• The Mother Of Dragons Wedding Garter

    It has been a hot sparkly minute, but we finally did it-- we released a brand new limited edition wedding garter. And this garter isn't just any limited-edition design. This is the FIRST EVER limited edition design that comes with a toss garter, making it the first limited edition wedding garter set this side of the Mississippi. (Ahem-- anywhere on the planet actually. Seriously. I googled it.)
    Inspired by the infamous character Khaleesi from Mother of Dragons (a.k.a: Daenerys Targaryen), this incredible wedding garter set is literally filled with GOT symbolism. Because the details of this design are so complex and special, please allow us to take a moment to bullet point the most alluring of its features:
    *The front band of the keepsake garter features exquisite ivory and pearl detailing. Hidden within the beading are over 20 "dragon scale iridescent" rhinestones added for extra sparkle.
    *Hanging from the center is a dainty silver dragon pendant. (Please note: this is removable!! We hand-sew each one on ourselves. So, if you would rather have this design without the dragon pendant at the center, please email us at OR leave us a note in the "comments" section of your check out.)
    *The velvet inner ribbon of this design is "Khaleesi Blue"-- which is meant to be your "something blue" if you do not have it and/or a nod to Khaleesi's signature color. The best part? Embroidered onto each inner ribbon is the number of your design. That is, if you order the third Mother of Dragons garter (there are only ten total) then yours will be marked "three of ten" on the inside. This is the very first time we have ever done this! 
    *At the center of the design, just above the silver dragon pendant, you will notice a cluster of three rows of pearls. They are in the shape of a trident. Each one of these lines represents one of Khaleesi's three dragons - Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. 
    *This design, unlike any other past LG limited-edition, comes with a toss garter. <insert hayley paige dancing bride emoji> The design of the toss garter was created to resemble dragon scales- slighty iridescent, round and layered. 
    *The back band of both the toss garter and the keepsake garter are dotted with tiny rhinestones for added sparkle.
    *The back band on the keepsake garter has a faint silver trim on the top and bottom. This is symbolic of Khaleesi's silver white hair. (If you watch the show, you will know that her silvery hair is more prevalent in the later seasons versus the earlier ones. Still, this is an iconic Daenerys color if ever there was one!)
    And now for the important how-to-purchase information: Tomorrow, at 12:01 am, this garter will go on sale. We have only ten available and from the look/feel of social media, four of them are already spoken form. If you love this garter and DEFINITELY want to make it yours, we highly recommend placing your garter as early as possible tomorrow. The best part? Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!!! What does this mean might you ask? This means that we will be releasing a 30% off discount code for you to use towards anything you want on our website. For the Mother Of Dragons garter, this means you could save as much as sixty dollars!! Please stay tuned for our coupon code on ALL of our social media platforms at 12:01a.m. MST tomorrow. Happy La Gartier everyone! 
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    Set your alarms everyone!! Midnight tonight is going to be the BEST!!! Take 30% off of your order AND pick out a FREE hankie from our heirloom handkerchief collection!!! Love what you are hearing and want to hear more?? Read through the five images below to get an even better idea of how AMAZING this one-sale-per-year event truly is!! Interested to stay up-to-date with the developments of this sale all day long? (hint: there might be a few last minute surprises!) Be sure stay on our instagram page (especially our stories) over the next 24 hours for your chance to get all of the juicy insider information that only our VIP clients know about! (surprise giveaway for a 50% off coupon code? Maybe.)  Please note: the 30% off coupon code will be released HERE at 12:01 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. It will deactivate at 11:59pm tomorrow, November 26th, 2018. 
    Which hankie will you choose? 

    The Best Part?


    We will see you at midnight tonight! Happy La Gartier everyone! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at! 
  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Natalie Pack's Viszla-Inspired, Sparkle-Blasted Wedding Garter Set

    If you have seen a Guess advertisement over the past 3 years, chances are that you have seen Natalie Pack's face. She is quickly becoming one of America's most-beloved supermodels, known for her work with not only Guess but also CK1, America's Next Top Model and more. But there are a few things about Natalie that her high-gloss, incredibly alluring images don't convey. And no-- I'm not talking about her diet and fitness regimen. I'm talking about her down-to-earth side..the side of her that's just like you and me: that is to say- the part of her that LOVES her dog. Seriously though, this girl loves her pooch more than the average dog-lover, which is saying A LOT if you are from a canine-centered family like me. (Or if you live in Colorado. No joke. The name of this state should be the dog-loving state.) 😂😂


    If you follow Natalie on instagram, then you have most likely caught a glimpse of her beloved Viszla "Fig."


    And if you haven't, then you must go immediately and check him out!! To say that he is handsome is a total understatement.😍

    So, when Katherine Webb got in touch with me a few months ago about creating a custom garter set for Natalie (#BestiePoints💯), it was only natural that I immediately suggested adding some sort of canine-inspired element to Natalie's design. So what does that look like might you ask? How can you make canine chic and elegant? Well, if you have the help of a designer called Esquivel and Fees. That is, after much searching, Natalie and I found an incredible jewelry designer in Houston, Texas that hand-casts each sterling silver pendant that they make, ensuring that each pendant is unique and PERFECT. What did we order might you ask? Well, a sterling silver Vizsla pendant of course!!! Scroll through the images below to see how each detail of Natalie's garter set represents either her wedding, her unmistakable bridal style or her relationship with actor Aaron O'connell. 

    dog inspired wedding garter

    Can you believe the detail in that Vizsla-pendant?!?!!  Talk about high-quality. This little baby was created by a shop in Houston, Texas called Esquivel and Fees and I honestly don't know why they aren't worldwide famous. That is how much I love them.

    dog inspired wedding garter

    I am not sure if #CanineChic is a thing, but if it isn't, then it should be. Can I get an AMEN?

    something blue

    Her "something blue" is hidden on the inside of her garter via two embroidered patches: one for her wedding date and one for her and her fiance's initials. 

