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  • Valentine's Day Garter Giveaway Sparkle

    With Valentine's Day approaching in just ten days, we are officially entering the most romantic time of the year. While we JUST finished up a giveaway last October for one of the most epic vintage diamond rings that you have ever seen, we couldn't help but get the gang together for another EPIC giveaway. And oops-- we may have accidentally outdone EVERY.SINGLE.GIVEAWAY. that has ever taken place on our instagram page in the past.  <I am not joking> 
    The best part? You do not have to be engaged in order to enter! In fact, you do not even have to be in a relationship to enter this giveaway. That is, we purposefully curated the products in this giveaway for ANY woman-- whether she is engaged, married, single, or my personal favorite relationship status: in love with herself. 
    Ok, so are you ready to hear the incredible list of items that you stand to win?!! Get ready for this. First of all, our winner will take home our brand new Glass Slipper garter, inspired by the character Cinderella. Then, to make things even better, Bella Belle shoes offered a stunning pair of their Florence heels. (we love this shoe because it features the same opalescent detailing that the Glass Slipper garter features.) Next, a sparkling jewelry company in Houston, Texas has donated a diamond ring worth $855.
    (Please note: we purposefully picked a ring that does not look like an engagement ring so as to keep this giveaway as non-bridal as possible!)
    Think that this #SparkleTreasure couldn't get any more fab? Think again! Atlanta blogger Harrison Sapp has signed and donated a Dior table book that is sure to inspire more one, two, three, four or infinity of your 2020 outfits.
    But wait! We couldn't wait about Valentine's Day hot pink! I mean, whethe you are engaged, in a relastionship or single, who doesn't love a splash of hot pink? And with the warmer months quickly approaching, we figured that it would only be fitting to throw in a hot pink bottle of Christian Louboutin nail polish that has a bottle that you'll never want to put away. Last but not least, the one and only Untamed Petals donated a pair of their uber-chic Payton earrings, which are pretty much begging you to wear them with both your favorite pair of ripped jeans or to a charity gala. 
    Oh, and did we mention that that darling little ring box that you see below is apart of this fabulous haul too?! That's right. That's yours too. 
    Basically, the way I see it- you can either work for a month to save up $2000.00 or you can just enter our giveaway and take home $2000.00. 
    Because THAT is very seriously the combined value of all of these items. True Story.
    Ready to enter? Ok, so here are the giveaway rules. Please keep in mind that if you are chosen as our winner, we will be thoroughly cross-referencing to make sure that you have follow all of the below rules to a T.
    Follow yours truly @lagartier
    Follow Atlanta blogger @giltyaschgd
    Follow photographer @stephania_photo
    Follow @untamedpeals
    Follow @bellabelleshoes
    Follow @uptowndiamondgirl
    That is SIX ACCOUNTS TOTAL. Once you have followed all six, please head to the link in our bio or click here to enter all of your information. (This is arguable the most important step as this is how we will officially take note of your name, mix it into a giant candy jar, and then pick the winner.)
    Again, please make sure to head HERE to enter your name and email. After that you are all done!
    We will pick the winner on Valentine's Day and announce the winner that same day on all of our social media channels. (And to those of you who want extra specific details: We will be making the official announcement at 2:30pm EST on instagram. Then, we will head to FB and Twitter to make the announcement at three pm EST. If for any reason the first person chosen does not get in touch with us within 24 hours OR if the first person chosen did not follow all of the rules perfectly, then we will choose a second winner on the night of February 15th.) 
    Good luck everyone! We cannot wait to see who our official winner is! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 
    cinderella wedding garter
    Our brand new Glass Slipper Garter was inspired by the character of Cinderella
    bella belle shoes florence
    The Florence heels by Bella Belle shoes
    uptown diamond houston
    A diamond ring from Uptown Diamond in Houston, TX
    diamond ring for la gartier wedding garter giveaway
    A closer look at the $855 diamond ring
    christian louboutin nail polish
    Hot pink nail polish from Christian Louboutin. How cute is this bottle?!
    payton earrings from untamed petals
    Untamed Petals "Payton" crystal hoops
    Another look at the super chic earrings from Untamed Petals
    sarah dobson atlanta
    I mean, just look at all of this beautiful treasure. 
    cinderella wedding garter
    Do you see how perfectly all three of these items go together? Whether you are a bride to be or not, these gorgeous items are just begging to be yours! Wear the garter next Valentine's Day. Wear the earrings to your next big charity event. Wear the shoes to a summer wedding. All we ask is that you adore them as much as we do!
    Glass slipper cinderella wedding garter
    Something Cinderella Blue? Check and check.
  • And The Winner Is..........Everyone.

  • All I Want For Christmas is a Sparkly Wedding Garter and New Heels


    In honor of the 12 days of Christmas, we've teamed up with Bella Belle Shoes to giveaway one pair of their unbelievably pretty gold & blue "Tess" heels!!! (see photos below for a visual)

    But wait!! It gets better! We are also giving away a free Florentine garter, worth two hundred dollars on our website!! To enter to win, you need to must:

    1. Follow @lagartier on instagram
    2. Follow @BellaBelleShoes on instagram
    3. Leave a comment underneath the giveaway post on our instagram page that we posted today (look for the graphic with the words "giveaway" in white) and tag your friends in a comment under this post!! (the more friends you tag, the higher your chances of winning)
    4) Have a public profile for the duration of the giveaway
    Goodluck everyone!! We figured that it wasn't really Christmas without presents all around, so we truly hope that you will have FUN with this giveaway and tell all of your friends about it! Have questions? Simply email us at or send us a direct message on instagram! Merry Christmas everyone!
    Bella belle shoes Tess heels


  • Sparkly Wedding Garters + Bella Belle Shoes = Bridal Dream Come True

    Last week I had the pleasure of working with luxury wedding photographer Brandi Schaffran-Webb of Alexis June Weddings. As of this very moment, shooting with Brandi last week was hands down the best day I have had so far in May.  And while we may still have nine days left before the month is offiicially over, I doubt that there is any other day that will beat this magical dream shoot day. 
    It started at the beginning with the drive itself. It took over an hour to drive to her studio, through lush Georgia farms and expansive forest-lined highways, which was actually wonderfully calming and grounding. (Seriously, I had no idea how much I needed it.)
    Then, once I arrived at her beautiful, naturally-lit studio, we set to work placing all of the details in the right place, blasting music and working together seamlessly. It was then that the real beauty started. 
    Need proof? Check out the photos plus their captions underneath!! ------>
    bella belle shoes
    Floral booties from Bella Belle Shoes + the Vienna garter make for a gorgeous and classy bridal combo, don't you think?
    sparkly wedding garters
    Our Hayley garter and our Vienna garter paired with two pairs of shoes from Belle Belle Shoes. (oh, and greenery) (oh, and orchids) (oh, and total beauty x 10,000!!!!)
    sparkly wedding garters
    Gotta love this gem block "I Do" vow book from Wedding Story Writer. I can't tell which is prettier-- our Vienna garter, the vintage wedding ring or the vow book. 
    sparkly wedding garters
    If every bride could have a La Gartier garter, flats to dance in from Bella Belle Shoes and a vow book from Wedding Story Writer, then I'm pretty sure it wouldn't matter who your photographer was. Your wedding details photos would be pure fire. 
    crystal sparkle wedding garter
    Floral Booties and Sparkly Wedding Garters go together like peas and carrots. Or, better yet, margaritas and a sunny patio. Or Gigi and Bella. Or Audrey Hepburn and the color black. Or tissues and The Notebook. Or Britney Spears and trucker hats. Ok, you get the point.



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