• Park Studios Shoot With Kelly Lane Photography

    sparkling crystal wedding garter
    Welcome to our magical oasis at Park Studios ATL where we showcased our 2021 collection with the one and only Kelly Lane Photography.
    flower wedding garter
    Our fave opalescent garter, the Ariel Opal, collided with model Mariya Khlysta for a moment we will never be able to forget. 
    plum pretty sugar
    A warm thank you to Plum Pretty Sugar for sending us this incredible Femme Bridal Robe. It made the aesthetic of our shoot shine bright like a diamond.
    erica bogart beauty
    Are you feelin' those glam vibes?! We are. And we are so appreciative to the one and only Bogart Beauty for slaying Mariya's hair and make up look last week. Pure magic right here. 
    crystal wedding garters
    We are particularly smitten with this image of the Ariel Opal garter on Mariya towards the tail end of our glamorous shoot. Doesn't she look amazing? 
    bling wedding garters
    The one and only Mariya Khlysta wearing our Oh-So-Engaged earrings with a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar!!! (Mic drop.) 🎤🎤 A big big teary-eyed, heart-bursting-with-gratitude THANK YOU to everyone who made our most recent, floral-inspired photoshoot possible!  Dear photographer Kelly Lane: it hurts to think I might not have met you. Your photography skills are a true creative blessing to all of us. The world. Me. The flowers. Your kitty. The city of Atlanta at large. Just EVERYONE. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋💋
    And to model Mariya Khlysta- all I can say is that the woman at the Chanel counter who insisted that I get in touch with you is getting a special thank you package this week. Like, tomorrow. I’m totally serious. I owe her one big time and there is DEFINITELY some big magic up in the sky that helped us cross paths. I am stunned by the combination of your physical beauty and your inner prettiness. It’s definitely not common. Girl, you are a TRUE UNICORN. 🦄🦄🦄🦄.
    To make up artist Erica Bogart: I am not only grateful for your shimmer-highlight-glam-bam-talents, but to the universe in general for bringing us closer these past few months via various creative projects. I once heard somebody say “let your work be your prayer” .....and I can’t help but wonder if our simultaneous always-striving-to-grow-to-greater-heights hustle is, at this point in our lives, in perfect alignment with one another’s right now...which....when fused together, consequently resulted in these incredible photos of Mariya ...not to mention mini-charcuterie boards and pink telephones. 👯📞😂
    And to the amazing ATL bridal store Elite Pour La Vie- I am speechless. This gown made the entire shoot and I would like to apologize to NO ONE about how much we are going to be tagging you in 2021. 😂😂🤗 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    If anyone out there reading this is truly smitten with the wedding dress in these photos, please get in touch with a store called Elite Pour La Vie. You won’t regret it. People fly out to Atlanta every week to try on gowns at this legendary store. 💗💗
  • Custom Bridal Adidas for La Gartier bride Samantha Smith

    Ok, so let's be real. It is 2021 and not every bride in the world wants to wear high heels on her wedding day.  I mean, I meet so many brides who are absolutely FINE with wearing heels during the ceremony, but when it comes to the reception, they want to be their true selves. And for some women, that means SNEAKERS. Here at La Gartier, we are proud to say that we produce some of the chicest, most adorable custom sneakers on the planet. Truth be told, it isn't a finished item that we offer on our website, but it IS something that brides often commission us to do. They send us the sneakers, and we bridalize. (Fun fact: that isn't a real word.) To see just a few of our favorite past Adidas custom sneakers, please scroll down through the photos below! Interested in having us create something for you? We would LOVE to! Simply email and we can give you a quick run down on the process. 

    wedding adidas

    Created for La Gartier bride Samantha Smith, these modern Adidas Ultraboost sneakers were an absolute blast to make. 

    wedding adidas

    At Samantha's request, we added twenty different "fairytale" flowers and TONS of ivory pearls to the top of the tongue. Can someone say "something blue"?!?!

    wedding adidas

    Samantha was a huge fan of iridescent sparkle for it's playfulness and ever-changing color, so we added over 100 iridescent swarovski crystals to the Adidas stripes and the back heel.

    bridal adidas

    As an added touch, both of the back heels feature the word "bride" (which if I am being honest is my favorite detail of this shoe!)

    wedding adidas

    As a hidden detail, two double-faced satin BLUE bows were added to the inside tongue of her shoes. 

    wedding adidas

    For the last and final detail, we added a whopping 74 additional iridescent swarovski crystals to the laces of Samantha's shoes, which were in themselves a special swap-out feature. (Samantha picked out the lace herself!)

    wedding adidas

    I mean, how cute are these!? Samantha, if you are reading this, can we just say how much FUN it was to create these with you? Your sneakers are one-of-a-kind, just like you!

    For anyone else reading this blog who might be interested in a pair of custom wedding Adidas yourself, please reach out to us at to get a quote and learn about the process!


