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  • The Seven Best Bridal Robe Companies in 2022

    When it comes to bridal robes, there are so many options regarding what you can wear and what direction you can take your style. After ten years of styling photoshoots for La Gartier Garters..... and after ten years of working with brides from all over the world, here are a few of our top favorite recommendations regarding where to purchase a bridal robe right now in 2022!
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    1. Plum Pretty Sugar
    If you are looking to purchase a simple but elegant bridal robe, then look no further than Plum Pretty Sugar. I suggest this company not only because  they been a leader in the are of bridal robe creation for over ten years, but also because I have worked with them personally over the past year. The quality of their robes is top-notch and they have A TON of options when it comes to robes. This is the company that you want to go to if you are looking to purchase a robe for yourself and also robes for all of your maids. Plum Pretty's prices are reasonable and will allow you to find a matching set for yourself and ALL OF YOUR GIRLS for a fantastic price.
    Interested to see more from their collection? Click here to visit their website.
    vtabi bridal robes
    2. Vtabi Bridal Robes 
    I honestly can't say enough positive things about this company or their owner Veronica Vtabi. She debuted her collection about two years ago and has since BLOWN UP in popularity. Her robes are incredibly glamorous and unique. If you are a bride who is looking for a jaw-dropping, more is more, Beyonce-worthy bridal robe for your big day, then you MUST check out Vtabi Bridal Robes. Click here to visit her website. If I could describe her designs in one word, it would be luxurious. 
    bridal robe ideas
    3. Untamed Petals
    This incredible California-based company started out creating earrings and necklaces only a few years ago...but have expanded to include bridal robes in recent years. Everything Untamed Petals touches turns to gold.  I remember when they released their first robe about three years ago. My jaw was on the floor. I was so impressed with how this company managed to blend the classic aesthetic of bridal with modern fashion elements like feather trim and other details. If you are looking for a cutting edge, super trendy look on your wedding day, then look no farther than Untamed Petals for your bridal robe. 
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    4. BHLDN
    Ok, so I am not going to lie. I don't think BHLDN offers the most creative options in terms of bridal robe design, but the quality is solid and their prices are reasonable. I would describe their bridal robes as modest, adorable, and affordable. Similar to Plum Pretty Sugar, BHLDN is a fantastic option of you are looking to buy a whole set of robes for yourself...and matching ones for your girls. They are pretty, but not too much if you know what I am saying.
    The best part? You will definitely use this robe after your wedding day too. They are very basic and will make for a perfect addition to your "sleep pretty" nights. To shop their collection, click here.
    le rose bridal robe company
    5. LeRose Bridal Robes
    This company continues to impress me with the products that they are putting out. They started small about five years ago and have slowly but consistently grown into one of the leading bridal robe companies in the industry. I adore their fresh branding and LOVE LOVE LOVE the sleeve details that they are known for. If you are looking for a beautiful robe that drips with femininity, look no farther than LeRose Bridal Robes. Click here to go to their site. 
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    6. The Mrs. Robe from Yours Truly
    We couldn't finish this post without at least mentioning our new Mrs. Robe! While I realize that it may seem like shameless self-promotion here, I couldn't possibly NOT show you this one! Made using layers of soft bridal illusion tulle, this fun & flirty short robe will be just the touch that you need to complete your look!
    The best part? This robe also doubles as a maternity robe. So, if you decide to have children, please know that you can re-use this robe in your maternity photos should you decide to do them! Interested to see more? Click here to be directed to the Mrs. Robe listing on our website and see the little sparkle statement on the back of the sash! 
    mrs. bridal robe wedding robe
    Ok beauties! That sums up our top suggestions regarding which robes that we think are the best in the industry! The only other suggestion that I can think of is to pair your robe with one of our insanely gorgeous wedding garters, but I'll leave JUST HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SLAY your wedding garter style up to you!

    If you have any questions or need help picking out a garter to compliment your bridal robe then please email us at! Love you. Mean it. 

  • Park Studios Shoot With Kelly Lane Photography

    sparkling crystal wedding garter
    Welcome to our magical oasis at Park Studios ATL where we showcased our 2021 collection with the one and only Kelly Lane Photography.
    flower wedding garter
    Our fave opalescent garter, the Ariel Opal, collided with model Mariya Khlysta for a moment we will never be able to forget. 
    plum pretty sugar
    A warm thank you to Plum Pretty Sugar for sending us this incredible Femme Bridal Robe. It made the aesthetic of our shoot shine bright like a diamond.
    erica bogart beauty
    Are you feelin' those glam vibes?! We are. And we are so appreciative to the one and only Bogart Beauty for slaying Mariya's hair and make up look last week. Pure magic right here. 
    crystal wedding garters
    We are particularly smitten with this image of the Ariel Opal garter on Mariya towards the tail end of our glamorous shoot. Doesn't she look amazing? 
    bling wedding garters
    The one and only Mariya Khlysta wearing our Oh-So-Engaged earrings with a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar!!! (Mic drop.) 🎤🎤 A big big teary-eyed, heart-bursting-with-gratitude THANK YOU to everyone who made our most recent, floral-inspired photoshoot possible!  Dear photographer Kelly Lane: it hurts to think I might not have met you. Your photography skills are a true creative blessing to all of us. The world. Me. The flowers. Your kitty. The city of Atlanta at large. Just EVERYONE. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋💋
    And to model Mariya Khlysta- all I can say is that the woman at the Chanel counter who insisted that I get in touch with you is getting a special thank you package this week. Like, tomorrow. I’m totally serious. I owe her one big time and there is DEFINITELY some big magic up in the sky that helped us cross paths. I am stunned by the combination of your physical beauty and your inner prettiness. It’s definitely not common. Girl, you are a TRUE UNICORN. 🦄🦄🦄🦄.
    To make up artist Erica Bogart: I am not only grateful for your shimmer-highlight-glam-bam-talents, but to the universe in general for bringing us closer these past few months via various creative projects. I once heard somebody say “let your work be your prayer” .....and I can’t help but wonder if our simultaneous always-striving-to-grow-to-greater-heights hustle is, at this point in our lives, in perfect alignment with one another’s right now...which....when fused together, consequently resulted in these incredible photos of Mariya ...not to mention mini-charcuterie boards and pink telephones. 👯📞😂
    And to the amazing ATL bridal store Elite Pour La Vie- I am speechless. This gown made the entire shoot and I would like to apologize to NO ONE about how much we are going to be tagging you in 2021. 😂😂🤗 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    If anyone out there reading this is truly smitten with the wedding dress in these photos, please get in touch with a store called Elite Pour La Vie. You won’t regret it. People fly out to Atlanta every week to try on gowns at this legendary store. 💗💗
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