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  • Sparkly Wedding Garters + Bella Belle Shoes = Bridal Dream Come True

    Last week I had the pleasure of working with luxury wedding photographer Brandi Schaffran-Webb of Alexis June Weddings. As of this very moment, shooting with Brandi last week was hands down the best day I have had so far in May.  And while we may still have nine days left before the month is offiicially over, I doubt that there is any other day that will beat this magical dream shoot day. 
    It started at the beginning with the drive itself. It took over an hour to drive to her studio, through lush Georgia farms and expansive forest-lined highways, which was actually wonderfully calming and grounding. (Seriously, I had no idea how much I needed it.)
    Then, once I arrived at her beautiful, naturally-lit studio, we set to work placing all of the details in the right place, blasting music and working together seamlessly. It was then that the real beauty started. 
    Need proof? Check out the photos plus their captions underneath!! ------>
    bella belle shoes
    Floral booties from Bella Belle Shoes + the Vienna garter make for a gorgeous and classy bridal combo, don't you think?
    sparkly wedding garters
    Our Hayley garter and our Vienna garter paired with two pairs of shoes from Belle Belle Shoes. (oh, and greenery) (oh, and orchids) (oh, and total beauty x 10,000!!!!)
    sparkly wedding garters
    Gotta love this gem block "I Do" vow book from Wedding Story Writer. I can't tell which is prettier-- our Vienna garter, the vintage wedding ring or the vow book. 
    sparkly wedding garters
    If every bride could have a La Gartier garter, flats to dance in from Bella Belle Shoes and a vow book from Wedding Story Writer, then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter who your photographer was. Your wedding details photos would be pure fire. 
    crystal sparkle wedding garter
    Floral Booties and Sparkly Wedding Garters go together like peas and carrots. Or, better yet, margaritas and a sunny patio. Or Gigi and Bella. Or Audrey Hepburn and the color black. Or tissues and The Notebook. Or Britney Spears and trucker hats. Ok, you get the point.



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