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  • 5 Delicate Bridal Garters from La Gartier

    When it comes to dainty, ultra-thin wedding garter designs, no one does it better than La Gartier Wedding Garters. No, seriously, we are known for them. When we started designing wedding garters in 2011, we definitely designed both dainty designs and also voluminous, fabric-full designs..however in recent years, we have grown to LOVE the more slimmed-down designs. Below are a few of our all-time favorites! Behold our newest limited-edition design- the Oh So L.A. wedding garter. Created using gold and crystals, this garter says original like none other. 
    Not your style? Keep reading below!
    dainty wedding garter
    Arguably our most sought-after dainty wedding garter design, the Ariel Opal sparkles in opalescence and barely-there-ness. 
    dainy wedding garter
    For the pearl-loving bride, we also offer our iconic Ivory Pearl garter, set within brilliant swarovski crystal for just the right amount of sparkle. 
    dainty wedding garter
    Last, but not least, we have our ultra-romantic Coco Pearl garter! Show-stopping in pearls, gold and touches of blush pink, there is literally NOTHING like this garter anywhere on the planet. 
    Interested to see more? Click here to shop our entire luxury wedding garter collection! And if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at!
  • Park Studios Shoot With Kelly Lane Photography

    sparkling crystal wedding garter
    Welcome to our magical oasis at Park Studios ATL where we showcased our 2021 collection with the one and only Kelly Lane Photography.
    flower wedding garter
    Our fave opalescent garter, the Ariel Opal, collided with model Mariya Khlysta for a moment we will never be able to forget. 
    plum pretty sugar
    A warm thank you to Plum Pretty Sugar for sending us this incredible Femme Bridal Robe. It made the aesthetic of our shoot shine bright like a diamond.
    erica bogart beauty
    Are you feelin' those glam vibes?! We are. And we are so appreciative to the one and only Bogart Beauty for slaying Mariya's hair and make up look last week. Pure magic right here. 
    crystal wedding garters
    We are particularly smitten with this image of the Ariel Opal garter on Mariya towards the tail end of our glamorous shoot. Doesn't she look amazing? 
    bling wedding garters
    The one and only Mariya Khlysta wearing our Oh-So-Engaged earrings with a robe from Plum Pretty Sugar!!! (Mic drop.) 🎤🎤 A big big teary-eyed, heart-bursting-with-gratitude THANK YOU to everyone who made our most recent, floral-inspired photoshoot possible!  Dear photographer Kelly Lane: it hurts to think I might not have met you. Your photography skills are a true creative blessing to all of us. The world. Me. The flowers. Your kitty. The city of Atlanta at large. Just EVERYONE. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💋💋💋
    And to model Mariya Khlysta- all I can say is that the woman at the Chanel counter who insisted that I get in touch with you is getting a special thank you package this week. Like, tomorrow. I’m totally serious. I owe her one big time and there is DEFINITELY some big magic up in the sky that helped us cross paths. I am stunned by the combination of your physical beauty and your inner prettiness. It’s definitely not common. Girl, you are a TRUE UNICORN. 🦄🦄🦄🦄.
    To make up artist Erica Bogart: I am not only grateful for your shimmer-highlight-glam-bam-talents, but to the universe in general for bringing us closer these past few months via various creative projects. I once heard somebody say “let your work be your prayer” .....and I can’t help but wonder if our simultaneous always-striving-to-grow-to-greater-heights hustle is, at this point in our lives, in perfect alignment with one another’s right now...which....when fused together, consequently resulted in these incredible photos of Mariya ...not to mention mini-charcuterie boards and pink telephones. 👯📞😂
    And to the amazing ATL bridal store Elite Pour La Vie- I am speechless. This gown made the entire shoot and I would like to apologize to NO ONE about how much we are going to be tagging you in 2021. 😂😂🤗 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
    If anyone out there reading this is truly smitten with the wedding dress in these photos, please get in touch with a store called Elite Pour La Vie. You won’t regret it. People fly out to Atlanta every week to try on gowns at this legendary store. 💗💗
  • Our Ivory Pearl and Rhinestone Wedding Garter is SOLD OUT

