves hand-placed within the bow of the wrapping ribbons

    3. A soft, dove grey bow at the center of the box

    4. A grey plaid thank you note with gold foil-stamped lettering

    5. A white wax seal pressed with the initial of your first name

    6. Two white doves submerged into the wax seal

    7. Authentic baby's breath submerged into the wax seal of the envelope

    8. Gold glitter powder hand-sprinkled into the white wax seal for sparkle 

  • The Bridal Garter? The Bridle Garter? The Equestrian-Extra Garter? I don't know. I Just Love Horses.

    We have all met her. That girl from middle school or maybe even elementary school that plastered her bedroom wall with horse posters. She never hung out after school or participated in any extra-curricular activities because she was usually (ahem-always) headed straight to the barn. Dreamy-eyed and dare-devilish, this girl was commonly referred to as "horse crazy". Did it ever bother her? No-- I don't think so.
    In fact, it seemed as if she wore the label with pride. This spring, we are so excited to announce that our most recent limited-edition garter was made for the grown-up version of this girl. The ready-to-walk-down-the-aisle-then-ride version of this girl. The girl whose love is unbridled and wild. Ladies and gentleman, may we present to you The Bridal Garter. 

    horse wedding garter

    Created using leather from authentic bridle garters, this beautiful garter set was created for the bride who loves everything equestrian. From barrel racing to horse jumping, from dressage to roping, from showing to racing, from endurance riding to just plain brushing, every molecule inside this bride's body adores horses.

    equestrian wedding garter

    (note: this is the nose band part of the bridle! if you already knew this, then you get an A++ in horse bridle anatomy.)

    horse locket wedding garter


    Similar to our last limited-edition design, the Mother of Dragons garter, this beauty comes WITH a toss garter-- which means that you will have one to keep and one to toss.

    equestrian bridal garter for horse lovers garter

    My favorite part? The locket that is dangling from the center of the delicate lace toss garter was included so that you can enclose a piece of your horse's mane or tail inside. (side note: if you can't ride him/her down the aisle on your big day, then at least you can keep your free-spirited bestie with you in a symbolic way as you say I Do, right?)

    horse shoe locket

    Don't love the idea of the horse hair locket? The no problem at all. It is meant to be versatile, so if you want to put a photo inside, a piece of your bouquet, or even a natural artifact from the venue where you are getting married, then please-- by all means-- DO. In fact, we encourage you to get as creative as you possibly can with the contents of the locket. Just promise us you will send us photos after the wedding
    so as to share your locket genius with us!

    equestrian wedding garter horse bridal garter

    This is our first EVER limited edition design that allows the customer to choose which garter she wants! That's right-- you have two options to choose from with this design: either option A
    or option B.
    equestrian horse bit garter with locket
    As you can see, option A has a touch of a boujee beat to it-- featuring a silver bit at the center with sparkling, rhinestone detailing throughout. (p.s. can we please make "equestrian extra" a thing?!)

    leather horse bridle garter with locket

    On the contrary, option B takes a more subtle approach-- featuring an elegant, rich leather band with delicate ivory diamond stitching, for a "less is more" sort of a look.

    leather bridle horse garter

    (confession: so far, option B has sold more than option A, which surprised the HECK out of us. I thought that Option A would be the winner hands down but you all never cease to challenge my assumptions, which I love.)

    garter for women who love horses

    so which one will you choose? Option A or Option B? Please tell us which one you like the most in the "notes" section of your check out! (Bonus points if you are able to leave us your leg measurement too! That way, we can custom make your garters to fit your leg perfectly!)

    bridal garter bridle garter horse wedding garter

    But wait! We forgot to tell you about our favorite detail! Each design in marked with the number that it is in the extremely limited amount of this particular design. That is to say, each design is embroidered on the inside with the NUMBER that it is in the series. (Ie: 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc)

    horse equestrian inspired fashion and wedding accessories

    Did we mention that we made only ten? As of today, May 9th, we have six remaining.

    sarah dobson


  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Erin Kemp's Tiffany and Company Wedding Garter Set

    It's pretty rare that I get envious of another person's life. Or, rather, their relationship life. But as soon as I met La Gartier bride Erin Kemp, I was blown away by how absolutely beautiful her life with her soon-to-be hubby truly is. First of all, they are an entrepreneurial couple who owns and runs multiple Hydration IV bars in and around Houston. Second of all, they buy and sell property in Brazil. (My favorite country other than the United States Obrigada!) Then, to top things off-- she's absolutely gorgeous and has impeccable style. In truth-- they both have impeccable style. 
    By the time we had finished her phone consultation, I felt the allure of GLAMOUR seeping into my imagination as I realized just how fabulous this blushing bride-to-be's wedding garter set had the potential to be. I felt instantly determined to create a wedding garter set that reflected not only her relationship story but also her high-taste in fashion and her love of unique accessories.
    The elements of Erin's design were so multi-layered and UNIQUE that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos below to learn more about deeply meaningful custom wedding garter set. 

     tiffany and company wedding garter set

    The pendant at the center of her blue velvet garter is actually a VINTAGE Tiffany and Company padlock charm. We found it on Etsy and ordered it within minutes of finding it. To make this padlock charm even more meaningful, we ordered a tiny silver key from Israel for the lapel of her fiance's collar. Erin and Gilad's clothier is, as I type, sewing it into his custom suit for their big day. Gilad has the key. Erin has the lock. Seriously, is there anything more romantic?!

    something blue wedding garter

     something blue wedding garter

    Erin's fiance is Jewish and has a tattoo that translates to the number 18 in english. If you have any familiarity with Hebrew, it is called a "chia" and Erin is in LOVE with it. (probably because she is in LOVE with her fiance but also perhaps because she is in the process of converting to Judaism.) So, for her something blue, we decided to embroider this symbol within the inside of her garter. In fact, we included this sacred Judaic symbol on not only her keepsake but also..........---->

    custom wedding handkerchiefs

    On her custom wedding handkerchiefs!! Can you tell that blue is one of Erin's primary wedding colors? It's everywhere within the color story of her garter + hankie set and WE CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. 
    bridal handkerchief in blue with lace
    At the last minute, Erin decided to have one additional handkerchief made for Gilad's grandmother. She calls him her "sunshine" so we downloaded a special graphic from Etsy to be imported into my embroidery machine. 
    The hankie itself is vintage. 
    la gartier wedding garters erin kemp erin gilad
    Isn't the Tiffany and Company Padlock pendant so perfect?!
    All four of Erin's custom hankies + her wedding garter set. This is what we call bridal TREASURE.
    Erin Kemp and her soon to be hubby Gilad. 
    Interested in having a custom garter made for yourself? Please email us at to book your custom spot. Right now, we are completely booked until July of 2019 but as long as you are not getting married until after August 1st of 2019, then there is still time!! (big congratulations to Erin for marrying the man of her dreams on April 7th in Houston, TX! We wish we could be there with you!)
    sarah dobson


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