    The lace on the back band of Natalie's garters was selected based off of the lace on her gorgeous wedding gown. (I can't say the designer until after the wedding but I promise I'll be posting tons of pics!!)

    natalie pack wedding garter

    Because everything looks better when it is placed inside of a La Gartier box.

    natalie pack wedding garter

    And now for some almost-unbearably adorable pictures of Natalie and her four-legged bestie. 👆🏼👆🏼👇🏻👇🏻

    natalie pack wedding garter

    natalie pack wedding garter

    natalie pack wedding garter


  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier bride Becca Lenois' Greecian Opal Princess and Lace Bridal Garter

    Every once and a greecian moon, I will have the opportunity to create a custom wedding garter design for a bride who doesn't even know she wants one. <insert tons of LOLS>  This was DEFINITELY the case last month when I worked with La Gartier bride Rebecca Lenois, who was gifted a custom wedding garter by her good friend (and one of our beloved past clients" Jill Sullivan Pasparikas. Jill contacted me and told me that she wanted her good friend Rebecca to have the same custom experience as herself, so she booked Rebecca's custom spot over a year ago, ensuring that she would have her garter in time for her wedding. Two months ago, I had the honor of e-meeting Rebecca and learning all about her relationship, her wedding and her personal style. The custom design that ensued is hands down one of the most beautiful and unique Greek-inspired custom garters ever created. (Cue music from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.) Wondering what made Rebecca's garter so gorgeous? Scroll down to see photos of her beautiful personalized garter!! And make sure to read the written captions below each photo to learn how each detail within Rebecca's beautiful custom garter design symbolizes an aspect of her relationship, her wedding day style, and what might possibly be one of 2018's classiest weddings. 
    Interested in having a custom garter made for yourself? Please email us at to book your custom spot. Right now, we are completely booked until July of 2018 but as long as you are not getting married until August 1st of 2018 or sometime thereafter, then there is still time!! 
    greek wedding garter
    The pendant that we purchased for the center of Rebecca's garter is pretty much my favorite piece of jewelry in the world. It was a vintage gold and silver pendant with the greek key symbol around the edges. 
    At the center of the pendant is the owl. In ancient Greece, the owl is a symbol and also the symbol of Goddess Athena. 
    greek wedding garter
    For her base, Rebecca selected our "Athena" garter not only due to the name but also because she loved the rhinestone and opal detailing within it. After looking at her gown and her other accessories, it was a no-brainer.
    For Rebecca's "something blue", we decided to have her wedding date as well as her initials sewn into the inside of her garter. Talk about a beautiful personalized detail, right?
    lace wedding garter
    My favorite details? The lace on the back band of Rebecca's garter matched the lace on her gorgeous wedding gown. All the heart eyes for fine french lace.
    personalized wedding garter
  • Custom Spotlight: Kaci Vrabec's Mother's Shirt Transformed Into A Wedding Garter Set

    Just finished: La Gartier bride Kaci Vrabec custom paisley shirt and Fleur De Lis wedding garter set. Oh, did I mention art deco too? That too. This garter set was so incredible on so many different levels. I barely know where to begin. Here is the story behind what is possibly the prettiest "something blue" wedding garter set EVER created: the blue paisley fabric that you see on the back of her keepsake garter and the body of her toss garter were taken from a shirt that once belonged to Kaci's nana. Kaci lost her grandmother not too long ago, and wanted to have something on her wedding day that was symbolic of her shining personality and kind heart. When I heard this, I knew right away that this was a project that I wanted to be apart of. So, Kaci shipped me the Paisley shirt and we set to work with the #LoveTransformation project right away. (If you follow us on instagram, then chances are you saw the video where I was cutting up this shirt with Poison by Bell Biv Devoe blasting in the background.) 
    The final product came out STUNNING!! Truth be told:  The elements of Kaci's design were so multi-layered and meaningful that I can't think of anything else to do but bullet-point them! Scroll through the photos below to learn more about what might be the world's most special "something blue" garter set ever created.  
    blue wedding garter set
    Kaci is saying "I Do" in New Orleans, so we decided to add a tiny Fleur De Lis pendant to the center of her toss garter to symbolize what will forever be the location of the happiest day in her life. *grabs tissues*
    sparkly wedding garter with crystals
    I had a feeling that Kaci was not going to want to toss her custom Fleur De Lis toss garter, so I created a third sparkling design for her that would work well with her gown and also impress all of her guests. (But not so special that she wouldn't want to toss it. ) 
    fleur de lis charm wedding garter
    The tiny silver Fleur De Lis pendant was an Etsy find. My favorite part? The shop we purchased it from was located in NOLA. 
    something blue wedding garter set
    My favorite detail? The tag from Kaci's Nana's shirt was sewn to the inside of her toss garter as a special, hidden detail. 
    something blue paisley wedding garter set
    La Gartier bride Kaci Vrabec's amazingly gorgeous custom garters inside of the signature La Gartier box. Do you love these garters as much as we do? If so, please feel free to contact us at to inquire about a custom wedding garter set of your own. We'd love to hear from you! 
    sarah dobson la gartier
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