    Sad fact: our ivory pearl toss garter is officially SOLD OUT for the month of April, however we will have it back in stock on May 10th. (see photos below for an idea of what our ivory pearl garter looks like!) 
    If you were planning on ordering this gorgeous pearly garter for your wedding day, we will cross our fingers that you can wait until May 10th to order. If not, we highly recommend our rhinestone toss garter, which is a design with TONS of sparkle but unfortunately no pearls. You can see our rhinestone toss garter by clicking here. In need of a garter that has pearls? Then you might consider our blue pearl toss garter that is designed just like the ivory pearl garter but with a double dose of "something blue." You can see our blue pearl garter by clicking here.
    (Side note: we take great effort to make sure that we do not sell out of our most popular designs during wedding season. However, there are a few rare occasions when it happens. Instances like this make me cringe because I want nothing more than to be able to provide our brides with the products that they need, at the exact time that they need it. But alas, it happens every once and while which is why I always encourage our brides to order their garters at least three months before their wedding. That way, if we are sold out of something, you will only need to wait about one month for us to have it back in stock. Not satisfied? Email us at to see if you can pre-pay for your design in order to have first dibs on our new designs. Ok, rant over.)

    ivory pearl and rhinestone garter

    Our ivory pearl toss garter beside the signature La Gartier box. Swoon.

    ivory pearl bridal garter

    Our ivory pearl toss garter combined with our Pink Evelyn bow garter to create the prettiest little wedding garter set that you ever did see.

    ivory pearl and rhinestone garter for wedding

    Our ivory pearl garter as photographed by Jennifer Williams Boudior

    simple ivory pearl sparkle rhinestone garter

    sarah dobson la gartier



  • How To Measure For Your Wedding Garter

    If I had a penny for every time someone asked me how to measure for a wedding garter, I would be purchase something similar to the Titanic Diamond in order to make the most luxurious wedding garter ever created. It's a valid question because we so rarely ever have an occasion to measure our thigh. I mean, seriously, how many other upper-leg accessories have you worn in your life? So, without further adieu, below are my step-by-step instructions regarding how to measure your leg for your wedding garter, complete with a pretty visual guide. 

    how to measure for a wedding garter


    First of all, I should tell you that there is no official rule for which leg you should pick for your garter. That is, you can wear it on whichever leg feels right to you. Personally, I like my left but perhaps it is because I am right-handed?? Who knows. What matters most is that you are comfortable, so pick whichever leg you want.
    Then, take a fabric measuring tape (the cheap sewing kind that you can buy at the grocery store are fantastic) and measure about five to six inches from the top of your knee cap. This usually ends up being about mid-thigh.
    Note: Don't pull the tape in too tight lest your measurement be smaller than it actually is. And don't leave it too loose either, or your measurement be too large. Wrap the tape so that it perfectly flush to your skin without any intense pulling or drooping. 
    Next: round up or down to the nearest whole inch. (No need to send us fractions ladies. The nearest whole inch will do just fine. You can thank the elastic on your garter for that one.) 
    And that's it! Once you have your measurement, please leave it in the "notes" section of your check out or email it to us at! 
    I know it's a hassle, but sending us your leg measurement ensures a perfect fit, which I have a feeling that you want. With garters this pretty and pricey, we definitely don't mind going the extra mile to custom make your garter to fit your leg as long as you don't mind taking the time to measure. Happy La Gartier everyone! 

    la gartier wedding garters


  • Green Roses and the Athena Garter for St. Patrick's Day

    For some, St. Patrick's Day is a holiday best spent drinking green beer, eating corn beef and cabbage or commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. For others, St. Patrick's Day is all about celebrating the color green and finally saying goodbye to the Ugg wearing days of winter. Like many of my color-obsessed wedding industry colleagues, I definitely fall into the latter of those two categories. This year, St. Patrick's Day meant creating an instagram video using green roses (swoon) as well as the one rare occasion to purchase a gold Shamrock paperweight from Target. (At $19.00, this item is an absolute steal!) The only thing missing from this video is a rainbow, which..... believe it or not, I actually spent quite some time trying to figure out how to manufacture. Turns out that Mother Nature is the only one who has that down.  Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! I hope you are wearing your prettiest green dress/blouse/heels/earrings right now!! (Btw- if you love the garter that I am wearing in this video, you can make it your own by clicking here.) 




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