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  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Tasha Tagliani Davis's Custom Bridal Garter Set Made Using Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress And Her Mother's Wedding Dress

    This incredible wedding garter set was made using the bride's mother's wedding gown as well as her grandmother's wedding gown. When Tasha Tagliani first contacted us, I was floored for two reasons: one, her request was just the sort of thing that we love doing and two, because she was an editor for Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine. I had long been a huge fan of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine, so I welcomed this project with joy. After an initial phone consultation that went well over an hour, Tasha decided to ship us two very special gowns in order to have us transform them into her wedding garter set. You MUST SEE the creation video!!
    Click here to watch just a few glimpses of the creation process! 
    To see the final photos and to read more about the special details that make this custom garter set absolutely incredible, keep scrolling below! 
    wedding garters made using grandmother's wedding dress
    Tasha married the love of her life, Kaelan Davis, on June 26th, 2020 at The Tenth in Vail, Colorado. To say that her wedding was classy would be a total understatement. Here, above, you can see what Tasha's wedding garters look like from the front. We decided to use the Vienna garter as her keepsake and the Hayley garter as her second design, but then customize them by adding her mother's dress fabric and her grandmother's dress fabric. Keep scrolling to see the special custom detailing!
    wedding garters made using grandmother's lace fabric from gown
    The back band of Tasha's knock-out keepsake garter was made using the lace from her mother's dress. Specifically, what you are seeing here is the lace that was once apart of the sleeve of her mother's gown. My favorite part is all of the little ivory pearls that you see all over the lace. These are 100% heirloom and 100% deeply meaningful.
    bridal garter set made using grandmother's wedding dress materials
    If you look closely, you will see a dainty 14K gold butterfly pendant at the center of her Hayley garter. We decided to include this because butterflies are extremely special to Tasha and her mother. In fact, we also included a butterfly motif on all of Tasha's custom hankies, which we will show off in just a moment!
    garter set made using mother's wedding dress
    To take the heirloom-integrity of this set from a ten to a solid fifteen, we also decided to add her wedding date and the first letter of her new last name (D for Davis) onto the inside of her garter in tiffany blue! Isn't that just the prettiest "something blue" detail that you have ever seen?!
    wedding garters made using the bride's grandmother's gown
    An up close look at the heirloom lace taken from Tasha's mother's wedding dress and the pearls from her grandmother's wedding dress. I die.
    garter set for wedding made using mother's wedding dress
    This photo of Tasha's wedding garters inside of our signature La Gartier box gets me every single time. I just love how our packaging adds that finishing touch to the entire set!
    personalized wedding garter set made using your mom's dress
    The one and only Tasha Tagliani Davis on her wedding day! 
    June 26th, 2020
    Vail, Colorado
    wedding garter set custom made using mom's bridal dress
    But wait-- look how utterly classy her veil was! *swooning*
    custom bridal handkerchiefs
    Above is a photo of just one of the custom wedding hankies that we made for Tasha. The base was made using her grandmother's dress fabric and the lace edging that you see was taken from her mother's wedding gown! We than embroidered an intricate blue butterfly onto each one. I still freeze when I look at these. They were so precious and they made for the best gifts for her family! 
    custom wedding garters created using bride's mother's wedding dress
    My favorite photo is this one! Tasha's photographer managed to capture the moment when she gave her father his special La Gartier custom handkerchief. It is moments like these that keep us going! 
    personalized garter set for wedding made using mother's and grandmother's wedding dress
    This photo was the very first photo that Tasha sent us after the wedding. I actually started crying. It was such an honor to know that that is how much she loved her wedding garters as well as her custom hankie set!
    Dear Tasha, if you are reading this: it has been such a pleasure to work with you. In addition, thank you so much for including La Gartier in some of Rocky Mountain Bride's blog posts and magazine features. It was such a blast to make these for you. As I look back over everything we created, it is really realize just how much magic we created in such a short time span! Thank you for trusting us to create so much meaning for your wedding day. 

    Are you someone who is interested in having a custom garter made for yourself or someone you love? Then we would love to hear from you! Click here to view our current customization availability! Currently, as of 1/17/22, we are booked out until March of 2022 for customizations but we have one spot still available in April and two spots in May. 

    Please feel free to reach out via the contact from here or send us an email at hello@lagartier to inquire about pricing!