  • Vintage Ring and Jewelry Boxes - Reimagined

    Ok, let's be real. While a wedding ring box, or a wedding keepsake box isn't necessarily the most important item on your list, it is one of the most beautiful and underrated items when it comes to not only getting incredible wedding photos but also when it comes to storing your most precious accessories after the wedding day. Here at La Gartier, we are proud to say that we produce some of the most modern and stunning wedding keepsake boxes and ring boxes in the world. Our boxes are always vintage! (Fun fact: we search vintage stores and even work with antique dealers throughout the United States to find some of the most unique boxes on the planet. Then, once the box reaches our studio in Atlanta, Georgia, we inspect the lining of the boxes with a magnifying glass to determine whether or not the inside fabric lining needs to be refurbished or not. More often than not, they do. So we have spent years honing the craft of re-lining the inside of our boxes using fabrics such as velvet, sometimes corduroy, and even super hard-to-find fabrics such as light pink ultra suede. To see just a few of out all time favorites, scroll through the photos below. Interested in seeing more? Please click here to be directed to our infamous Keepsake Box collection! (Please note: each box is a one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated even if we wanted to. What we have at the moment is what we have, but we are always adding new boxes each month. If you do not see anything that you like or that fits your wedding color pallet, please check back with us in a few months!) 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Art Nouveau Romance keepsake box was re-lined with pink velvet during the summer of 2020. To see photos of the inside lining, please click on the photo above to be re-directed to the listing on our website.
    wedding keepsake box
    ring box
    Our Casual Princess keepsake box is even more special than you think! When you open the inside lid, a song from the famous play Fiddler On The Roof plays from a hidden music box underneath the lining of the box. To see more of this rare, antique gem, please click on the photo itself and you will be directed to the listing. 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Meet Me In The Garden keepsake box was re-lined with light teal corduroy fabric during the summer of 2020. Click the photos above to see the beauty of the inside lining! 
    wedding keepsake box
    Our Rose Gold Romance keepsake box features Victorian carvings and midnight blue inner velvet. It is a MUST SEE for nothing else than the hue of the inside lining alone!
  • Wedding Earrings With a Modern Twist

    You love sparkle. You radiate positivity. You aren't afraid to be noticed.
    Sound like you? Then we have just the earrings for you!  Created to be worn on all of the days leading up to your wedding (a.k.a. engaged girl style) our darling earring collection the perfect choice for someone who wants something full of sparkle, with a slightly celestial touch. The best part? When the sunlight hits the gemstones just right, everything sparkles. Just like you. Scroll through the images below to find the earrings that say YOU. 
    wedding earrings
    wedding earrings
    Looking to slay your engaged girl style? We have you covered with our "Straight To My Heart" earrings!  Created to fill all of the days prior to your wedding with unmistakable style and sass, these earrings will catch side eyes from everyone at, say, your bridal shower, your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner, or on the first days back at the office after announcing your engagement.) The best part? We purposefully kept the price low on these beauties so you can spend EXTRA on the wedding day itself.
    wedding earrings
    wedding earrings

    You love being barefoot. You adore music festivals. You want a wedding dress that says down-to-earth but also elegant.

    We have just the earrings for you!  Created to be worn on all of the days leading up to your wedding (a.k.a. engaged girl style) our "Crystal Rock" earrings are the perfect choice for someone who wants something bridal-inspired, but still very earthy and very subtle. The best part? When the sunlight hits the quartz stones just right, everything sparkles. Just like you. Click the photo above to get this look! 

    wedding earrings

    wedding earrings

    Something about you says do not disturb....... And we have the perfect earring to help you say that without actually saying that. Let them know you mean unplugged in our "Hotel Me What Happened" earrings. Catch some side-eyes at all of your pre-wedding celebrations, from your bachelorette party, to your bridal tea, to your bridal shower, and on all of your wedding planning errands. Bonus points for taking them somewhere tropical given that they feature white straw tiki detailing. (p.s. there is most certainly a crafty cocktail out there just waiting to meet you, these earrings, and instagram.)

    wedding earrings


  • Wedding Handkerchiefs With A Modern Twist

    The wedding handkerchief is a timeless wedding accessory. And while we all find ourselves wanting one, it can sometimes be difficult to find one that is both classic but also modern. Here at La Gartier, we are proud to say that we produce some of the most modern wedding hankies in the world. Our hankies are just classic enough to pass down to your own daughter someday in the future, while being modern enough to make a darling statement in your wedding photos. To see just a few of out all time favorites, scroll through the photos below. Interested in seeing more? Please click here to be directed to what we currently have available. 
    wedding handkerchief
    Created using silk dupioni and beaded french lace, our "I Loved Your First" handkerchief makes for the BEST gift for your mother or father! To see more of it, click on the photo above to be re-directed to the listing! 
    bridal handkerchief
    Our "Paint Love" Wedding Hankie is perfect for any bride who loves art, painting, or enjoys creative pursuits.
    This hankie was an amazing antique-store find. The embroidery was done in our studio, making for the perfect something old or something new!
    Created for the bride who loves roses and the color pink.
    bridal handkerchief
    Perfect for the bride whose first name or new last name starts with the letter J!
    bridal handkerchief
    True story: this handkerchief is a true vintage item. We found it in an antique store in Atlanta, Georgia and added the lovebird embroidery in house. To see more of our incredible vintage hankie collection, please click here
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