  • Custom Garter Spotlight: AbbyJo Oliver's Spice Girls Wedding Garter Set

    I can honestly say that I will never look at Spice Girls the same again. Seriously, after working on this special custom garter, the Spice Girls will forever be immortalized in my heart as something extra special. Please allow me to explain....
    Last year, we had the pleasure of meeting a bride named AbbyJo Luquette at a trunk show at AnnaBe Bridal in Denver, Colorado who had the most energetic, bubbly disposition. On that day, she told me that she was a huge Spice Girls fan...and that some of her wedding day decor was going to be inspired by the Spice Girls. At first, I was skeptical because I couldn't envision a high-end, ultra-classy way to work Spice Girls insignia into a wedding day, but as time went on, I slowly started to see her vision come to life via instagram...and I was convinced. Fast forward six months later, and AbbyJo reached out to us via email to ask us to create a custom Spice Girls themed wedding garter set for her using not only elements of the British flag, but also lace from her mother's wedding gown.  
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    When AbbyJo first reached out to us, I knew only one thing for sure: the only way we were going to bring this beautiful Spice Girls garter set to life is if we kept the entire design SUPER CLASSY and HIGH-END. I had spent time looking online at other Spice Girls wedding accessories, and most of them were super cheesy in my opinion. (And when I say "most" of them, I mean all of them.)  When AbbyJo offered to ship me lace from her mother's wedding dress, that is the moment that I knew we had a true heirloom-worthy project in front of us.  I was over-the-moon excited with inspiration! 
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    We ended up creating a total of three custom garters for AbbyJo: one for her to keep, one for her to wear during her bachelorette party in Vegas and an extra one for her to toss. In addition, we created a set of Spice-Girls-inspired wedding hankies for her too. Each one was so special. I am literally tearing up just thinking about this beautiful project!
    custom wedding garter spice girls inspired
    For her keepsake garter, we used our beloved Vienna garter (from our collection) as the base. Then, we hand-crafted a back band for her garter using lace from her mother's wedding dress. For her toss, we used a custom British flag grosgrain ribbon to symbolize AbbyJo's love of the Spice Girls. 
    custom wedding garter set spice girls
    One of my favorite details about AbbyJo's set was that the inside ribbon of her keepsake garter featured the same British flag ribbon that we used on her toss garter. It was a very special, hidden detail that both AbbyJo and myself were obsessed with. 
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    custom wedding garter spice girls
    custom wedding garter spice girls

    Interested in seeing the creative process? Click here to watch the making of her garters from beginning to end! 

    (Side note: As of December 26th, 2021, we are currently booked out until March of 2022 for customizations. If you are interested in booking one of our monthly spots to commission us to create a garter set for you, please email!)

  • Custom Garter Spotlight: La Gartier Bride Alexandra Larson's Blush Pink Velvet and Rose Gold/Opal Custom Garter Set

    With Mother's Day approaching, I can't think of a more meaninful gift to give to your mother than a wedding garter made out of the fabric from her wedding gown. It's pretty much the most touching thing that I can think of, even when it is not my mother or even my garter. Last month, I had the extreme pleasure of working with La Gartier bride Alexandra Larson, who requested that I create a custom garter set for her using her mother's wedding gown. (Full disclosure: at this point in our company's life, this is not an unusual request. Regardless, it always sets my heart on fire because of the deep significance of the fabric. Vintage gowns always surprise me with their unpredictable design elements, which means that I have no control over how the "feel" of the garter is going to come out. It's like creating a cuisine given a mystery box full of ingredients...and I live for the thrill of it.) But wait, here is the best part: Alexandra didn't want to cut into her mother's gown herself so she shipped me the ENTIRE gown when she booked her customization last January!!!! This means that I had the totally lovely benefit of staring at it for about three months while we waited for her scheduled customization month to arrive. (Fun fact: I actually pinned it to the studio wall above my computer so that I could stare at it everyday! Not surprisingly, vintage wedding gown make for incredible wall art.)
    There are so many wonderful and truly meaningful details included within this garter set that I don't even know where to begin!! For her "something blue", Alexandra requested that the words "Let Go, Let God" be sewn into the inside of her garter, which made me delierious with sentiment. Also, because she and her fiance love going up to the mountains, we found a rose gold pendant online to place at the center of her toss garter (which she will, of course, never toss!!) Then, as if the set wasn't already special enough, we decided to create the back band of her keepsake garter using the satin dress fabric from her mother's gown!!! Below are pictures of the final product. To say that I ADORE this garter set is an understatement. If someone were to ask me to describe this garter in three short statements, I would probably have to pick: 
    1. True heirloom Integrity
    2. Deeply Meaningful
    3. Irreplaceable 
    To be completely honest, I could probably write a five page paper on the utter specialness of this garter set, including how closely Alexandra and I worked together while creating it. But I know you all don't like uber-long blogs, so I'll keep it brief. If you are as interested in this garter as I am, then please feel free to mull over the photos below as much as you would like. And if you are determined to book your own La Gartier Custom garter, then feel free to contact us at We are booked until August at the moment, but as long as you are not saying "I Do" until early September or anytime thereafter, then we would be honored to work with you. 
    rose gold wedding garter
    The front jeweled piece of Alexandra's garter was created using rose gold settings and beading. The stones were a mixture of clear rhinestones and opals. Swoon, right?
    mothers wedding dress garter
    The back band on Alexandra's keepsake garter was made using the fabric from her mother's wedding dress. Do you see those tiny floral appliques that we hand-sewed on top of the band for a pretty 3-D floral affect? Those were once apart of the lace that lined the neckline of Alexandra's mothers' gown. 
    mother's wedding dress garter
    On the inside, printed in blue, was a signature statement of Alexandra's grandmother: "Let Go, Let God"
    What a beautiful "something blue," right??!
    mountain inspired wedding garter
    My favorite detail on Alexandra's toss garter was the rose gold mountain charm. It symbolizes where she and her soon-to-be-hubby spend a large part of their leisure time: in the mountains.  Alexandra was responsible for finding this little gem of a pendant. If you love it as much as I do, check out a company called Rudiana on Etsy. The shop is full of drop dead dainty items!
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